Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Free Endorsements for School Board Candidates from the DCSW Blog

Usually, I sit by and report events as they unfold, however, today I have decided to personally take action. Since eduKALB, after setting up a very nice website, organizing a "board" and asking the public for donations, has decided to endorse candidates for school board - endorsements I happen to personally disagree with - I decided to go out on a limb and offer endorsements from this blog.  For FREE! No Pay Pal link to be found here!

We are all about community input and conversation, so I put it out to you bloggers -- who do you endorse for school board in your district?

Read my report on the forum I attended (hosted by eduKALB's sponsor) in Dunwoody by clicking here.  Additionally, watch the YouTube videos of that same forum by clicking here.  Then, in the comments, please feel free to boldly endorse your favorite candidates!

I'll go first - I'm a big fan of Nancy Jester in District 1. That woman is smart - she knows numbers - she has children in the system and she is unafraid to roll up her sleeves. In District 3 - I'll go with Cory Wilson - a solid family-oriented, active parent, having started the Fathers Being Involved Program at Oak View. In District 5, I am solidly behind Kirk A. Nooks. He has a very focused idea of where our school system needs to go in the future and as an educator/administrator at the college level, he knows what he is talking about. District 7 has a seat at the table with the name Donna Edler on it. Another smart lady with an accounting degree - a numbers person and a parent - Donna has the skills necessary to manage the board's budgetary tasks. And in District 9 we really need Ella Smith's teacher's perspective and high level of integrity.

So let's hear it - who are you going to vote for on November 2 and why?


Anonymous said...

I live in District 1, my wife and I are voting for Nancy Jester!

The others you have mentioned on your post also have my support. I like Nooks and Edler and have done homework on them. Ella is seen on this blog often and though I disagree with some of her statements I do agree with her vision of DCSS in the future.

I am still stunned that EduKalb went with endorsing Redovian. I smell a Chamber of Commerce rat here. I just have not liked his support of Crawford Lewis and the other expensive projects that rarely touch the classroom.

Folks, this election is about the teachers and what they need to teach our kids. Not silly tech programs, that have never shown any return on investment. Plus, we do not need any more Central Office staff or so-called "School Improvement employees affectionately called Audria Berry's Army" The fact Ms. Berry still has a job at DCSS is ludicrous!

Fire the Five said...

Thank you for doing this. The edukalb 'endorsements' are a joke on us (and an embarrassing shame on them).

Given the current state of affairs in DCSS and the lengthy history that lead us to the point where we face the very real prospect of seeing DCSS's accreditation suspended, it's time for the wholesale replacement of the entire school board.

Although only five board members are up for election, it's essential that we elect five new board members.

The current BoE got us into this mess. It'll be up to the new BoE to get us out.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your endorsements and they are who I would vote for if I lived in said districts.

Thanks Cere!!!

Anonymous said...

I am going to vote for the person who can best represent my district.

Anonymous said...


Edukalb has their own agenda and it's not for the kids, that's for sure.

Their email indicated that they chose endorsements because of specific grades that they gave each candidate for answering a questionnaire.

Here is the link to go to edukalb's website for the candidates.

Click on a District; try District 1 and see the persons running for BOE. Click on their bio and then click on their:
"Candidate Survey Responses."

Question 1:

"Please briefly describe the qualifications and abilities which you believe make you best suited to serve on the DC BOE."

Redovian's answer is:

Have owned my own business since 1985. 33 year resident of Dekalb. Have been involved with schools for over 30 years, with 6 children. Served as Blue Ribbon Task Force.

Was it a BILLION $$ organization Jim? I don't think so!

Does being a resident of Dekalb County for 33 years give you an advantage over a resident with college degrees in economics and actuarial consulting?
Once again I don't think so.

See Nancy Jester's response to this question for her detailed answer and her qualifications.
Quite impressive.

Question 4:

"The DC BOE oversees and approves an annual budget of $1.2 BILLION. As a school board member, how would you approach making certain that those dollars are spent most effectively to support our educational mission?"

Redovians response:

"The question would assume I have not been following an effective plan. I would continue to be as diligent as the past."

Jim, are you kidding me? Answer the DAMN question instead of avoiding it like you have for the past 4 years!

Please read Nancy's detailed response on her answer sheet. She goes into detail with a 5 point system for accuracy, transparency and measuring the success in the classroom.
It is a well thought response with a clear action plan and not an answer that hides from the past with no direction for the future.

This is the type of information that makes my decision making clear and further questions the legitimacy of EDUKALB and their agenda.

Who is going to the meeting tonight to hear the candidates?
I was told that the "Search for the Super" will be discussed this evening. I can't make it tonight because I have family commitments, but I'm not a candidate running.

Sagamore 7

Anonymous said...

At the same time Mr. Redovian announces he has not done his homework for a $3Million question, he receives an endorsement from eduKalb? I am not sure I understand. Isn't he the one who occasionally states that he is not sure why he is doing this again?

What gives?

No Duh said...

Can someone please list who edukalb endorsed. I can't seem to figure out where it is on their lame website.

Cerebration said...

Dear Neighbor:

eduKALB, an independent and non-partisan 527 non-profit organization, announced its slate of preferred candidates for DeKalb County School Board Seats 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.

Following an extensive series of candidate interviews, as well as candidate forums, the eduKALB board of directors ranked its preferences of candidates based on each candidate's responses and participation.

Fifteen candidates filed and legally qualified to run for the DeKalb School Board. eduKALB is endorsing and supporting the candidates below as Best Qualified to fill District seats #1, 3, 5, 7 and 9:

District 1 - Jim Redovian (Incumbent)
District 3 - Corey Wilson
District 5 - Dr. Kirk Nooks
District 7 - Donna Edler
District 9 - Dr. Eugene Walker (Incumbent)

Candidate rankings, survey responses, bios and other information supplied by the individual candidates and campaigns are available on eduKALB's website at
You can determine which school board district you reside in, as well as where it is easiest for you to go and cast your early vote at

Nearly a third of all voters often do not make it to casting the bottom of their ballots. School board races are non-partisan and appear just above proposed State Constitutional amendments. These races are too important to pass up. The future of our children and the quality of their public school education is at stake. Please vote, and we urge your favorable consideration of our endorsed slate of candidates. eduKALB will also repeat this process in 2012, when District seats 2, 4, 6 & 8 are up for election.

