Saturday, June 12, 2010

Show Us, Please Show Us!!

"My record speaks for itself," said Zepora Roberts. Well, let's turn up the volume.

One another thread, a blogger asked residents from Roberts', Copelin-Wood's; and Walker's districts to help us all understand exactly what these BOE members are doing to better the educational opportunities for the children of DeKalb County. Please let us know, with all their years on the BOE (Walker in public service), why they need to stay (or go) as representatives in their districts. Everyone likes to point out the obvious negatives, but we need to be fair and hear about the strategic advantages of having Zepora, Sarah and Gene continue on.

Below is a link to an excellent article by Maureen Downey written before the 2008 elections. She offers many good thoughts on what to look for in a BOE candidate. In particular, she cautions against candidates that hope to use their BOE position as their sole source of income.

“How to pick school board members: look for involvement, ideas, cooperation.” [Editorial Opinion]. October 10, 2008. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A12. This article can be helpful as you are evaluating candidates for the board of education races."

Also, check out the wealth of information at Adelle Frank's blog, Where to research political candidates for elections in DeKalb County, Georgia Adelle Frank


Anonymous said...

I am afraid, that many in her community believe that SCW kept those schools open! Also, she got those lovely horses installed on top of one of the schools.

ZR has been fighting harder and harder for schools of choice as of late, some constituents must be pushing her hard. If I hear, they work one more time from her, I am going to stand up and scream, "why aren't your other schools working and what are you doing about them?"

As to Gene Walker, he voted against Dr. Lewis' raise and contract extension. All he has to do, in my opinion, is remind people of that and he is golden!

Cerebration said...

Zepora, Sarah, Jay and Gene all voted to KEEP magnet transportation - costing a minimum of $2 million and most likely up to $4 million, because not much was really scaled back. This could have saved a lot of jobs in the schoolhouse - which they all voted to cut.

So YES to busing - NO to classroom support.


Also, none of these had the guts to consolidate schools to save money. They all voted in favor of the many charters and theme schools in south DeKalb that pull students from the neighborhood schools, but then will not admit that this leaves the neighborhood schools under-populated and in need of consolidation.


They also continue to spread misinformation in order to garner votes - such as Sarah Wood insisting that 82% of students in DCSS live in South DeKalb ( for an accounting of students, where they live and where they attend school, read our post called North vs Central vs South - what's the deal?

To read more about their recent antics which only serve to show their incompetence, read my report on the Amazing May 10 Board Meeting


This is an emergency. Enormous decisions need to be made that will impact children for years to come. We have to do all we can to place competent, rational people in the positions of making those decisions.

Dekalbparent said...

Warning, LONG POST!

Part One

Here is the meat of the article No Duh references (I took out the parts that reference Clayton's SACS problems). It's a good one for us all to look at:

In evaluating school board candidates, here are some points to consider:
• What’s been their historic involvement with the schools? Can they name the schools in their districts and the principals? As surprising as it may seem, some candidates can’t list the schools in the areas they want to represent.
• Have they attended school board meetings on a regular basis? Potential board members don’t have to show up at every meeting, but they have to attend enough to understand what the board does.

Dekalbparent said...

Long Post Part Two:

• What are their plans to improve student achievement? At some forums, candidates never address student achievement except to complain that it’s not high enough. But they offer no ideas about how to raise it.
• Beware the candidates running because of a private gripe with the school district over how their child was treated. Such candidates may be great advocates for their own kids, but lack a broader interest in the success of all students.
• Can the candidates work as part of a team? Everyone loves a rebel, but at some point board members have to work together to pass policy, hire superintendents and create goals for students. A board overrun with mavericks may be a hoot to watch in action, but it will likely accomplish very little.

Dekalbparent said...

