News articles about DCSS

Below is a sampling of news articles relevant to DeKalb Schools -from older to newer

Latest tab for Dunaire bullying investigation: $389,161

Over protests, district review denies boy was bullied

No written report in DeKalb’s $325-an-hour suicide inquiry

New principals will greet parents and students at two dozen DeKalb Schools for 2009-2010 year

Tempers flare over School District’s legal services

DA: DeKalb school construction probe ‘complex & enormous’

DK schools replacing Pat Pope as SPLOST construction manager

DeKalb gives Parsons ‘full responsibility’ for school construction — at least for now

Probe intensifies as DeKalb schools office searched

DeKalb construction probe complicates multimillion-dollar suit on cost overruns

DeKalb schools may pay $15 million to manage construction program

DeKalb principal pleads guilty to falsifying documents

CRCT cheating details revealed

DeKalb Schools Spending $382K On Hollywood Conference

DeKalb Defends Teacher Training Trip

Grim news: DeKalb schools’ chief says more cuts, school closings on the way

School system says no to DeKalb DA

DeKalb schools propose cuts in programs, teacher pay

Big surprises on possible DeKalb closure list, including Kittredge

Parents want schools chief to give back raise

Destiny’s trip to South Africa in peril

DeKalb schools chief used school card to buy gas multiple times a day

No-bid deal costs DeKalb schools

DeKalb schools system makes adjustment amidst D.A. probe

DeKalb superintendent takes temporary leave

Pope files for annulment during DeKalb school construction probe

Lawyers: Was DeKalb schools’ Pat Pope a bigamist?

DeKalb schools deficit nears $115 million; targeted school list released

DeKalb committee moves to cut 427 school jobs, nixes tax hike

Sloppy paperwork, missed deadlines cost DeKalb schools millions

Board member accused of interfering, injecting race into DeKalb closings debate

Proposal to shrink school board intensifies racial divisions among members

New questions about how Pat Pope awarded DeKalb school projects.

DeKalb schools chief: Pope associates made money off of system

Huge DeKalb schools project altered, aiding spouse

AJC obtains list of 21 schools for possible closure

Task force says no to closing schools

DeKalb to move forward with school closings

Three students charged with teacher in Southwest DeKalb High indecency case

Former chorus teacher cleared of student indecency charges

Board asks DeKalb schools chief to consider leaving

Dumping superintendent in DeKalb will be cheaper this time

DeKalb board remains divided on school tax hike

DeKalb school board protects whistleblowers

Principal Under Investigation For Book Purchases

Another dismal chapter in DeKalb schools: Official sells his autobiography to schools under his supervision.

Task force's vote likely won't impact DeKalb school closings

DeKalb school closures delayed a year

DeKalb execs taking role in school elections

DeKalb businesses want better school board leaders

No tax hike for DeKalb schools

Police included in DeKalb school budget cuts

Budget woes could mean less training for DeKalb teachers

Conflict in DeKalb school role, exec post?

Former DeKalb schools' chief indicted

Grand jury indicts 2 top DeKalb school officials

Former DeKalb schools chief, three others indicted

DeKalb board: ‘This is not normal business'

DeKalb School Board time line

School fraud suspects say $1 million bond is too high

Lewis claims innocence in DeKalb school scandal; cites personal attack by prosecutors

Charges: DeKalb Schools' Reid led scam

New look for Dunwoody High revealed (again)

DeKalb Schools Forfeit Millions in State Money

An open letter to DeKalb parents, from the county's school board chairman

DeKalb stalls on superintendent search

Newsweek's list of nation's top high schools includes dozens from metro area

Table appears set for conflict

School board members file suit to overturn state's ‘nepotism' provision

DeKalb school board candidates lean to the light side

DeKalb schools overspent on lawyers

DeKalb schools: Diversity trumps costs

DeKalb probes sale of books

Final exams show teens struggle with new math curriculum

Trial set for ex-DeKalb schools' chief

Ex-schools chief's trial means more legal fees for DeKalb

DeKalb schools' chief: Conflict of interest is ‘more widespread'

