Sunday, September 6, 2009

Obama Live!

Tune in here on Tuesday, September 8th at NOON EST to watch a live streamed video of Obama's speech to the American children.

A lively discussion afterward will certainly ensue! Feel free to comment!


If you would rather stream it live yourself, or stream it live into your computer for class presentation (if you have the technology) go here - (I have removed the live stream from this blog).

or watch live on CSPAN via cable or satellite.

In the meantime, check out the conversation at the Momania blog at the AJC. The "conversation" there has pretty much hit rock bottom. Let's not do that here, please.


Dunwoody Mom said...

Link the text of the speech:

Anonymous said...

I just read the entire speech and it is wonderful. I can't wait to see and hear him deliver it.

Fred said...

Just read the speech also. The content and message is what I thought it would be.

I do wonder about those who did not and may still not want their children to hear this. It will be interesting hearing their rationalization about 'prejudging' what this would be.

Cerebration said...

This is a beautiful speech.

I do hope that Obama makes the government uphold their end of the bargain - good, safe school buildings, proper books and equipment and good teachers.

There's nothing to fear in this speech or Obama addressing the children of America. His personal story is inspiring, as is Michelle's.

Anonymous said...

Parents didn't like the lesson plans that the DOE created to go with the speech. It wasn't the speech or that Obama was addressing the children.

I don't want my child to discuss politics in school, it's not the place for it. There are many places in our country where teachers are very political and where this would be a problem. There may even be places here in DCSS where this is true. Teachers shouldn't discuss politics with students and the lesson plans that were written would have teachers doing that.

People are also allowed to disagree with Obama's political views. These parents also do not want their children to be indoctrinated into the socialist movement or way of thinking that is currently prevailing in politics.

I understand both points of view and respect them. I would not want my child watching this without knowing the content of the speech or the teachers intentions afterward.

As far as holding up his end of the bargain. Our schools don't need more money, they need to manage the money that they currently have efficiently. Take DCSS, we have way too many managers and the quality of education our children receive is not that of the quality that I have experienced elsewhere in our nation.

Providing a quality education has nothing to do with the amount of money spent per child, but has to do with the children coming to school wanting to learn, parents invested in their child's education, and a school system who uses the latest research to fix their short comings. Good teachers will stay when the education system in poorly run areas is "fixed," until then they will move on and go where they don't have to fight a loosing battle.

Dunwoody Mom said...

People are also allowed to disagree with Obama's political views. These parents also do not want their children to be indoctrinated into the socialist movement or way of thinking that is currently prevailing in politics.

The speech was never political. It was only made political by those who oppose Obama at every turn.

Parents didn't like the lesson plans that the DOE created to go with the speech. It wasn't the speech or that Obama was addressing the children.

Please, it was all about the speech - or rather all about who was making the speech.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:04. Please point out exactly where in the speech or the lesson plans that socialism is promoted or which sentences you deem "political." I would like to understand your position but it is difficult when people toss around hot buttom terms without explanation.

Have you read the entire speech?

Cerebration said...

I do recall a whole lot of buzz about the materials. Kim had posted the suggested classwork on the dcpc thread to download the materials and I posted this video of a teacher filmed by a foreign news crew, showing just how wrong teachers can apply the intended lesson.

I don't have a problem with the speech, but then, kids should get back to math and reading... teachers really should not discuss politics with students (unless it's a HS poli-sci class or something).

Anonymous said...

The speech looks benign. And as my middle schooler pointed out, few of the kids will pay attention anyway.

Knowing that the majority of my daughters' teachers are more liberal-leaning, I will not request that she be dismissed from the speech.

Anonymous said...

To those who don't want the President (I assume any President?) to address school children directly--

What issue/topic WOULD be legitimate to address to school kids? Any? None?

Would showing a moon landing to kids be illgitimate if the President made introductory or celebratory remarks?

Would "America has been deliberately and .... attcked by the forces of..." be legitimate?

Anonymous said...

To the person who doesn't want "politics" discussed in schools--does that mean civics? Does that mean "government"?

Not discussing "politics" in schools leads to the kind of degenerative national discourse we have today.

Politics is not a dirty word--as long as we don't let flame throwers hijack the subject.

Dunwoody Mom said...

If telling our children to stay in school and get a good education is "socialism" - then sign me up.

Anonymous said...

I think that if George W. Bush had made a speech to students, we would have seen similar comments...but from those on the left rather than those on the right.

There was controversy surrounding the elder Bush's anti-drug speech to children.

Cerebration said...

So many parents do not encourage their children in their education. I think this is one of this president's most important gifts - his ability to serve as an example of a good husband and father. He spoke to the children of America in a very fatherly tone - I hope parents watch his speech and try to emulate his example.

Good job, Obama!

Rick Callihan said...

I understand why some parents were concerned about having their kids receive a direct message (without knowing the content of said message) from Obama as many parents do not agree with Obama's policies nor some of his positions.