Long Post, Part Three

• Can the candidates put forth any proposals to improve student learning that don’t require piles of cash? Because there won’t be piles. Anywhere. Every school district in the state will have less money next year.
• Listen carefully when candidates talk about their goals. Are they compliance-driven — do they talk about meeting the mandates set by the state Department of Education? Or are they performance-driven — do they focus on how to get students achieving not only to the state bar, but to national and international levels? You don’t want schools that just comply; you want schools that perform.
• What is their broader vision for the schools? And how will they hold the superintendent accountable for acting on the vision? Candidates ought to spell out specific sets of measures they’d use to assess whether superintendents are doing a good job.
• What do they know about the range of programs offered to students? For instance, are they aware of the state’s Virtual High School? If so, can they tell you how many high schoolers in the district are taking Advanced Placement courses online? Can they report how many kids are taking AP classes, period? Do they know why it’s important for high school students to not only take AP classes, but to take and score high on AP tests?
• Do they have other sources of income or are they regarding the school board stipend as their livelihood? As a rule, people with dire money problems — houses in foreclosure, no clear source of income, collection agencies at their heels — don’t make strong board members. They ought to straighten out their own finances before they manage a school district’s finances. (One tip: If a candidate’s phone has been disconnected, he or she is not a good bet.)
• Is the candidate a current or retired school employee? A blue-ribbon task force has recommended a ban on working educators on boards. In concept, boards are supposed to give parents a hand in their local schools, but they’ve come to be dominated by educators. That skews the focus of boards from student concerns to teacher concerns. Look for candidates without financial ties to the school system, either their own or family members.
• Watch for the perennial candidates who envision a career in politics and are looking for any foothold. School boards require people willing to slog through reports, scrutinize budgets and read the fine print. Don’t waste a vote on someone who sees the school board as way to get their name in the paper on their way to the Legislature.
• On the other hand, be wary of lifetime school board members. After two decades on a board, a member ought to step down and make room for new voices and ideas.

No Duh said...

Thanks DeKalb Parent. I couldn't figure out how to cut and paste the article.

Dunwoody Mom said...

Those are some great questions. Perhaps they should be forwarded to EduDeKalb to be used in their candidate forums.

Anonymous said...

With 116,000+ hits (and growing) on this blog am I the only one surprised that no board member up for re-election has posted their bio on the candidate information section?

Is incumbency so powerful that they know they'll be elected regardless?

Anonymous said...

Great job dekalbparent.

We now have a starting point and decision guide.

Can we send an invitation to the current board to be proactive and post answers here?

Kim Gokce said...

Personally, I'd like to see us sponsor a moderated online candidate forum after the field is set.

Anonymous said...

Kim: I'm worried that we'll have only the two players we know about, but won't have a "field".

Anonymous said...

Zepora Roberts, please list your accomplishments since you've "served" on the BOE. I'm sure all would like to read how you see yourself. Maybe then we could understand .... we'll keep watching. From the "audience" you always seem very unprepared at board meetings. If the general consensus about you is wrong, please enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

Having followed this blog and the antics of the DCSS BOE - I can only believe that apathy is rampant in the parent population. This has led to the poor decisions, splitting, exacerbation of north vs south and the general mismanagment of our county's educational system. Please, Please someone step up and be a leader....
I am convinced that if someone would outline objective facts and information and start a public forum - people would follow.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Please remember that while the current BoE has not performed the oversight we have expected and needed, electing people who know nothing will get us nowhere.

As a long time observer of the DeKalb board, I can tell you that each new board member has a learning curve and some are far steeper than others.

In addition, for things to really change, we need strong personalities that aren't afraid to argue with each other.

As to the comments about Zepora Robert's district, I suspect that she has curried much favor among her constituents. She loved that summer intern program (which is now gone, I think) to give her friends and family jobs.

No Duh said...

"As a long time observer of the DeKalb board, I can tell you that each new board member has a learning curve and some are far steeper than others."

This is a bogus argument.

Let's not forget that only five of the nine are up for re-election. That leaves plenty of "experience" on the BOE for the newcomers to tap into.

Ernest Brown where are you? What district do you live in?

Where are the PTA/PTSA leaders in these districts? Who are they? Do any of them have the leadership and passion needed to help right this ship?

How about Sandy Purkett? Which district is she in? Talk about a go getter...

Potential candidates -- please, if you run, you will be doing the best thing you could ever imagine for your community. If you win, the populace will support you as long as you stay lean, mean and clean...(okay, maybe not "mean," but it rhymed).

Dekalbparent said...

I like the idea of submitting the questions to each candidate, but I don't think we would get a lot of answers if we submitted them form DeKalb School Watch. I also wonder if the questions would be answered if they came from EduKalb, given what some of the BoE members have said about that group.

Would there be a response if they came from the League of Women Voters? Is there an organization that the incumbents would regard as having no agenda?

Anonymous said...

The League of Women Voters will do questionnaires. Last election, they had a forum.

I think the AJC does a questionnaire as well.

Lynn Deutsch

Anonymous said...