For more information, please go to, or visit us on our Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

This year the ballot is really long.

I ran my sample ballot and I think that there are something like 50 different races/amendments to vote on!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Understand that anonymous endorsements are worthless. If Edukalb had endorsed Jester or Smith, would you all be so unhappy? No. In fact, you would be singing their praises.

The edukalb members had the courage to put their names out there. Where are your names?

No Duh said...

Thanks Cere!

Anonymous said...

@anon 506,

Don't insult those that comment on this blog. Do you not understand the value of anonymity when speaking about matters regarding DCSS?

Paula Caldarella said...

Who I vote for in any race is a private matter. I will vote for the person I think will best serve ALL of DCSS students, not just those students in my District. We're better served as a community when all of our schools succeed.

Anonymous said...

Cere for BOE!!!

I am very mad at Kim Gocke for not running this election. Kim, we're going to peer pressure into running in the future!!

Anonymous said...

eduKalb has no credibility is they are endorsing Mr. Sembler Donation Gene Walker. The same Gene Walker who didn't see the ethical conflict of chairing the DeKalb Development Authority while serving on the BOE (and only serving because the out of state Sembler money was too much for Ernest Brown to overtake in the runoff).

Cerebration said...

FWIW - In the end, all voting is anonymous - isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I gave money to Nancy Jester's campaign even though she is not my district rep. I feel a vote for Jim Redovian is a vote for "more of the same" BOE politics we have had for too long. I have spoken to Nancy Jester at one of her coffee talks. She has a great grasp of the idea that tax dollars are an investment and taxpayers expect a Return on Investment.

Going online and reading about Ms. Edler, I hope she gets elected. Her financial background is really impressive. Like Nancy Jester, she is a mom with children in the system.

Corey Wilson seems to be young, smart, and dedicated as well. Like Jester and Edler, he has children in the system and is involved already at a local level.

I don't really know enough about Nooks to comment.

I'm like other posters in that I don't always agree with Ella Smith, but I will be voting for her over Walker. Reading the AJC, I realized that Walker has more relatives in DCSS than any other BOE member. Given his close personal relationship with Crawford Lewis, I understand why he voted for all those outrageous expenditures on expensive programs and non-teaching positions, but that doesn't make it any better for the students.

DCSS needs a clean break with the past administration. This BOE has just about broken the school system and I don't just mean monetarily. Collectively, they are responsible for the declining achievement of our students. They threw money at those expensive learning programs and non-teaching positions and the teachers were required to implement them and fall in line. When all of this didn't work, they could at least have the decency to take the responsibility for the mess they created.

And yes - the fact that Audria Berry is still in front of the BOe presenting multi-million dollar expenditures and Redovian, Roberts, Walker, Copelin-Wood, and Cunningham are still approving these expenditures is a scandal all on its own.

Paula Caldarella said...

Yes, it is. But, as my own personal preference, I don't discuss who I vote for - even with my husband. It's my decision and mine alone.

So, if you say eduKalb has no credibility if they are endorse Walker, are you also saying they have no credibility when they endorse Elder or Wilson?

I'm troubled that we are attacking and dimissing simply because we disagree with their endorsements.

eduKalb brought forth these candidates for us to hear and read about their views. It's up you to decide who you are voting for. Why worry about what others think? They can't vote for you or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Dunwoody Mom makes a good pt. Why is it ok that they endorse some candidates and not others?

Cerebration said...

In this post, I just stated that I disagree with eduKALB's slate and asked people to state who they would vote for and why... so let's hear it!

Paula Caldarella said...

I won't see who I will vote for, I will say that I do not agree with the Walker endorsement. This is an individual who proudly admits that he "sees race". Did he not also say last night that he does not think DCSS is dysfunctional? This is an individual whose time has past and whose judgement of the current situation is questionable.

Anonymous said...

@Dunwoody Mom, 541,

You raise a good question. I think eduKALB has undercut their endorsements by endorsing Redovian and Walker. The other candidates they endorsed deserved their endorsement not to be tainted as it is. I just think the public will find it difficult to reconcile how a group gives an endorsement to a candidate who didn't attend any event they sponsored. Walker has campaign financial ethics issues. Perhaps it would have been better for them to not endorse anyone in those raises. Unfortunately, that they did endorse a "no show" and an "ethics problem" devalues the other endorsements. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

sorry....meant to say "races"

Anonymous said...

@ Dunwoody Mom

I think the subtext is that collectively this entire BOE has presided over declining student achievement and increasing taxpayer debt, and that edukalb's exemption of some members ignores voting records that were fairly lockstep with the other BOE members not endorsed.

I've noticed that the AJC has established a special section for BOE races and made it a point to comment in a straight news piece on the dysfunctional APS and DCSS BOEs. On her blog, Maureen Downey is pleading with DeKalb voters to turn out (perhaps because she lives in DeKalb) - see her article - "DeKalb voters: Save yourselves and your schools. Don’t sit out this school board election."

I like this public endorsement idea of Cere's. It's a grass roots effort, and I've learned a lot about the candidates through reading this blog (not that I don't take the time to fact check).

Of course your vote is your own and totally private. That's the way the American political system is set up. It's also set up to publicly advocate for the candidate of your choice. That's what we're doing here. I'm also advocating face to face with members of my community. I hope that other bloggers make it a point to talk to as many of your neighbors, friends, church members, etc. to "get out the vote" for this very important election.

Paula Caldarella said...

I don't disagree with you anonymous 6:14 - I was just trying to make the point we need to keep the discussion and/or disagreement civil and without personal attacks on those we don't agree with.

That's all....

Anonymous said...

It still amazes me that people give such weight to eduKALB. It's really just a group of 14 people with a funny name and fancy website. I bet Cere could put together a group of 14, better recognized, with a funnier name and fancier website. I'd love to see who they would endorse. C?Y!

Anonymous said...

There is NO excusing the endorsements of Jim Redovian and Eugene Walker.

There is NO defending their tenure on a school BoE that presided over a system that has its most recent superintendent under indictment and its accreditation under review.

If you want to know why DCSS is circling the drain, look at the current BoE. They are responsible.

Any voter who would cast a ballot to return any of the incumbents responsible -- yes, responsible -- for this disaster is not paying attention.

Any organization that would endorse any of the incumbents responsible -- yes, responsible -- for this disaster is (as a poster on a previous thread noted) BOTH ignorant AND careless.