I feel these parents are missing the big picture. Their concern should not be the 10-minute pep talk from Obama, but rather the 10-month exposure to a far left teacher (and textbooks written by far left writers/publishers).

Most kids in K-5 have already forgotten Obama's talk from earlier today. But the daily lecturing from an anti-capitalist, global-warming promoter type teacher for an entire school year will stay in the kids'brains for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:04
According to the definition of socialism currently being tossed around about Obama's administration, those that disagree with it would also need to disagree with public schooling, fire departments, police departments, DOT, medicare, medicade,social security, and a host of other taxpayer funded public services.

Please stop complaining about the "socialist movement" until you can show that you do not participate or intend to use any of these taxpayer funded services.

Dunwoody Mom said...

I'll bet money that none of these "Obama is a socialist" would forgo their medicaid or social security benefits when eligible.

Cerebration said...

Yes, but keep in mind, in socialist countries, citizens pay for these "benefits" and pay dearly - averaging 60% of their earnings going to taxes. It ain't free people - and we don't really have enough "rich" people to foot the bill for everyone.

Socialism also does not breed much innovation - so be prepared to experience a loss in inventions, creations and medical advances.

But some people really do feel that we could do without iPods, etc so that all people can have cradle to grave care. Just be keenly aware of the trade-off. I would predict that if the US goes socialist, we will be shocked to see China turn into the biggest capitalist society that ever lived.

Anonymous said...

The U.S is not going socialist. The big corporations run government through political donations.
Obama himself called the money sucking Health Insurance Industry, which makes its obscene profits off of denying care, "uniquely american" and therefore too important to lose.

This socialism business is laughable, paranoid, nonsense. Please give some examples of how the Obama admin is moving us towards socialsm or stop talking about it. It's garbage and distracts from the real problem which is corporate control of government through political donations.

What really needs to happen is public funding of elections. Get the big money out and let the people run the country.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it was a great speech as most of the president's speeches are. I personally did not watch it, but if anyone thinks he gave it for any reason other than to raise his poll numbers, you are fooling yourself. This country is a mess economically; I'd rather he concentrate on trying to fix that first. But, I guess giving a pep talk to kids is easier and makes him look good.

Cerebration said...

Yes, it was a great pep talk, and a pretty simple message - but one that many kids really needed to hear from someone who is a role model for so many.

Also - regarding socialism - I just made the points I made to make sure people understand what they are saying when they say that socialism is a good plan - or that we are already socialists because of medicare, medicaid, social security, etc. We really have a loooong way to go to become a socialist nation. And I for one, wouldn't want us to go down that road -- But our public programs could definitely use a little burnishing.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm an avowed socialist. :) I'd absolutely love it if we were all guaranteed a sustainable existence without hunger or homelessness or untended illness.

I know for a fact that we are not and will never be headed down that road. And despite that, I still really like being an American and wouldn't choose any other country, nor would I push my agenda on anyone else or desire our President to do so if the country didn't want it. Which he isn't.

No worries.

I thought Obama's speech was nice. Especially liked the hand washing part. The kids in my class were definitely not paying attention though. Most of them were doodling or whispering to each other.

Anonymous said...

You know what's so cool about public schools? They guarantee everyone in the U.S. a basic education.

If you don't want to go to them and can afford to pay for private school, you can. Just like the public health care option that now has been so watered down in congress as to be almost useless was originally intended to do. Provide for those that couldn't afford private health care. Just like public schools.

And guess what else? Public schools have not affected private schools success or profits one whit.

fedupindcss said...

Anon 8:51--excellent analogy. Of course, someone might point out how generally crappy our public schools are here at the blog, but that is not so much a Federal issue as a state and local one (NCLB notwithstanding, I would have to think GA and Dekalb would still screw it up).

Heard high schools watched it depending on the class. My child did and said the kids really liked that he was speaking at a school. The elementary schools apparently watched it in a group, and heard the middle school didn't watch it at all. Somehow this sounds almost exactly how they do stuff on a daily basis at all three of those levels.

Anonymous said...

I am a middle school teacher and none of my students (not even one)asked me to turn on the speech, so I didn't. If anyone had expressed a desire to see it, I would have made sure he or she did. Obviously, my parents had not discussed the speech with their children and it was not my place to force them to watch it.

Ella Smith said...

I did not get to watch it today. I am going to try to go in and watch it. My principal in Fulton indicated we had not sent home permission slips so none of us could show it.

I have never had to have a permission slip for something like this. It was interesting to see how this got turned into a political storm when the President was trying to do a good deed and talk to the students of American about something real important. I think it is sad. I respect each and everyone who disagrees with me but I sincerely feel this is like evolution. You cannot teach Biology without teaching about change which is what evolution is. So many people blow evolution out of proportions. JUST MY OPINION

Cerebration said...

Oh this is just politics - and frankly the topic is wearing thin. Let's move on -- I have some notes from the board meeting - I think I'll post them in a bit. You all can keep chatting about this - but I'm pretty sick of it...