If the members of the BOE really are acting "only for the children", as they so often proclaim, then they should resign en mass now and ask the State to take over DCSS. Other than that, same-o same-o. 4 of the 5 up for reelection will be back in November emboldened by surviving all of the scandals, grinning and saying "I'm Back. Let's keep doing what we have been doing so successfully. Roll out SPLOST 4"

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for. Even though I applaud Sandy Purkett for her efforts on behalf of children, I firmly believe that she is a glory hog. Administrators (and teachers) at Redan have long grumbled about her interference in the day-to-day operations of that school. Don't encourage her to run for BOE. She would wind up being worse than Zepora or Sarah. Much worse. No doubt she is well-meaning, but come on, folks, every other sentence out her mouth has her name in it (or that of her son). Must someone's worthwhile efforts be window dressing for their ego whether consciously done or not.

Cerebration said...

A few clarifications - First, I believe that the summer intern program was saved. (Another budget decision that could have saved jobs, but instead, provided tuition money for a few lucky college students favored by Zepora).

Also - we have said before that this is just a blog. We don't report or interview or investigate. We leave that to the paid reporters at the AJC and elsewhere. We do share as much information as we can get our hands on and we do offer a forum to discuss those issues.

So - interviews and forums will be conducted by the League of Women Voters, the AJC, etc... and we will share what is discussed.

Anonymous said...

I believe the summer intern program was not saved if you look at the improved cuts.

Cerebration said...

Well, I stand corrected. It seems they did cut the summer intern program after all.

Curious - they have a budget deduction for not having to pay Academy of Lithonia Charter School - but don't they have to pay for the new Leadership Academy and the other new charters? That line item doesn't seem like a true savings.

And the $11,500,000 savings for Central office layoffs was supposed to be 150 positions. That appears to be an average salary of $76,666. Is that what happened or did it end up being more than 150 jobs at less avg salary?

And- have they figured out that yes, they can definitely provide the magnet transportation for $2 million - not more of the original $4 million they first proposed to cut? I'm betting that this magnet transportation deal is going to cost much more than $2 million.

Anonymous said...

Morce Beasley will be our Interim Superintendent of teaching and learning. He held the role in Port Arthur Texas. Didn't he come with Johnny Brown originally?

The salary will be determined by his current salary (as principal) vs the previous person's salary (Talley) as reduced by 15 furlough days. Salary will be the midpoint.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he (Mr. Beasley) is interum

Cerebration said...

I heard it as "interim"...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any news from the meetings held today, June 14, at the William Bradley Bryant Center???.....topics of discussion? decisions?????

Anonymous said...

Beasley is Johnny Brown's nephew. He came to DCSS with Johnny Brown and was appointed principal at Stephenson, then he left with Johnny Brown and went to Port Arthur, TX with his uncle. He got his PhD while in TX, then returned to DCSS and has been principal at Columbia for 2 years. I'd prefer to see a more seasoned administrator in this role. There were other applicants that were not even interviewed. hmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Is the public privy to the details that led to this appointment of such an important position? Like who was interviewed, why they chose this person, etc.?? If so, who would we call to get this information?

It appears more of the same is going on right under everyone's noses ... they are probably testing the waters to see if they can get away with it. At a time when they should be so careful as to make SURE it looks totally above board, this person was hired.
This is TOTALLY "in your face" even if he is the best person for the job.

Remember the saying, "when in doubt, don't" ... if it looks wrong (even if it's right), don't do it. This would apply in this case.

Please tell me I'm over-reacting.

Anonymous said...

So the summer intern program was cut but we just had to sacrifice many jobs at the need for magnet transportation. What, 2 million, 4million ? That is alot of SROs, alot of people who really needed their jobs. Shame on you Board Members who chose transportation over jobs. Oh yea, " we knew nothing". Whatever, Jim.

Anonymous said...

The other two educators considered for the position were Stacey Stepney and Angela Pringle. Be glad Beasley got it.

Anonymous said...

Beasley = Columbia = Zepora.

Business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Great article in Time Magazine about Kansas City reducing the number of its schools by 50%. They got a new superintendent from outside the system.

See quotes from the article:
"Within days he put teachers, principals and the bloated administration on notice. "We're not an employment agency. We are a school district," he says. Covington is not about half measures. The district's downtown headquarters will be sold off, and the reduced staff will move elsewhere. Principals had to reapply for their positions. Low-performing teachers must prove they deserve to keep their jobs. Surprisingly, the teachers' union is on board. "Everyone is tired," Covington says of the union's partnership. "We are just tired."