How any of you could even think about voting for any of the incumbents on this school board is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

@7:59 said: "Any organization that would endorse any of the incumbents responsible -- yes, responsible -- for this disaster is (as a poster on a previous thread noted) BOTH ignorant AND careless."

I'd add... "or politically connected" as in the case of Mayor Wright who donated his entire mayor salary to the Dunwoody Stage Door Players, an organization where Redovian chairs the board of directors. Or like eduKALB member Kerry Ramsey, who has been paid by DCSS for years to be their lobbyist at the gold dome. Who can be surprised that he supported former representative Gene Walker who now has the most authority to vouch for Ramsey's effectiveness as a lobbyiest?

Anonymous said...

I cant vote since I dont live in the county, but vote for the person who is A) not a racist and B) preserves the jobs of teachers especially those like me with less than 3 years experience and so easily removed without any hearings or no PDPs on our evals.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:08

Thank you for mentioning Mayor Wright and his donation to the Stage Door Players, which has some very good performances and is where Mr. Redovian serves on the board.

Also thank you for mentioning Kerry Ramsey. The connections between EduKlab and the old CLew regime, as well as Vernon's old regime seem to be endless!

Anyone else have anything to add? I wish I could expose the connections that I know, however if I did the people serving on EduKalb, would know exactly where the information came from.

I've been very suspect from the beginning. I do believe it was set-up to keep Walker and Redovian on the board. There was no way they could endorse Cunningham, Zepora "slug you" Roberts or SCW. However, most likely one of these three will win. But Edukalb hopes by endorsing the two very willing participants that will keep the current way of doing business at DCSS intact.

Maybe the poster, from another thread, is correct about the rumor that everyone in high places at DCSS already know who the new super is going to be? I hope that person is wrong, but seeing how the search has gotten off to a rough start, with the two choices for the search team, one has to wonder!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a set up. About half the board quit, mostly because their employers required them to.

Anonymous said...

With regard to the District 1 endorsement:

After reading the answers to the questionnaires submitted by both Redovian and Jester, it is very difficult for me to believe that anybody that is really honest with themselves would look at Redovian's response and say to themselves, "Wow, he's really got it together and can lead us out of this mess. Smart guy!"

Put it all in perspective: We are talking about a $1 billion budget, and many of the eduKalb's members get a nice paycheck from that big 'ol taxpayer pie.

I am just surprised Redovian's friends on eduKalb didn't edit his errors...

Money corrupts.

Cerebration said...

That is very disappointing to find out that an eduKALB board member is so very tight with Redovian that he donated his entire salary as mayor of their community to a theatre group that Redovian leads. I will surmise from this bit of info that some arm-twisting occurred. Wherever there are loud proclamations of "transparency", it seems there's always someone behind the curtain - trying to manipulate the process.

Well - here's to the grass roots!! What happens in the voter booth is what matters. Please go out and vote in droves on Nov 2. Take back our school system - and turn their attention to their mission - educating children!

BTW - here is the list of eduKALB board members for a perspective (and I post this with the full realization that few of us here post our names - but know that we are just community people trying to shine a light on our school system's actions.)

Board Members


Gregory B. Levett, Sr. – Co-Chair

Chris Marquardt, Esq. – Co-Chair

Robert Newcomer, Esq. -Treasurer

Leonardo McClarty -Secretary


Ernest Brown
Sadie Dennard
Allyson Gevertz
Brenda Landers
Kerry Ramsey
Donata Renfrow, Ph.D.
David Schutten
Arnie Silverman
Rocio Woody
Honorable Ken Wright

Cerebration said...

I have to say that even Steen Miles was disappointing when she hosted the forum. She announced her long-time church affiliation with Zepora and proceeded to shield her from having to answer questions about her terrible public behavior. Even going so far as to publicly admonish Donna Edler for mentioning that board members should exhibit better decorum than our current members have recently in the press.

Talk about biased.

Anonymous said...

"I will surmise from this bit of info that some arm-twisting occurred. "

What proof of this do you have?

You have just besmirched two good people's character with absolutely no evidence. I know you are disappointed that Jester didn't get the endorsement, but jee wiz.

I have known both of these men for many years and while neither is perfect, both are highly ethical. Redovian isn't a perfect board member and Wright isn't a perfect Mayor, but neither would offer a bribe or take a bribe for an endorsement, one that doesn't mean much anyway.

Wright should be admired for his donation and Redovian should be admired for his service.

Paula Caldarella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Do you know how interconnected we all are?

Have you ever played Six Degrees of Separation?

Try it sometime -- and limit yourself to DeKalb figures only. See if you need more than 2 or 3 connections to get to someone you think you don't know at all.

It is an interesting exercise.

Anonymous said...

No hesitation here. JESTER (there's no one else even in the race), WILSON, ELDER, NOOKS. Honestly, Ella scares me. I'll have to vote for WALKER. Ella's a good person with a genuine interest in DCSS and wants to believe the best in people, but this current system would eat her alive. Until we get the evil out, I would have to vote WALKER back in because I think he can handle the mess.

We have to have people on the BOE that thinks with their brain and runs it like the billion dollar business it is, not with their feelings as though we are running a daycare of friends and family and who is intertwined with who, and choosing to believe every word that comes out of someone's mouth, and stepping back and refusing to judge even situations that are blatantly obvious. WALKER will do what he has to do, even if it means going against the grain. I just don't see Ella being effective in the way that we desperately need.

Anonymous said...

I think EduKalb was right on the money. With replacements for Roberts, Woods, and Cunningham, I believe the BOE will be elevated to a higher level of operations and standards. We can only hope that this will be the outcome.

Anonymous said...

EduKALB, shame shame shame on you. What a joke you turned out to be, and what an opportunity you had. You sold your soul.

Paula Caldarella said...

Sorry - I accidentially deleted my comment..oh, well.

Anyway, vote for who you think will be best for our children in DCSS, but please, please vote. You don't need any other endorsement but your own at ballot box.

You may agree or disagree with eduKalb's endorsements, but I am glad they had the forums and the information on their website. I think this is the first time, in a BOE race that I've seen this much information "out there" on the candidates. Take that info and make your own decisions.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Zephora and SCW think eduKalb is a joke, too?

Anonymous said...