DeKalb schools expect enrollment drop

DeKalb schools get new logo

Trial delayed for ex-DeKalb schools' chief

DeKalb school board: We will save accreditation

Bankruptcy, successes preceded Pat Reid's indictment

DeKalb teachers want board member to resign

DeKalb school corruption suspects plead not guilty

State Lawmakers Have Tough Questions For DeKalb Schools

End drama, school chief says

2 fired over DeKalb school books

DeKalb schools to hire search firm

DeKalb School Principals Face Firing Over Books

Move corruption trial out of DeKalb?

Accreditation Group Wants Ethics Answers From DeKalb Schools

DeKalb votes on SACS response, but won't release to public

Interim Superintendent: We're doing the best we can

DeKalb schools move lawsuit to federal court

DeKalb: ‘Accreditation is safe'; legislators not so sure

UNDER PRESSURE : As school system struggles with scandals, outside groups look to influence

Business leaders wary of DeKalb school troubles

2nd DeKalb school board member reprimanded

Bishop Eddie Long: DeKalb schools profit from Bishop Long

Lawsuits accuse Bishop Eddie Long of sexual coercion; Long "adamantly denies"

Finalist for DeKalb housing chief could have a conflict

Ex-DeKalb schools chief may lose his lawyer

DeKalb school board's behavior in spotlight

DeKalb schools face more budget woes

Search firm finalists named for DeKalb schools' job

DeKalb to end school year's furloughs, give payouts to full-timers

DeKalb school official’s record surfaces

SACS will evaluate DeKalb schools

Remedial classes cost Ga. colleges millions

Ex-School Bookkeeper Accused Of Taking $40K

DeKalb incumbents reclaim three school board seats

DeKalb school board: Despite problems, members re-elected

DeKalb officials getting ready to redistrict, consolidate schools

State plans for end of graduation test

Report: Officer shoots non student near high school

DeKalb schools officer shoots student near Redan High School

Legislators asked to OK DeKalb referendum shrinking school board

Superintendent: Inequities at DeKalb schools

Board to vote on $73,000 raise for DeKalb superintendent

School boards: Exceptional class of leaders needed

Lakeside High’s multi-million dollar overhaul begins

Amendment changes toughen DeKalb school policies

DeKalb schools corruption trial could face more delays

DeKalb school audit found bloated salaries — then what?