See full article:,9171,1993877,00.html

That said...

They clearly said interim.

Redovian voted against this appointment asking some of the same questions that Anon asked at 8:28 pm. He inferred that he had been out of pocket for a few days, but I bet none of the other board members knew the answers either. But they all voted for the appointment.

Gene Walker claimed to have done research and this guy is good and therefore he is voting for him. Zepora Roberts said how said she is that he is leaving Columbia but how thrilled she is that he will be helping the system.

Sarah Copelin-Wood asked about the salary and they explained how it would be set.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 8:35

....So what's so bad about Stacey Stepney? ..... She visited our school before, but I don't know of anything horrible that she has been a part of.

Anonymous said...

Stacey Stephen is bad. She puts down teachers when she can. She blames teachers when she can. She will protect the central office tooth and nail.

Anonymous said...

"He got his PhD while in TX, then returned to DCSS and has been principal at Columbia for 2 years."

How come Morcease Beasley is not listed on the state Salary and Travel report if he's been paid by DCSS for the last 2 years?

Anonymous said...

They got a new superintendent FROM OUTSIDE THE SYSTEM.

See quotes from the article mentioned above:

"Within days he put teachers, principals and the bloated administration on notice. "We're not an employment agency. We are a school district," he says. We are "not about half measures. The district's downtown headquarters will be sold off, and the reduced staff will move elsewhere."

Principals had to reapply for their positions. Low-performing teachers must prove they deserve to keep their jobs. Surprisingly, the teachers' union is on board.

Wonder of wonders. Can you imagine such a utopia?

That said...

Do you think the new Super in Kansas City is ready for a change already? Though I guess it wouldn't be a change as much as a bigger challenge. Doesn't everyone love a challenge?

I still feel like no one of the BOE is expressing any sense of urgency over our current situation.

Does anyone out there feel like I am wrong?

Anonymous said...

Redovian did speak up tonight. He admitted that he's also responsible for the state of affairs in DCSS. In this election year, he wants us all to know that he's, now, not going to vote on matters on which he is ill-informed. Wow, what a relief!

Anonymous said...

What the pa gee zee?

A new interim super?

What are they doing behind our backs?

Protest time..............

Anonymous said...

Morcease Beasley held a similar job in Johnny Brown's district:

"In Oct 2006, Dr. Morcease J. Beasley was approved as the Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and School Leadership for the Port Arthur Independent School District in Port Arthur, Texas. He continues to implement the keys for improving schools on a district-wide basis as Second in Command of the school district under the leadership of his Superintendent, Dr. Johnny E. Brown."

He was paid around $4,000 by DCSS in 2009 (state Salary and Travel audit) so it sounds like he came back to DCSS this year.

According to his Curriculum Vitae he is a supporter of High Schools that Work and America's Choice ($8,000,000 boondoggle that DCSS teachers dislike intensely but are forced to teach) - sorry teachers.

It sounds like Ramona Tyson called Johnny Brown up and asked him about this position. This makes sense. Ms. Tyson taught Business Ed 2 years in the late 80s so her instructional background is almost nonexistent. She probably tried to find someone that can talk in eduspeak and had a good looking resume.

Lewis got rid of so many good principals (sometimes replacing 15 to 20 a year) that he created a dearth of administrators who could apply for this position. None of the Central Office personnel have the instructional credentials.

Oh well, I'm glad that I'm retired.

Anonymous said...

So you will be protesting that we have a new temporary substitute to replace the existing temporary substitute ??????

No Duh said...

This thread is 2 and a half days old, and still not one post from anyone telling us what Roberts, Copelin-Wood and Walker are doing for DCSS that entitles them to three more years of "service."

Come on! Someone voted for them. Z, S and G fans, let's hear from you. Tell us what we're missing.

Anonymous said...

add " we were in the dark " redovian to the prove it list - sorry, too little too late in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Redovian must be replaced and I predict he will be replaced. Too little, too late.

As to the rest of the lot, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Please tell us.

Anonymous said...

sadly, i agree - you have to wonder how anyone , anyone can watch Z and SCW and not be appalled.... really, it is quite a sight , hardly believable

Anonymous said...

No Duh

I think that behind the scenes from principal appointments (and in at least one case removal), to facility improvements, to resource allocation and much more, I think that ZR and SCW have been real rainmakers for their communities. Until this year, ZR got lots of students from her district those internships.

