Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just in Case You are Inclined to Trust the Government with Your Tax Dollars

Where exactly does the money go? This video shows the insane incompetence of the Federal Reserve, but think about it -- the federal government is now trying to take over the multi-multi BILLION dollar education system. Will the money become as "lost" as the money the feds have supposedly 'invested' off the books? Will they simply use it to line the pockets of friends in high places who have the "next big idea" to "save" our schools? (BTW, those ideas generally involve dismantling our current schools, firing the staffs and reopening as a charter - ready to place enrollment requirements on its students as well as turn away anyone with "special" needs.)

This is a very, very slippery slope and I am strongly encouraging all of you to pay attention - don't be lulled into a sense of security that our government is going to rescue our schools from themselves.... We all know our public schools are far from perfect - but then again, we need to be very careful what we wish for.


Ella Smith said...

This would be a sad day. This is what happens with big government.

Lets hope this does not happen.

Anonymous said...

Wow, speaking about lack of trust. DCSS School Bus No. 400 just below a red light on Church St. in Decatur. And there were kids on the bus.

Wow. Does anyone train these drivers about safety???

Anonymous said...

This is a far greater evil than incompetence.
Until people start asking "why" the Fed would go to such lengths to protect its files...instead of just asking for the files--we will never understand the extent of the Feds power.

This is not a simple case of "bureaucracy gone wild"--not tax and spend for dummies.

Anonymous said...

You have the wrong agency. It was the US Treasury, not the Federal Reserve that gave away the money. Furthermore, A new agency was created in February 2009, the Recovery Act Transparency and Accountability Board. Earl Devaney, former Inspector General for the Dept. of Interior, was named to head this agency and has the responsibility to investigate and oversee all stimulus spending.

This snippet of CSPAN is taken out of context.

Cerebration said...

Well, she is the inspector general for the federal reserve... If you have context, that would be great - please share...