Facts and Sources

Basic Info and Random Factoids that have been verified

Board of Education Contact Info -

Mr. Thomas Bowen, Board Chair
Mr. H. Paul Womack, Jr., Board Vice Chair
Sarah Copelin-Wood, Board Member
Mr. Jay Cunningham, Board Member
Ms. Donna Edler, Board Member
Ms. Nancy Jester, Board Member
Dr. Pamela Speaks, Board Member
Dr. Eugene Walker, Board Member
Mr. Donald McChesney, Board Member

Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson


You can find street-level maps outlining the boundaries of these districts (found by clicking on "Board of Education District Map" and the "Board of Education Super District Map") at this link.

If you click on the Dept. of Elections link, you'll see a list of maps -- one is titled Board of Education District Map, another is titled Board of Education Super District Map. The seven regular districts simply represent smaller geographic areas; the two super districts essentially cut a diagonal line across the county, from upper left (northwest) to lower right (southeast).


The number reported to the state on the October 2010-2011 Official FTE count for DeKalb was 95,481.
Check out these numbers yourselves - at the DOE Reporting Site and the DOE system description site.


DCSS spends a lot on security

Gwinnett County Schools with approx 160,000 students to our 96,000 has 48 Security personnel for a cost of $2,700,000 in salary and benefits. This is an average of $17 per student.

DCSS has 204 Security employees at a cost of $10,800,000 in salary and benefits. This is an average of $114 per student.

Read our post on the subject, "How much should DeKalb spend for security?"


For a great explanation of the Fernbank Science Center and it's STT program visit this link at the DeKalb Parent Resource blog.


Consider the MADE AYP rate for DeKalb over time (source Georgia DOE):

2003 - 2004 86%
2004 - 2005 77%
2005 - 2006 71%
2006 - 2007 79%
2008 – 2009 70%
2008 - 2009 78%

So we are no better off than 2005 and 2006 and much worse off than 2004. The huge expenditures for learning programs such as America’s Choice, Springboard, HSTW, etc. that have been chosen by Central Office staff and tried in the 5 last years have not worked if measured by AYP figures. Dr. Lewis took the helm in January, 2005, and AYP numbers have decreased since then. Accountability should work at the highest levels.

Ms. Tyson and the BOE want to keep these programs while cutting teacher positions. I guess they don't look at these numbers. They should - these are not just numbers - they represent students losing their educational opportunity.


DCSS SAT Scores – Who is accountable and what does this mean for your children?

2004 – Verbal 464 Math 459 No data
2005 – Verbal 465 Math 457 No data
2006 – Verbal 462 Math 451 Writing 452
2007 - Verbal 457 Math 443 Writing 446
2008 - Verbal 452 Math 443 Writing 444
2009 - Verbal 451 Math 441 Writing 442

DCSS lost 13 points in Verbal, 18 points in Math, and 10 points in Writing on the SAT between 2004 and 2009.

Dr. Lewis increased the admin and support levels to 8,800 while cutting teachers positions to 7,000 (soon to be 6700 per Ms. Tyson). Is it any wonder our SAT scores are going down?


Central office staffing's bloated salaries
Here is a comparison between 2004 salaries and 2009 salaries:

NAME - 2004 salary - 2009 salary

LEWIS,CRAWFORD - $112,074 - $287,991.63
REID,PATRICIA A - $100,010- $197,592.50
CALLAWAY,FRANKIE B - $106,698- $165,035.69
MOSELEY,ROBERT G - $106,698- $165,035.69
TALLEY,GLORIA S - no data available - $165,035.69
TURK,MARCUS T - $75,558 - $165,035.69
TYSON,RAMONA H - $99,960- $165,035.69
WILSON,JAMIE L - $85,502 - $165,035.69
MITCHELL,FELICIA M - $96,354- $125,284.87
FREEMAN,TIMOTHY W - $106,598 - $124,049.27
GILLIARD,WANDA S - $102,594 - $124,049.27
THOMPSON,ALICE A - $99,960- $124,049.27
NORRIS-BOUIE,WENDOLYN - $100,060 - $122,345.84
DUNSON,HORACE C - $90,606- $122,195.84
SEGOVIS,TERRY M - $93,888 - $122,195.84
SIMPSON,RALPH L - $95,826- $122,195.84
WHITE,DEBRA A - $90,426 - $122,195.84
RHODES,CHERYL L - $88,804 - $121,202.40
FREEMAN,SUSAN L - $85,578 - $120,844.00