SCW will get credit for keeping those schools open.

ZR has sent hateful emails to those who dare to criticize her. She isn't reading this blog.

Anonymous said...

SCW will get credit for keeping those schools open.

And those schools had some of the worst CRCT scores in the county. What favor was she doing for those children?

Anonymous said...

So where did Dr. Morcease Beasley get his PhD? What is it in and is it an online degree?

If he is a supporter of scripted learning garbage like America's Choice then I fear for our school system.

My real fear is that no one with real experience and true qualifications will work for this county. And I am sure we cannot get a true curriculum specialist until we have a high quality Superintendent. Gosh we've dug a deep hole.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:33

I agree with you about the test scores. I will say that SCW has on occasion tried to bring up dismal test scores and was quickly ignored by Dr. Lewis et al.

She knows that things aren't right, but seems to have no vision for how to fix the schools in her community.

Cerebration said...

Let's check the latest CRCT scores for Sarah's schools -

FAIL RATES percentages:

Avondale 17/21/25
Cedar Grove 19/21/37
Clifton 16/22/34
Columbia 22/29/43
Flat Shoals 22/29/42
Gresham Park 29/31/43
Kelley Lake 17/20/29
Knollwood 25/28/43
Meadowview 23/27/46
McNair, Academy 24/31/45
Midway 29/33/47
Oak View 20/25/48
Robert Shaw 3/5/9
Sky Haven 26/28/36
Terry Mill (closed?)
Tilson (closed?)

Middle Schools
Cedar Grove 19/19/40
McNair 20/17/51

If she were my board rep - I'd be trying to get her replaced ASAP. She has seriously failed the children in her district. (Well, except those at Robert Shaw Theme School.)

Anonymous said...

Dr. Beasley earned his Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Samford University. He holds the Educational Specialist and Masters of Education degrees from Samford University. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Montevallo. Dr. B. is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions including being named twice (2002 and 2008) as the recipient of Samford University's Orlean Bullard Beeson School of Education's Golden Apple award for Outstanding School Administrator.

Samford's program looks to be a 3 year program full time. I cannot determine if courses are offered on-line. I do see that it is not the rigor of a true PhD that one would get in another field.

Anonymous said...

Resources Available by Dr. B.
Educational Books and Resources

--A Passion for Improving Schools (Authorhouse)

--Online Leadership Consultation

Educational Workshops Offered

--Leadership Development

--Leadership Coaching

--Staff Development on School Improvement

--Using Data to Improve Student Learning

--Leading Challenging Schools

--Turning Around Low Performing Schools

--Creating a Culture of High Performance

--Acculturating Excellence in urban Schools

--Strategies for Improving Teaching and Learning

--Creating a Winning School Leadership Team

Personal Help Resources

--Dr. B's Hassle Free 2010 Checking Register (EXCEL) Spreadsheet

I wonder with offering all of these workshops how Beasley has time to concentrate on his DCSS job.

Anonymous said...

True rigor, in one of these fake Ph.D. programs? You can probably count on one hand the number of DCSS employees with real doctorates.

Anonymous said...


I totally agree. There aren't many who have PhDs worth the paper they are printed on in the field of education or in DCSS. What happens in DCSS happens throughout the country, as earning advanced degrees is the only way that teachers are able to earn more money. Having more degrees does not make one a better teacher, administrator, or educated person. I have worked with several teachers who have PhDs in the field of education who do not speak or write in proper English. There are several people earning the big bucks in DCSS that fall into this category. I shutter when I receive their emails and wonder how on earth they were able to move up the ladder with such poor skills.

Anonymous said...

Again, another wasted opportunity.

This BOE and Central office will never ever conduct a true national search. Every upper level administrator has some ties to the system, whether family member, fried, sorority sister/fraternity brother, etc.

Morce Beasley may or may not prove to be a competent administrator, but he is another inside hire, and look where that has gotten us.

I tell ya one thing, if he is a supporter of High Schools That Work and America's Choice, he's going to have a battle on his hands, because parents and teachers are ready to fight these ridiculous and expensive wastes.

No Duh said...

Thank you Cere for adding the CRCT scores for Sarah's schools. Zepora and Gene's schools don't fair much better.

And I agree. If I lived there I'd want a board member who understood the academic needs of our students. A concrete lion never educated anyone. A brand new building never educated anyone. A brand new band uniform never educated anyone. And never will.

