Friday, October 22, 2010

The latest on the Heery Mitchell lawsuit

There is no embed code yet for this latest report by Richard Belcher, so just click the photo and it will take you to WSB's website.

It's very disheartening. And shocking - I'm choking -- did Richard Belcher say that we have already spent $15.5 MILLION on the Heery Mitchell case??? And we haven't yet seen a courtroom??? Where is this in the budget? To whom was this much money paid (this could only have been paid within the last year or two!!) And how much will the trial add to this cost???

I'd love to see Belcher's data - where did he get this info from??

How many books could that have bought? Roofs fixed? Computers? A/C units? This is so sad.


Anonymous said...

What's the issue here?

DCSS always puts the interests of the children FIRST.

And the current BoE would NEVER allow any waste that would adversely impact the classroom.

Besides, the BoE SAVED $15 Million (allegedly) when they passed and inacted the Superintendent's Transportation Efficiency Plan.

Better to pay lawyers than to transport children.


Anonymous said...

If DCSS wins the lawsuit, the potential judgement is the 100 million dollar range, I believe.

Without a lawsuit, there was no hope of recovering anything.

The mistake may have been underestimating how dirty Heery Mitchell would play.

Anonymous said...

Mitchell has us where they want us. The two people who would be on side of DCSS (lewis and Pope) are under indictment for RICO charges. There is a very slim chance that we'll be winning this lawsuit. Millions wasted that could have been spent on the children.

Anonymous said...

$15.5 mm seems about right. This has been going on about 3 years. It was 11.5 about a year ago. I wonder the ethnicity of the billing partner at the law firm? Is he Dr walker approved?

The potential recovery is supposed to be $135 mm. It cost $4.5 mm to arrive at the number that DCSS was suing for.

Belcher also reported that:

1. HM filed a paper stating that a former BOE member (I forget her name) asked for some payola to get HM a contract

2. Others of DCSS also asked for favors and $

3. HM says that DCSS has "a culture of Pay to Play"

PLUS The court just awarded $1.9mm in attorneys fees to the Plaintiffs in the Vernon Jones reverse discrimination suit.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why Belcher said there was no trial date set. Judge Seeliger has set a trial date for the end of February.

Anonymous said...

Incredibly sad! This is exactly why we need a total Palace cleansing. You hear all this stuff and it makes you wonder how deep these tentacles run?

How can all this go on and Moseley, Turk, Thompson, Mitchell-Mayfield, and most importantly Ramsey not have any idea this was going on? Will we find this out at the CLew/Pope trial?

All these consolidation/redistricting and Vision 2020 meetings will be happening all through the time of the trial and the Heery sideshow. TV will be focused on trial while the Taxpayer must be focus on the future of DCSS schools.

Buckle your seat belts Heery Mitchell will not settle this easily and they will play nasty to the end, which is their right. The addition of Manning-Moon is another hit on a BOE, that can't afford any other bad PR. Enter Jeff Dickerson and/or Cohn & Assoc.

Anonymous said...

It really concerns me that people are allowed to throw out garbage statements. Mr. Mitchell has a right to sue and be compensated if he wins. He doesn't have the right to use the media and public at large to harm. Where's his proof?
As it relates to the school system and Tyson full steam ahead with paying consults money we don't have to make the process appear fair(charrette). The end result will be the same as presented last school year. This process is more of the same used by Lewis to appear credible. Everything that Tyson produces is part of the stocked pilled grap left over by lewis. The board needs to freeze all non-urgent matters for the new supt. A new supt. will clean house before closing any. We have empty seats in magnet and them schools because of lewis removal of door to door transportation. The annex program is nothing more than a sorry mess aimed at pleasing the schools that make AYP but don't want any new bodies in their schools.

Anonymous said...

Is this what Ms. Tyson was alluding to when she said it was going to get worse?

Was the entire BOE asleep at the wheel?

Where is any consideration of students when the members of this BOE were spending $15,000,000 on this lawsuit?

Every one of the members of this BOE need to be replaced.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mitchell has a right to sue and be compensated if he wins.

And this is just wrong.

Heery Mitchell is a huge multi-billion dollar corporation, not an individual. They did a terrible job when they worked for the system in the early 2000s and certainly are partially responsible for the mess they left behind.

Cerebration said...

To clarify - Heery Mitchell did not file this large lawsuit - DCSS filed it as a countersuit. HM is the defendant. HM had filed to collect the last of their billing after Pat Pope fired them as construction managers - about $1 million. DCSS paid $3.5 million to a private company to conduct a study to see how much they should countersue for - that company looked at about 15-20 projects, came up with a number to use as a multiplier and multiplied that number by the total number of projects HM managed for DCSS. That gave them a number between $85-100 million (as I understand it from what I've read of the court documents that were forwarded to the blog.)

To read more on the case as we know it - click these

The Heery/Mitchell Backstory
So, how is the civil case between DCSS and Heery Mitchell coming along?

Or just enter "Heery Mitchell" in the search bar above the Recent Comments

Cerebration said...

And actually - Heery-Mitchell (again, as I understand it) is a joint venture between Heery Construction and E.R. Mitchell (the minority partner). These partnerships are almost always required on government work.