Parents school search firm reps on superintendent qualities

DeKalb school workers could lose jobs to outsourcing

Raze DeKalb’s education ghetto

DeKalb schools prepare for SACS' visit

DeKalb parents picket school board meeting

DeKalb yanks 24 teachers from classroom on cheating allegations

DeKalb finds teachers could have accessed tests late at night

Chamber exec: DeKalb schools send business elsewhere

Ruling could cost DeKalb schools millions more in legal fees

Principal unenrolled students before CRCT, resigned after disclosure

DeKalb schools hire law firm for ex-superintendent

Firm’s methods questioned

Parents May Sue To Stop DeKalb Redistricting

DeKalb's lawsuit tab: $15.5 million and climbing

$23,000 in DeKalb school fees missing

DeKalb educator indicted for changing records

DeKalb fires 2, demotes 2 over sales of books written by administrators

Judge: Indictment sufficient in DeKalb schools' chief case

Tiff leads Sen. Jones to file ethics complaint against school board member

Ex-DeKalb schools exec hires another criminal defense lawyer

DeKalb unveils final three picks for superintendent

Teachers file lawsuit over DeKalb retirement plan

DeKalb candidates tell how they would fix school district

N.C. educator in talks for DeKalb superintendent's job

Source: Superintendent Pick Has 'Platinum-Plated' Demands

Lead candidate for DeKalb school superintendent drops out

DeKalb mulls future of superintendent search

DeKalb yanks 24 teachers from classroom on cheating allegations

Employees removed from DeKalb schools in wake of CRCT cheating scandal

DeKalb names 12 schools with CRCT staff changes

Tension Between DeKalb Students Causes Near Riot

Womack blasts fellow board members for leaking information

Leaks, disagreements derailed DeKalb superintendent search

DA: 'Bad faith' in schools case

DeKalb revamps staffing formula

Court: Only local school boards can create charter schools

DeKalb Chamber not ‘Waiting for Superman’ to Leap Into Education Issues

8 DeKalb Schools Close For Good

Key dates approach in superintendent searches

DeKalb School Board approves $475 million construction list

Commerce Chamber Tells DeKalb To Wait On New Superintendent Hire

DeKalb superintendent search continues, but not without concern

Law could impact school enrollment

Peachtree Hope's bid to re-open ends

DeKalb Schools improvement slower than other systems on CRCT

A glimmer of hope for Peachtree Hope parents

Credit Probe Delays Diploma For Eddie Long's Child

DeKalb Schools improvement slower than other systems on CRCT
DeKalb ignores failings of schools

While APS is on road to recovery, DeKalb is stalled in the slow lane

Three DeKalb High Schools get about $3 million in grants

Cell Towers Going to Schools

DeKalb school district names superintendent finalist

Lorain's Atkinson to head Georgia schools: Will be superintendent of 100,000-student DeKalb County district

Lorain's Atkinson to head Georgia schools: Will be superintendent of 100,000-student DeKalb County district

DeKalb superintendent pick quickly draws fire

McChesney, Jester Oppose Superintendent Nominee

No Child Left Behind forces transfer decisions on school systems, parents

DeKalb's School boss pick gets mixed reviews

Eyes on DeKalb choice for boss

Opinions Divided Over Cell Towers at DeKalb Schools

Atkinson lists passion for urban schools on application

Meet the new superintendent: a Q & A session with Dr. Cheryl Atkinson

DeKalb Superintendent Finalist: "We Must Work Together"

DeKalb superintendent candidate answers Tough Questions

A divided DeKalb school board selects Atkinson

Tensions flare as DeKalb approves new superintendent

DeKalb Schools prepared to pass accreditation

New DeKalb superintendent draws big crowd

Georgia officials past due on their tax bills

New school superintendent starts building leadership team

Construction firm to ask judge to remove DeKalb schools' lawyers in $100 million suit

Judge rules DeKalb schools can retain attorneys in $100M suit

School bookkeeper admits to near $23,000 theft

DeKalb principals tied to cheating case no longer in schools

K&S will remain on schools case

DeKalb schools chief tries to build trust as tax vote nears

DeKalb hiring a consultant to cut jobs, save money

Appeals court lets Alston & Bird back into DeKalb schools case

DeKalb principals tied to cheating case no longer in schools

School SPLOST has opposition

Is greatness ahead?

Cell towers going up in DeKalb schools despite parents' objections

DeKalb school board hires consulting firm

SPLOST gets 5 more years; Lithonia elects a new mayor

DeKalb school ad for secretary draws fire over $72,000 salary

DeKalb school board debates protocol change for board, staff

Former colleagues are key for DeKalb superintendent

DeKalb's accrediation stays on ‘advisement'

Marching bands suspended in DeKalb over FAMU ties

Arabia Mountain High cleans up after ‘Turn Up Thursday

New Birth academy closes; hundreds of students looking for new school

Probation officers move into schools

Panel recommends special grand jury investigation into DeKalb schools

Grand jury says DeKalb school board should be investigated

School board assailed at Atkinson’s new job

Officials promise sweeping changes in DeKalb Schools

DeKalb superintendent sidelines finance chief

DeKalb school board picks new chairman, a former state senator and teacher

Bands to march while parents stew over allegations

Report: DeKalb schools have too many administrators

DeKalb lifts ban on marching band activities

DeKalb misses Race to Top deadline; new deadline could have consequences if missed

Suit could cost DeKalb millions