Lakeside proves it ain't the stuff, it's the people.

And isn't meddling in personnel issues (principal hiring/firing) a big SACS no-no. (I know thank you Womack for Reid). And did her meddling improve the leadership in the school or merely promote another friend or family member?

Anonymous said...

In the interest of clarity, Waker is at-large, district 9, which is half the county (running North-South). This encompasses so many schools, we can't really draw any meaningful conclusions.

Not that I don't have LOTS of issues with Dr. Gene "Yes, I'm a racist" / "Please, Mr. Sembler, may I have some more" Walker.

Anonymous said...

Dunwoody Crier - Redovian to seek re-election. Okay, Jim
" aka 2-4 MILLION dollars in magnet transportation over how many DCSS jobs ",
Could you take the time to show us why oh why we should re-elect you? It seems that you never have time to respond to parents calls or e-mails with tough questions?

Article also notes L Deutsch might run from the Dunwoody area. You go Lynn, You go Nancy !!!

But please go Jim..... Too little, too late.

Anonymous said...

You all absolutely have to watch this past Monday's board meeting. If you don't have 45 minutes to spare to watch the whole thing, you absolutely have to watch the discussion about contract renewals.

Dr. Walker's comments especially worry me. Does he really think that this low performing school system doesn't have employees who aren't cutting it?

The contract renewal discussion begins at about minute 27:30.

Scroll down to June 14th meeting.


Anonymous said...

You also have to watch the board comments to see/hear the interface between SCW and Ms. Tyson about the uniforms.

If you live in SCW's district, it is important for you to see how totally out of it she is. This is a perfect example of that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous June 14th 8:28 pm Ms Tyson can explain why Beasley was chosen. He was introduced today to the title 1 Principals. Curiously, she did not state when the doctorate was from but did talk about his comparison to the other candidates from far and wide.

Anonymous said...

If there were candidates from far and wide than they should have been given a shot before another DCSS insider. We need people out of DCSS, so that we do not continue the same old same old. Our education system will never improve until we get fresh blood moving within the organization.

I am just about convinced that the board is not capable of hiring anyone outside of DCSS for the superintendent position. It's scary.

Anonymous said...

DCSS BOE - Time to Step up....
The lack of response from any board member up for re-election is rather telling I would say. They are relying on the typical level of apathy to launch them into another term, regardless of the " state of the union". Given the communication skills of some ( hummmm who comes to mind ) I get that.. But really, it is a slap in the face that they don't think that they need to respond to the request..... And don't tell me that they don't know about this blog,

Anonymous said...

DCSS BOE - Time to step up, The fact that no member who is up for re-election has posted any information on the site speaks volumes. Don't tell me that they don't know about this blog or the requests for some response as to why they deserve re-election. Give the abilities of some ( hummm, who comes to mind ) I understand but seems that they will count on voter apathy to guarantee them another term. Am I crazy?

Anonymous said...

Was he introduced as interim today? I know of at least a couple of candidates who withdrew when Dr. Lewis left/fired/etc because they all said that the new superintendent would want to pick his/her own person.

Be True to Your School said...

@ Anonymous, 7:07 PM

Tyson can explain why Mor-of-the-same; will-this-never-cease Beasley was selected from candidates far and wide???

Are you referring to Far-and-Wide, GA?

When was the first, last or anytime the sorry DCSS BOE posted the job or the requirements and qualifications? Who else was interviewed? We, as taxpayers, have the right to know this. At the least, stakeholders should have been involved in the decision-making process.

Anonymous said...

So we are blogging and blogging, but is there ANYTHING WE CAN ACTUALLY DO to put a stop to this "more of the same" ... it's laughable really. They continue business as usual because they know they can. Someone please help!!

Be True to Your School said...

@ Anonymous 8:23 PM

I do not understand your post.

Are you saying that candidates for the interim superintendent job withdrew because they felt the new superintendent would want to select his/her own person?

What does that mean? Doesn't the interim superintendent go away when the new superintendent is chosen -- unless, God forbid in this case, the Interim becomes the new superintendent?

Mor-of-the-same; will-this-never-cease Beasley for superintendent? Take a look at his websites -- he has two. You cannot possibly seriously think he is qualified.

Anonymous said...

This is an instance where Ms. Tyson's speech on Transparency comes to play. We have a right to know how many were interviewed, backgrounds, and areas of the state and possibly country.

