Friday, February 5, 2010

Online GA Grad Test Prep for Science and Social Studies

With many teachers reading this blog, I thought it might be helpful to vet this here - an online prep resource from the Georgia DoE for Science and Social Studies that popped up on my Radar screen this week:

Online Help for High School Students

I think this is for the Graduation Test coming up in March. This site says it is open for use as of February 1.

With all the overworked teachers and shortage of tutors, I hope this service is worthwhile. I tried to check it out but a registrant must be a student and the material is not previewed anywhere that I could find.

Science and Social Studies teachers please comment on this thread if you know something about the quality and usefulness of this - if it is well done, we need to make sure everyone knows about it.


Cerebration said...

Very helpful, Kim! Thanks.

Also, Maureen Downey has an interesting thread about the power of recess on learning - seems taking a break to get out the wigglies really does effect test scores!

Cerebration said...

Here's another fun study spot -

The SAT Question of the Day

Subscribe - and see if you can answer the daily practice question!

Ella Smith said...

I actually have been happy that this information has gotten to the teachers in the school system I teach fast.

I am interested to know if the Dekalb County HS teachers have had communications about this site. That would be very interesting to know if the county are communicating information like this to the teachers in the schoolhouses.