Salary increases from 2003-2009


Lewis, Crawford--111,665--287,991
Lewis, Harold--51,276--109,385
Tyson, Ramona--99,960--165,035
Mitchell, Felicia--94,732--125,284
Yvonne Sanders-Butler--85,428--112,956
Berry, Audria--83,008--116,314
Turk, Marcus--74,188--165,035
Moseley, Robert--104,255--165,039
Thompson, Alice--99,810--124,049
Moody, Cointa--32,773--92,192
Guillory, David--70,574--114,639
Guillory, Philandrea--64,392--114,627
Wilson, Jamie L, Jr.--85,902--165,035
Freeman, Timothy --104,973--124,049


Also, according to this budget document -

It appears that the 2010 budget of the Office of the Superintendent has increased 10.1% from 2009.

It seems the superintendent has quite a staff - totaling over a million dollars in cost -

Superintendent of Schools M21
Superintendent's Travel L09
Superintendent's TSA M21
Chief of Staff M21
Asst. Director, Media/PR M21
Executive Secretary Supplement T21
Executive Secretary Supplement T21
Secretary II SUPT T21
Secretary to Asst to Supt T21
Secretary to the Supt. T21
Secretary, Executive Supt. T21
Secretary, Executive Supt. T21

PLUS another million for the school board budget. (Did you know that each school board member has a $4,000 travel budget?) How about over $900,000 in legal fees?

Download some of these budgets and look them over!

And know this (2009)

Cobb County
106,079 Students
$34,470,248 spent on General Administration
DeKalb County
96,907 Students
$49,159,245 spent on General Administration


I downloaded the 2008 audit at this link at the State DOE website - and it's strictly financial, however, I did find this statement interesting -

"In total, net assets increased $111.2 million to $1.164 billion. This represents an 11 percent increase from 2007. This total increase was due to governmental activities since the Board has no business-type activities."

Now, I find it fascinating that the 'assets' increased 11%, when student population declined from 100,526 in 2007 to 99,778 in 2008 (a loss of 748 students).

Additionally, "General Administration" just about doubled - from $10.6 million in 2007 to $20 million in 2008.

"Improvement of Instructional Services" went from $53.4 million in 2007 to $56.9 million in 2008.

But the budget for "Instruction" itself barely moved - from $631.4 million to $639.2 million.


Click here for the new link to the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts

Here is the updated 2009 info

"In total, net assets increased $24.8 million to $1.189 billion.  This represents a 2 percent increase from 2008. This total increase was due to governmental activities since the Board has no business-type activities."

"General revenues accounted for $605.9 million in revenues or 54.8 percent of all revenues. Program specific revenues int he form of charges for services, operating and capital grants and contributions accounted for $500.3 million or 45.2 percent of total revenues of $1.106 billion.

The Board had $1.081 billion in expenses related to governmental activities; $500.3 million of these expenses were offset by program specific charges for services, grants or contributions.

Among major funds, the general fund has $1.005 billion in revenues and $1.003 billion in expenditures. The general fund's "Net Change in Fund Balances" decreased by $10.9 million resulting in a change in the "Total Fund Balances" decreased from $17.0 million to $6.1 million for the fiscal year.  The fund balance reflects the full accrual of all contracted salaries and benefits unpaid at June 30 in full compliance with GASB 34 regulations"


The Task Force for School Consolidation did a fantastic job of creating data-filled documents and then posting them at this link for the public to review. There is a mountain of information to download there. Although they seem to have dissolved and could not in the end, make a recommendation, these people worked very hard for all of us and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

Click here for their final report on Phase 1.

Citizen’s Planning Task Force Members

Task Force Member, Appointed By

Lynn Deutsch, Dunwoody Redovian, District 1
Shawn Jett, Atlanta Redovian, District 1
Faye Andresen, Atlanta McChesney, District 2
Don Broussard, Atlanta McChesney, District 2
George Maddox, Decatur Copelin-Wood, District 3
Darrell Jennings, Decatur Copelin-Wood, District 3
Bob Chambers, Atlanta Womack, District 4
Brian Dewey, Stone Mountain Womack, District 4
Charles Hill, Decatur Cunningham, District 5
Thad Mayfield, Lithonia Cunningham, District 5
Ann Maywether, Stone Mountain Bowen, District 6
Marcia Coward, Lithonia Bowen, District 6
Sam Tillman, Decatur Roberts, District 7
Sandy Purkett, Decatur Roberts, District 7
Frank Jackson, Lithonia Walker, District 8
Bruce McMillian, Decatur Walker, District 8
Tracie Scott, Stone Mountain Speaks, District 9
Stephanie Smith, Stone Mountain Speaks, District 9
Ernest Brown, Lithonia Dr Lewis, Superintendent
Mellie O'Keefe, Dunwoody Dr Lewis, Superintendent



Former DeKalb County school superintendent Crawford Lewis, former school system chief financial officer Patricia Reid (FKA Pat Pope), her former husband and a school employee were indicted Monday, May 24 on racketeering charges.