Ms. Tyson made teachers stay after school hours to tell us how she was going to be transparent and this is one instance where transparency is necessary as it seems that things have not changed.

Be True to Your School said...

@ Anonymous 7:41 PM and 7:50 PM

BOE - Time to Step Up

The answer to your question is, "Yes." Einstein's definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

You are asking the DCSS BOE to step up?

It is way past time for the BOE to step up.

However, why not just e-mail each of them the request to provide their information to this blog? When they don't, then you will know you have really been ignored. No question, no doubt.

While you are at it, ask them to provide you with a list of their friends and family members who are employed by DCSS.

BTW - let me introduce you to You can try it out for free. But, I have found it to be so valuable that I subscribe to their $24 basic subscription every year. Once you sign up for Readnotify, you simply add "" (without the quotes) at the end of the person's e-mail address. It is invisible to them, but you are notified when they open your e-mail -- each time they open it. Also, you are told how long they have your e-mail open and whether they forward it to anyone else, etc. Further, it gives you a pretty good idea of the person's location when they open your e-mail. Try it!

Anonymous said...

What region is Tucker now in? Can anyone help explain that change? Is the Tucker community aware of the new group of schools they are now with? I heard a change was made just today with SWD HS and someone else (between Dr. Simpson and Ms. White, both Area Supts), so maybe not too late for Tucker cluster.

Anonymous said...

I just went and watched the board meeting and you guys are right, it is hilarious how we are represented by some of our board members. I will continue to tune in.

Anonymous said...

Be true,

Sorry to confuse you. Several very qualified applicants for the job that Beasley got withdrew their applications because when a new superintendent is hired, that person should want someone in that role that shares their vision. They should bring in their own team, so to speak. So, these candidates wouldn't take the job if offered because it should be temporary.

This is why I asked if it Ms. Tyson sain interim...

No Duh said...

This thread has been here a week, and still no one has submitted what Roberts, Copelin-Wood and Walker have done to improve the ACADEMIC opportunities for the children in DeKalb County.

Y'all are voting for them, why? Has the academic rigor increased in those brand new buildings? Have the test scores improved since those lions were installed? Wouldn't you like to put your kids on the neighborhood bus instead of shipping them at 6 a.m. to a magnet because your neighborhood school is so poorly run? How many AP classes does your student have access to? Is your kid on the state championship team or in the band -- no, what does your school offer your child?

Dunwoody Mom said...

It appears Jay Cunningham has some competition in District 5:

Jacques Willie Hall, Sr.
3762 Tree Bark Trl
Decatur, GA 30034

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dunwoody Mom. This is great news! It would be even better if the other 2 Districts had contenders.

Cerebration said...

Great! Who will toss their hat in the ring next? Qualifying deadline is looming - I think it's July 2 - correct me if I'm wrong.

On another note - apparently there is a political forum this evening hosted by the Tucker Business Association -- I'm not sure who will be interviewed, but candidates would be wise to drop in -- If anyone has more info on this event please share it.

June 21, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. –
Political Candidates Forum
Tucker 1st Baptist Church Community Center

Anonymous said...

Now that the list of administrators jobs are known to the public, let's sit back and watch who will be hired from the friends and family list to manage these schools. The interview process is a joke. People for years who are qualified are overlooked and the panel are sometimes members from the district who never earned a job themselves and yet if they did, they did such a poor job. Most of these panel interviews are females who attend the same church, or belong to the same organizations from college and are a basically intimidated by qualified females who have no inside connections. They sit and look stone faced at you as if you are dumb or boring and then you are ushered out the door only to learn later that the ones that interviewed you, had no business sitting on a panel. A lot of female principals in the DCSS manage their schools using intimidating factors, calling other principals spreading lies about staff members who opt for a transfer, others are given jobs because they belong to the same organizations. DCSS made a big mistake when they open the flood door for some of these incompetent administrators and they use their power to destroy people. They allow cliques in their schools and love an open door for gossip instead of walking around seeing for themselves what is going on in the schools. One was a big terror and now she can be seen mentoring new principals. OMG-- If you are going to be a principal or assistant principal, make sure you are qualified before you judge any one or evaluate teachers. In other words, be competent in instruction and leading others. AMEN! We are tired of incompetent leaders in the DCSS!

Anonymous said...

I am curious to know the qualifications of our Board members.
Is there a list on who's really leaving June 30th? County Office Elite