Monday, October 11, 2010

Where's the SACS report?

SACS was scheduled to return their report to DCSS by 10/10/10. So - where is it? What's the scoop?  If you have information to share please do so, otherwise, please send a request to your board rep asking for the report from SACS.


Anonymous said...

Do you know that SACs released it? SACs reports to no one but its own board of directors... who holds SACs accountable?

Given prior behavior of SACs, I would expect a press conference.

I would think that 30 days meant 30 days, but again what will happen to SACs if they are late?

Anonymous said...

If I were a betting person, I'd put my money on the notion the report that was scheduled to be released painted a pastel hue over the form and function of the DCSS and BOE...until...until...

That was until more info came to light. Information regarding possible connection(s) to NBCC, more possible conflicts of interest, more public disclosure of our Internal Affairs Department and Mr. Ramsey.

I'm betting SACS spoke/wrote too soon and now must reconsider their premature findings.

I might double down my bet that the original report due 10/10/2010 was snatched right back and now literally it is back to the drawing board for the SACS investigators.

Anonymous said...

10/10 was a Sunday and today's a holiday ( except in DeKalb Schools where they must think Columbus Day is the Friday before the 12th). Anyway maybe we'll find out tomorrow.

Ella Smith said...

There were two announcements made at the Dekalb Hospital Forum Thursday night about two meetings at the State Capitol with county legislature leaders and Tyson to review the findings of the SAC review.

I remember the 23rd as the date to review the findings with here. However there was another meeting scheduled before then for something. Someone who took notes needs to get these dates and post them. The Dekalb Legislature members that were there made the announcements.