---Wright should be admired for his donation and Redovian should be admired for his service.---

Oh, how innocent it all seems. However, ethically, Mayor Wright should have recused himself from any vote or endorsement to anyone he had any financial ties with. That includes any non profit that any candidate chairs. Simple.

Cerebration said...

October 12, 2010 9:57 PM - I said "surmise" -- come on - He donated his whole salary to Redovian's theatre group!? Is that true? I said nothing about a bribe - just friends in all the right places.

You know what these current board members will try to have you believe - is that 'everyone else' on the board is out to do bad - and this person has to stay in there because they know how to work behind the scenes to fight the evil forces...

I say - toss them all out - scrap the whole group and ask the governor to place a professional board in receivership for at least 2 years.

But again -- that is strictly my opinion -- no proof of anything. I guess I'll end every comment with that statement. It's my opinion. Everyone has one.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1009
They probably do! And with the obvious agenda of eduKALB, it gives them legitimacy. Redovian didn't attend any of their events. How do you give him an endorsement? ZR and SCW can point to this and use it. Sad.

Cerebration said...

BTW - our friend at Dunwoody Talk Blog actually predicted 4 of the 5 eduKALB endorsements!

He also even predicted that we would post endorsements - something I had no intention of doing until a day or two ago...

That guy is kind of scary in his ESP ... I need to ask him a few more things.

Paula Caldarella said...

Cere, just a point of clarification, "The Dunwoody Stagedoor Players" is not Redovian's "group". It is a community organization of which he is the board of director.

Ella Smith said...

I was not shocked at all by the endorsement. I figured this was the political decision that would be made on this groups behalf. It is shocking that they endorse two individuals who did find it necessary to show up to forums or receptions. However, I respect their decision and I intend to send a annoymous donation to their cause after the fact of not being endorsed.

Someone said it best tonight at the SWD forum. "No one tells him who he is going to vote for. He make up his own mind."

However, I am extremely disappointed and extremely hurt as an individual who is multiple disabled that I took the time on two occassions to answer questions, took time off work to go to their interview, attended everyone of their forums and they did not even bother to put my picture and my answers to my questions on the website. You cannot imagine how painful this is that any group of individuals could be so disrespectful to me. I want to believe it is was an oversight. However, to advertise to look on their web at the questions answered by candidates and then not to post mine is not appropriate at all.

I would appreciate it if some of you would advocate on my behave at least to ask why my information has not been placed on their webpage like all the other candidates. Why was I left off? Was this deliberate? I certainly hope not as I am so supportive of their efforts.

I did email then. However, I got no response last week as to why my information was not on their website. Any emails in support of me to have my information added would be deeply appreciated. I may be able to understand not being endorsed. However, being the only person who does not have their information on their web does not set for well with me. If it is an oversight it is a bad one.

Paula Caldarella said...

Someone said it best tonight at the SWD forum. "No one tells him who he is going to vote for. He make up his own mind

Isn't that how is should be?

Ella Smith said...

Please help me understand why someone would do this? I am puzzled and upset about them leaving me off their website.

Paula Caldarella said...

Oh, and Ella, I think an email to Allyson Gervertz about your info being left off is called for. I will do that on your behalf.

Ella Smith said...

Of course it is. However I did think it is interesting he made that comment before he asked a question.

The forum tonight was good in SWD.

Anonymous said...

The only two people I know I'm going to vote for is Zepora and Sarah Copelin-Wood. Isn't everyone?

Cerebration said...

Wow, Ella. This - after Steen Miles thanked everyone for attending the eduKALB forum and moved to say goodnight -- forgetting that she had not yet conducted your interview! Double whammy. What on earth?

Ella Smith said...

Thanks Dunwoody Mom. I am hurt.

I just do not understand. I sent both sets of questions and answers. Celeb actually saw my last set before I sent them. I always need someone to proof.

I am upset that people will go to their site and I took the time to answer their questions, and sent them a picture and nothing is there. I really feel very disrespected by this group and I am upset about this. They posted the others information 1 1/2 weeks ago. It is time I get upset.

Paula Caldarella said...

Ella, I just sent that email to eduKalb - we'll see if I get a response. That really is unacceptable.

Ella Smith said...

Celeb, I blow that off.

However, I am not blowing this off. I am hurt that a group would be so disrepectful. How could any group have such an oversight as this? As an individual who is multiple disable I am the only person who is not posted on their site. I am sensitive to being left out in situations like this. Why would you do this?

Ella Smith said...

I am upset. I am leaving my d's off and making too many eras tonight.

I am tough. However, I have feelings. I want to be included and not excluded. This was not necessary. I feel I am not given the same opportunity to have my questions reviewed as other candidates by the public. Is this fair? Is this group doing a favor for someone? Is favortism being showed? Why?

Anonymous said...

Ella, I don't know you nor have I attended the forums. I'm not a member of EduKalb. I apologize to you from the community. This is unacceptable. At a larger level, I think that it speaks to the disdain that our communities have for teachers. We have a teacher who is willing to serve and look at how she has been treated. I am sorry.

Passionate... said...
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Passionate... said...
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Ella Smith said...

Annonymous: 11:00 PM

Thank you.

I just could not believe my information was excluded. I appreciate your response.

I think it is time that I let people know how painful it is to be excluded like this. If I was a African American or Asian or Latino individual and I had been left off people would think it was a problem. However, I just am a person who is disabled so it does not matter. Well it does matter. People need to be sensitive when they are doing things like this to make sure everyone is included.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ella, You and I have had some spirited conversations on this blog, however I find you very respectful and true to your word. No one can fault you for that!

I am outraged at the behavior of this EduKalb. Steen Miles has been an awful moderator, she should have recused herself since she has a relationship with one of the candidates. Her admonishment of Ms. Edler for bringing up the behavior of our slugger BOE Rep is downright wrong. She has every right to bring it up.

Also, I lost all my respect for Mr. Walker, when he came out with his racist statement a couple of months ago. That type of person is absolutely not needed on this board as DCSS moves forward.

I don't think Mr. Walker is capable of handling a billion dollar budget when so many of his friends and family work for the system. Talk about a conflict of interest!

Mr. Redovian, what can I say. Please answer my email regarding Mayor Wright's donation to Stage Door. Please tell me this is not true. If it is, Mr. Wright should not have been on the committee. I'm so happy I never gave money to EduKalb. I almost did when they made their original announcement. However, once I saw the people involved with ties to Crawford Lewis, Vernon Jones, DeKalb County hierarchy, it was time not to trust this organization. No wonder a few of my friends on the Metro Chamber of Commerce questioned EduKalb and their motives.

Ella, I hope there is a full published apology on their awful website, the Champion, the blogs, and even the AJC. The way you were treated is unconscionable.

Anonymous said...

Why are you deleting innocuous negative posts about Ella's candidacy?

Ella will NOT beat Walker, and I am voting against her and urging everyone I know to vote against her.

Will you delete this post, too?

Anonymous said...

The example of Ella's information not being up there is just another example of eduKalb being an idea that was hatched before it was ready.

For years, on and off, different parents and advocates had asked the DeKalb Chamber to get involved. Unfortunately, they choose to wait until a crisis and then without adequate resources and member support roll out something.


I am sorry that they didn't include your information. I have emailed someone I know on the board to ask them to make sure this is fixed.

Paula Caldarella said...

Ella, I received this reply from eduKalb:

I don't have an answer. ALL information for each candidate should be present. At a minimum, you should see photo and bio. In cases where it was provided, we provided their answers to the initial questionnaire. Their answers to the questions from their panel interviews were not placed.

I will review the site, talk with our webmaster and respond again in the AM.

Have a good night and thanks for interest

Anonymous said...

It is possible that the link is just broken. It is inexcusable though that no one answered you, Ella.

Paula Caldarella said...

Please answer my email regarding Mayor Wright's donation to Stage Door

Ken Wright is literally putting his money where his mouth is, both as the first mayor of Dunwoody and as a supporter of the arts. President of health care software company eHealthcareIT, Wright has pledged to donate his first year's mayoral salary of $16,000 to Stage Door Players, a small, 24-year-old professional playhouse. Artistic director Robert Egizio says, "It will go into a general operating fund to be used as needed. His backing has jump-started a new and profound interest in Stage Door."

Hardly the stuff for such drama...

Anonymous said...

You're right Dunwoody Mom, so much drama for a school board election? What possibly could have been the motives for EduKalb?

When there is 1.2 Billion dollars involved all kinds of rodents begin to scatter when the lights come on.

I feel for Ella and EduKalb should be upfront with an apology to her. I'm sure Walker had something to do with this small oversight..right?

Paula Caldarella said...

It's not the BOE election drama - it's trying to make a donation to a small community theatre into a "scandal" that is the drama.

I sent a reply this morning to eduKalb thanking them for their quick response and also requesting a response as to why Ella's info was left off their website.

Paula Caldarella said...
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Cerebration said...

That's very true, DM. It's admirable that the mayor made such an important donation to the Stage Door. However, I really do think he should have recused himself from voting on the eduKALB endorsement in district 1 - obviously there is more of a personal relationship and respect for Redovian. He can't help but be biased. I was very biased this way for Shayna when she ran and it would not have been fair for me to have had influence on a board like eduKALB.

Anonymous said...


Not only did he unethically chair the DeKalb Development Authority while taking over $20,000 in campaign contributions from out of state Sembler executives and Vernon Jones' former advisor who is a Sembler consultant, he has more relatives working for DCSS than any other BOE member. He of course did not disclose this during his campaign!!!

Relatives working for system: Son is a resource officer; daughter-in-law is a secretary; granddaughter is a secretary; several relatives are also longtime employees of the school district.
Children in DeKalb schools: Son, daughter are graduates

And he has the gall to write this for the AJC:
"Issue most known for championing: Honesty and accountability as a standard bearer of the school system"

Honesty? Accountability? Since when? Funny when you were campaigning you didn't mention that you were Crawford Lewis' sponsor to join the high powered downtown Commerce Club.

Accountability? Despite the DCSS Central Office's incredible administrative bloat and ridiculous exorbitant spending on @#$% like eSIS, America's Choice, the California conference trip, an army of Instructional Coaches, etc., you were very public with your desire to RAISE PROPERTY TAXES??!!

How Leonardo McCarty, head of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce and the originator of eduKALB: When is it ever good for business to raise property taxes, especially when tens of millions are already being wasted???

eduKALB has zero credibility.

Anonymous said...

@Dunwoody Mom,
It wouldn't be a "scandal" if he weren't on the eduKALB board making decisions that circled back to benefit a board member (Chair, no less) of a group he made a significant donation to. It's a classic conflict of interest. I don't think the Chamber properly vetted the independence of the group they put together. Then again, this is DeKalb. We must vote for an outsider if we want to change business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget while teachers salaries and retirement funds were being frozen, para's were being cut and CTSS's were being cut. Walker's main concern was his meal allowance being increased so he could dine like a fat cat with his cronies. He wants to raise my taxes so he can wine and dine his campaign contributors? Please! You think he has a miss-placed priority or two?

Enough! This man has no business on the BOE! NONE! Between his racist comments and the fact his family and friends have benefited with MY tax dollars, it's time for this man to go back to the Commerce Club on his own dime!

Walker is the poster child of what is wrong with OUR school system!

Paula Caldarella said...

I don't agree it's a conflict of interest - Ken Wright was invoved with Dunwoody Stage Players long before Redovian was even on the school board - we can agree to disagree on this one.

Just my two cents here...

I have met Nancy Jester on several occasions. I sat and talked with her for over 2 hours at one of her Coffee Talk events. She would make an excellent BOE member.

I have never met Mr. Redovian, but I know several members of his family. They are "good people". His children all graduated from DCSS schools and he has grandchildren in DCSS schools. While you may disagree with some of his decisions, I would never, ever question his committment to doing what is best for the children of DCSS. I keep hearing well, he voted to give CLew a raise. Guess what? CLew and Patricia Pope had me fooled, as well. When Ms. Pope got up there at the BOE meetings I really believe that here was a professional, responsible adult.
So, I guess that means I could never run for BOE???

Anonymous said...

How do you know how Wright voted? You are assuming that he even participated fully in the process.

You have no idea what his role was in the process.

So every member of the eduKalb board should have recused themselves if they knew the candidates personally?

I think you are off base here.

Anonymous said...

None of these candidates mention the students, teachers first? which is a concern for me. All I have read in these blogs are complaints about upper management and how they are spending $$$ and what they would do.

None of these candidates have children with special needs,which is another concern for me. I feel that there are two other area's that needs to be looked at, that is the Exceptional Ed dept, how much money do they get to educate this population, what services are currently being covered? How will the candidates support the parents of students that are differently abled?

DCSS needs to hired quaified teachers that can really educate all levels of special needs students. Area's of interest are: Learning Dis, Autism, students that are able to learn but learn differently, All levels of Dev delay.

I've noticed that the strong Special Ed folk are in upper management, special needs administrators,are working in other area's in the Central office, East Dekalb Campus. All staff that have prvious experience in Special ed need to be manidated to come out of there comfort zones and help these teachers and prinicpals with little to no experience in truly teaching special needs students.

The parents want to know what is the budget for special needs and where is that money being allocated. I need for the new candidates to speak on what will they do to ensure the DCSS provide a quailty of education for Students of Exceptionalities.

The second area of concern is the large poplulation of ESL students, and how the state is requiring them to make standards, when they don't know and understand the english language, candidates what are you thoughts on this subject? what is the budget for ESL population, is that money being allocated correctly? I undertand we need to look at how the current board is spending $$$ however we need to look at how every dept is spending $$$,

My view of regarding the Title 1 funding, it seems to me that the ones that are complaining about Dr. A Berry aren't really aware of the high quailty of work she and those who work under her is doing for the students that are functing at lower levels than others. Nor do I feel that the folk that are complaining understand the ,WORD AT RISK POPULATION" You may not be aware of this but there are children that suffer with different ways of learning AND COME FROM DIVERSE BACKGROUND THAT IS NOT AS PERFECT AS YOURS, and the title one funds suppports these types of students well. I must admitt that I feel that allot of these student could benifit in receiving service from special ed. But it remains a great deal of concern that our teachers aren't truly experience with dealing with the large mass of students with Autism and other types of cognitve issues, check out the elementary schools, middle schools of DCSS they are full of students with some kind of undetected from of cognitve delay from a quailfied doctor. Candidates can you look into these issues and explain how you would support DCSS Special Ed, ESL Depts? My goal is to see how the new DOE will support the teachers? NO MORE CUTS, GIVE BACK ALL THE FURLOUGH PAY, RESTORE ALL THE LOSS OF BENIFITS THAT DCSS TOOK FROM THE SPECIAL ED TEACHERS,




Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 9:29

"My view of regarding the Title 1 funding, it seems to me that the ones that are complaining about Dr. A Berry aren't really aware of the high quailty of work she and those who work under her is doing for the students that are functing at lower levels than others"

By any student achievement measure, Dr. Berry has not succeeded. That's the bottom line for students and taxpayers/parents.

I'll bet you are not a classroom teacher. Are you in a "support" position training teachers?

How many classroom teachers are seeing positive effects from the Office of School Improvement?

Cerebration said...

As a parent of a special needs child, I completely agree with you about the need for more highly trained teachers with knowledge of special education.

FWIW - Nancy Jester brought charts showing our decline in our ability to pass AYP. We have gone from only 14% of schools failing AYP to 44%. She also strongly advocates for a "bottom up" budget - meaning focus on the needs of the teachers and the classroom first - and use what is left for management.

This is all the board can do - pressure the superintendent (the board's only employee) to bring success - and then fund the actions that will support that goal.

Paula Caldarella said...

Ella's bio and Q&A are on eduKalb's site now...

Paula Caldarella said...

Well, her bio is up anyway. Hopefully her survey responses are forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

Read the bio...Ella, you're too young looking to be a grandmother!!! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Nancy Jester. I teach in Corey Wilson's district. I hope that he wins. If anyone has any contact with him, let him know that I have not heard his name mentioned or seen any signs with his name near my school. I'd like him to reach out to his entire district.

Ella Smith said...

9:29 I had two children is special education in Dekalb County. My baby in high school is in gifted classed.

I have gotten a reply. Apparently they cannot find my Bio., picture, and questions send out on July 28, 2010. I have the sent email. I have a saved phone call from Leonardo McCarty, head of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce assuring me it was received and telling me if I have any questions to call him.

I gave my written questions type questions to Allyson Gevertz personally. I also informed her I had emailed the later questions to the email address. I have not checked to see for sure if I have proof of the second send information. I am hopeful it is there also. But after I found the first information and they had to go on my website and copy my picture and Bio. there is a problem after they received it.

The other problem is that there is no way that this group could fairly evaluate me if they did not have my questions which was the indication in the email sent out. I will be glad to share the email.
This makes me wonder if other people really got fair evaluations. It would make one think. I will be glad to show you my emails sent out.

I still feel very excluded today and I do appreciate my friends on this Blog. Thank You so much!

Anonymous said...

It is a sad day for education when candidates are recruited to run by EduKalb supporters. I will not base my vote to any group's endorsement. Endorsements don't vote,citizens vote and my one vote will be counted.
Ella, will represent us will Redovian. It's a personal choice not an EduKalb choice. EduKalb is a joke!!!!!!!!!!
Wherther their choices win or loose
it won't be because of EduKalb which is already a big, disappointing failure. you know the process was flawed. I hoe you didn't spent too much time on those questions.

Ella Smith said...

9:29 I have two older students who were served in resource IRR classes. I looked at this and it just did not say what I intended it
to say.

Of course I spent a great deal of time last summer. I even had my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, and my husband proof them. I guess this is another reason I am so upset. They apparently did not even have my questions so how could they have used these as they said in the evaluation process.

I have all my sent receipts with the attachments. I was so happy.

However, after getting messages that they did have my questions and picture last summer and now they do not have it. Explain that one to me. They cannot find it on the email or computer or anything. Explain it to me.

I wrote a letter tonight to all the candidates as my husband asked me to do. I do speak out when things are wrong and the way they handled this was very wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ella, I am not in your district, so I cannot vote for you, but I have asked others in your district to do that. As part of supporting you, I want you to present the best face you can. First, the entry on EduKalb has numerous misspellings and grammatical errors. Second, I am not sure it is 100% professional - I don't think people necessarily need to know about your mother's health. Third, please watch your responses on this blog. Have long conversations with those you know via private email - others who do not know your compassion may misjudge you with the long, somewhat whiny posts. Just trying to provide constructive criticism in the hopes you can present the best face to voters who don't know you.

Kim Gokce said...

Don't think anyone's posted this yet but ODE has come out to endorse the same candidates:

DeKalb Teachers Endorse in School Board Race for First Time in 20 years

Anonymous said...

Yep. ODE doesn't seem to have too many supporters on the AJC blog. Their recommendations seem to have fallen as flat as edukalb.

Kim Gokce said...

Cere: "It's admirable that the mayor made such an important donation to the Stage Door. However, I really do think he should have recused himself from voting on the eduKALB endorsement in district 1 ..."

Finally! Another thing we disagree about! I'm with DM and others on this one - Ken Wright has as much of a right to his opinion as any one else. Whether he is Mayor of Dunwoody, Board Member of eduKalb, or the supreme leader of the Illuminati, he can endorse anyone he likes in my way of thinking.

"obviously there is more of a personal relationship and respect for Redovian" ...

Well, who else does anyone support but those they know and respect? The relationship with eduKalb is not of any consequence to me. More broadly, I'm not sure why this group has become so pilloried here. What have they done except try to support public interest in an election we all agree is pivotal.

I say give Ken Wright and eduKalb a break!

DISCLAIMER: I once worked for a woman who has known Ken Wright for a long time. Two years ago, she said to me privately that she considered hi ma fantastic individual. Therefore, my comments about Ken Wright should be taken with a grain of salt. Also, as a matter of ethics, I am recusing myself from further comment on Ken Wright and in now way intend to endorse or claim a relationship with Ken Wright or Jim Redovian.

Kim Gokce said...

"Yep. ODE doesn't seem to have too many supporters on the AJC blog."

Right. But I'm not sure blog posts supporting those being highly criticized are a good indicator. Once the rotten fruit starts flying, not many are willing to stand with the targets.

I have no idea about ODE's level of support but I have to believe they view their candidates as potential "friends" to their organization.

Kim Gokce said...

Ew! Cere, I just thought about this - Nancy Jester is a Lifetime Member of the Cross Keys Foundation. As the founding Board Member and current President, does that mean I should not endorse her on this blog? I know and respect her but she has made a significant contribution to my favorite cause! What do you say? Would it just be a quid pro quo endorsement and therefore discounted as a conflict of interest?

Anonymous said...

Here's who I can vote for:

District 9 - Ella Smith (really, folks, what are her spelling problems compared to his ethics problems??

Here's who I REEEEALLY want to see elected:

District 1 – Nancy Jester

District 3 – Corey Wilson

District 5 – Dr. Kirk Nooks

District 7 – Donna Edler

Anonymous said...

@Kim 1133,

The Mayor has a right to his opinion even in eduKALB. But the relationships weren't/aren't fully disclosed by eduKALB to the public. If you were a judge and you own stock in a company you can't be involved in litigation. At the very least, we deserved to know more facts about the relationships.
I think in the end, the most damning thing for edukalb is that they endorsed someone who didn't attend a single forum/event they sponsored. That isn't something that can be overlooked when deciding on their credibility or even their motivation.

Anonymous said...

David Schutten is president of ODE. He is also on the board of eduKALB.

Sagamore 7 said...


Thank you for your open and transparent endorsements. Your continued support of this blog is admirable.

The scrutiny that this blog brings to these elections is needed and required.

Maybe the next school board election in two years won't need to question every single candidate endorsement.

Maybe we will only need to question the candidates.

But the history surrounding the nepotism and cronyism regarding this school system warrants and demands this type of behavior.

It is puzzling to many that Edukalb's endorsement of candidates that do not attend any of their forums would be endorsed by them.

Can you imagine Channel 2 endorsing a candidate that doesn't even show up to their televised debate?

I personally think that the candidate would show up to the debate and answer the tough questions in order to possibly obtain an endorsement.

Unless it's not needed......

Then there is the other question regarding the "Candidate Survey" that Edukalb cited as the reason for their endorsment.

It makes no sense to me why Edukalb would endorse a candidate who doesn't attend the forums AND gives such inadequate, thoughtless answers to the candidate questionnaire.

If the incumbents don't have an action plan for improvement, accountability and transparency for this school system then we need to vote for someone who DOES!

Dekalb County School Watch wants answers to sound and logical questions.

Encourage transparency and a detailed explanation from all endorsements and candidates.

It's sad but true that it is needed.

Welcome to Dekalb County! (I know you've been here for years.)

Sagamore 7

Anonymous said...

Kim, a very reasoned post, once again! I think this election is more about the incumbents. The more people I talk to the more people think the incumbents should be thrown out. They are angry that so much went on under their noses at the Central Office and seemed unaware of it.

There are folks in District 1, who do not live in Dunwoody, who believe that Redovian has not represented them well. I've talked with him a couple of times over coffee we disagreed on some this and agreed on others. I honestly do not think he is 100% committed to the BOE post right now. I am also one who believes that the incumbents should be thrown out, since they were blind to what was going on at the Palace, under their nose.

Anonymous said...

Sagamore, Excellent post! This is exactly what I am hearing around the schools, stores and neighborhoods of District 1.

DCSS needs a committed, trustworthy and transparent BOE. We do not need slick lifelong politicians like Walker, who continues to play the race card and has so many friends and family members in the school system. We also don't need a representative, like Redovian, who seems to think it's all right to be absent from so many forums, so his constituents can make reasoned decisions on who to vote for. Plus, his display the other night, at the BOE meeting, was unconscionable when he had not been given the package of consent votes to study before he voted for them. Huh?

These are exactly the type of reps that the DCSS BOE does NOT need right now. DCSS is headed into a very tough consolidation, redistricting and Vision 2020 plans that will need full attention of our board! The last thing we need injected into it is race, nepotism, cronyism and a lack of focus.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:56 - you through the "We" around quite a bit. You have a right to your opinion, but don't presume to think everything does or should share it....

Anonymous said...

Sagamore 7

Were you part of the Sagamore contingency that helped elect McChesney because he promised to put your community in Lakeside?

You don't need to answer this but let's be real. This is a school system that is way to big, with far to many diverse needs to be pratical and frankly a fairly wide range of values as it relates to education and what is important.

It is easy to believe that things will change because a few board members change. School board elections are held every two years and there is almost always a new board member of two.

Two years ago, the majority of the board was nearly new. McChesney, Womack, Speaks and Walker were all elected. Bowen was reelected after his two year special election term. How has that changed anything?

For all of you that are upset that these organizations endorsed didn't endorse some candidates, there are others who are upset that their incumbent candidates weren't endorsed.

Anonymous said...

Wow, okay, I apologize for the "WE" didn't mean to get you all we-we'd up!

I've talked with plenty of people in my area and they're mad at the incumbents for letting our system get to this point!

I welcome debate and if you feel differently that is your opinion. I feel that the DeKalb taxpayer has lost control of a very large system that is in dire need of change. The DeKalb taxpayesr deserve a little return on a 1.2 BILLION Dollar investment.

If you like what's been going on in the district and feel that the incumbents have done a good job, then you should vote for your incumbent and help get the other incumbents re-elected.

If you feel that Walker, seeing black and white, as a basis for his votes (His words) then re-elect him. I feel that race should not be part of the conversation at DCSS. If you feel that nepotism and cronyism should remain a fixture at DCSS, then vote for the incumbents. If you feel that Crawford Lewis deserved a raise, just months before he was indicted on RICO charges, then re-elect the incumbents. If you feel that America's Choice, eSIS, Teachscape and Audria Berry's Army has improved our school system, at a cost of over 50 million dollars, then re-elect the incumbents. If you feel that the $40+ million dollars spent on the Palace, when schools where our children are trying to learn are run-down, full of leaks, mold and mildew, was a good investment then re-elect the incumbents.

I feel that WE, the DeKalb County taxpayers, deserve a better school system. I agree with Sagamore that DCSS is entirely too big and get the feeling sometimes that changing our system is like turning an aircraft carrier around in the Panama Canal.

Anonymous said...

This may have been posted elsewhere, but did anyone else get this email from Sarah Coplin-Woods? It is written as if it is a "parent and community meeting", but we all know it is nothing but re-election campaign bid. There's a flyer attached announcing Dr. Norman Thomas Sr. guest speaker - Nationally Renowned Motivational Speaker. Does anyone know who he is? I googled him, but didn't find anything at all (I did find a Dr. Norman Thomas Jr.) The motto on the bottom of the flyer says :"It is time to: Get-Up, Show-Up, Listen-Up, Stand-Up and Speak-Up for Our Students, Schools and Communities!! Sounds like someone is worried about getting re-elected!
Here's the body of the email:
October 13, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Please refer to the attached Announcement Flyer regarding the DeKalb School Board District 3 Parents and Community Meeting, to be held Thursday, October 28, 2010, 7:00pm, at Cedar Grove Middle School.

The purpose of the Meeting is to prepare for the future. Always remember, our Children are "our only future."

If we can provide additional information, please do not hesitate to give me a call at (404) 371-1490 or send an e-mail to

Thank you for your support for our Students, Schools and Communities.

Sarah Copelin-Wood, Board Member
DeKalb Board of Education - District 3

Ella Smith said...


This is not what I sent in to them. They have lost it. The one I sent in was proofed by my mother-in-laws. It had been proofed.

This was pulled off a website.

Thanks for telling me something was mispelled. I appreciate it. Email me at and tell me what you see and I will correct it. I appreciate you telling me. However, I am horrible at proofing because of my visual perception issues so I do not see eras. I also will post my comp. exam on my website in the next week so you can see how I answered my comp. exam questions. They were challenging. Proofing for it was a nightmare for me. However, my mother-in-law did help proof and then I made the corrections after I had proofed it many times. Writing is a struggle for me. However, I can write. Writing is much more than just grammar and spelling.

Again, thank you. Tell me what is wrong please.

Ella Smith said...


This is not what I sent in to them. They have lost it. The one I sent in was proofed by my mother-in-laws. It had been proofed.

This was pulled off a website.

Thanks for telling me something was mispelled. I appreciate it. Email me at and tell me what you see and I will correct it. I appreciate you telling me. However, I am horrible at proofing because of my visual perception issues so I do not see eras. I also will post my comp. exam on my website in the next week so you can see how I answered my comp. exam questions. They were challenging. Proofing for it was a nightmare for me. However, my mother-in-law did help proof and then I made the corrections after I had proofed it many times. Writing is a struggle for me. However, I can write. Writing is much more than just grammar and spelling.

Again, thank you. Tell me what is wrong please.

Cerebration said...

The DCSS Calendar Committee had been working on possible school calendars for the 2011-12 and 2012-13 school years. You can find the calendars by going to the county website

and clicking on "Calendar Survey" under the Community, Staff or Student Link. This will take you to the site where you can view the calendars and take the survey. Surveys must be completed by close of business Friday October 22nd. Please take a few minutes and review the calendars and provide your feedback.

Kim Gokce said...

Random, tangential thought ... does anyone know if there is a consolidated voting record for our current BoE somewhere that is easy to review? i would love to see a tabular report of their voting records so it would be easy to do some data analysis against it.

In the end, it is the votes that count and I would be curious to see this analysis with our current crew.

Anonymous said...

@ Kim Glocke

This is a portion of an email I received from Sarah Copelin-Wood:
"Please review the tapes of the Board Meetings in January, 2010, or request the Board Members' vote in January, 2010 - all Board of Education Members' votes are recorded as Official Records - and are available for public information, and are maintained by the DeKalb County Public School System. "

Perhaps she is referring to the BOE minutes (which BTW for the last few months are not all posted on the DCSS BOE eBoard site).

Anonymous said...

Sarah Coplin-Wood and Dr. Walker are my representatives on the school board. They are the only ones that I support for re-election. Why? because millions of dollars have been brought to my community through their efforts. I understand that no one is perfect and we all fall short. What makes me support these two incumbents is that they share a sincere passion for the education of our children. Over the past year and a half several votes have taken place that most effected the DCSS. The transportation elimination of door to door services. Which occurred in the middle of the school year. The raise that was given to Crawford Lewis. while we went hungry still. The budget that took jobs from us little people while keeping friends and family employed and taking up space. Ms. Coplin-Wood and Dr. Walker voted against these recommendations. I know they will vote for no further furlough days. I know that they will fight a good fight to not close schools in our district when we just lost 4 school three years ago. I know that when it's time to select a new superintendent, they wont settle for more of the same i.e., R.Tyson, A.Thompson, R.Mosley or O. Beasley.
On the other hand those that did vote for the above mentioned actions need to be thrown under the bus and run over 3 times.
I too support Dr. Nook and Ms. Edler and know that they have the knowledge and expertise to vote much like Ms.Coplin-Wood and Dr. Walker. Ms. Jester I don't know you but hope that if you get in you will vote for the betterment of DCSS.