DeKalb County District Attorney Gwendolyn Keyes-Fleming announced the indictments of Lewis, Reid, her former husband, Anthony V. (Tony) Pope; and Cointa Moody at a press conference late Wednesday afternoon. Anthony Pope owns an architecture firm that obtained school system contracts while Patricia was the system’s CFO. Moody was an employee of Vincent Pope Architects, Inc. She was also Patricia Pope’s administrative assistant.


To download the entire indictment click this in-depth article at Atlanta Unfiltered.


To download the Powerpoint Presentation the DA used for the press conference, click here and then click the link at the end of the article.


Download the latest Capital Improvement (SPLOST) report (June 2010) here.


Click here for the DCSS org chart under Dr. Lewis.  (Also available here.)

Click here for the new DCSS org chart under Ms. Tyson.


Click here for Committee of the Whole Facilities and Capital Planning August 27, 2010 (redistricting plan).

Click here for Ramona Tyson's MIS Dept - Three-Year Technology Plan July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2012


PROPERTY TAXES paid by board members

Name/Annual Taxes 2010/Exemption/Tax Exempt Amount

Zepora Roberts/$308.56/H4F Senior School Exemption/$1,277.11

Sarah Copelin-Wood/$1,066.98/H1F-Basic + Freeze/$640.30

Jay Cunningham/$1,990.12/H1F-Basic /$875.39

Paul Womack/$2,160.63/H4F Senior School Exemption/$7,171.14

Tom Bowen/$2,246.48/H1F-Basic + Freeze/$955.45

Gene Walker/$3,584.00/H1S/$1,355.37

Pam Speaks/$4,762.02/H1F-Basic + Freeze/$1,616.85

Don McChesney/$5,472.60/H1F-Basic + Freeze/$1,812.75

Jim Redovian/$5,902.72/H1F-Basic + Freeze/$2,018.23


Census Data
DeKalb CO -
2000 - http://www.co.dekalb.ga.us/census.html
2010 - http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/13/13089.html
GA-DOE-DCSS - http://public.doe.k12.ga.us/ReportingFW.aspx?PageReq=102&CountyId=644&T=1&FY=2010

Total Population
2000 - 665,865
2010 - 691,893

% black
2000 - 54.2%
2010 - 54.3%

% white
2000 - 35.8%
2010 - 33.3%

% Hispanic
2000 - 7.9%
2010 - 9.8%

# under 5 years old -
2000 - 7.1%
2010 - 7.5%

# of households -
2000 - 249,339
2010 - 270,124

Median Income -
2000 - $42,767
2010 - $50,092

Persons below the poverty level
2000 - 13.2%
2010 - 17.0%

DeKalb County Schools Enrollment
2000 - 96,054 (31% white, 60.76% black, 2.31% Hispanic, 3.61% Asian)
2010 - 98,115 (10% white, 72% black, 11% Hispanic, 4% Asian)


If anyone has personal knowledge of criminal conduct relevant to the DCSS criminal or Heery-Mitchell/DCSS civil case, Or personal relationships and/or favors relevant to Dr. Lewis, Pat Pope and other high ranking DCSS officials and board members -- please contact the DA's lead investigator -

It's confidential... and important.


DIRECT: 404-371-6397
FAX: 404-371-6394


ALSO - here is the contact info for the head of SACS - the accrediting body for DCSS:

Mark Elgart, SACS President:

Dr. Mark Elgart
AdvancED (SACS/Casi)
9115 Westside Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30009

Telephone: (888) 413-3669
Email: melgart@advanc-ed.org



We have a link on the side panel of the home page under "Favorite Links" called Open Records Generator". It was developed by journalism students and after you input some parameters, it will generate a professionally written legal request. Then you just email or snail mail it to the relevant person/people. Pretty cool!

There is also a very good organization devoted to Open Records in Georgia called the Georgia First Amendment Foundation. Their website is



In order to file an Open Records Request, you can simply send an email or letter requesting the items that you would like to see. The legal citation is O.C.G.A. §§ 50-14-1(a)(1), 50-18-70(a). You can go to the Attorney General's website and view information about the open records act and FAQs about filing an open records request:

FAQs are here: