Thursday, October 22, 2009

Please Support Kim's Effort

Hi all -- I found out that our buddy Kim Gokce is up to yet another good deed and wanted to share it with everyone with the hope that you will support his efforts (and his feet)!

This Saturday, Oct. 24, I will attempt to circumnavigate Stone Mountain using only my feet (and possibly hands and knees). Let's be optimistic and call it a 6.2 mile "walk" for charity.

The fact is, I haven't walked 6.2 miles between the TV and the refrigerator during the past year must less in one go. So, I'm taking great personal risk in undertaking this effort and I would appreciate your support (and prayers for my knees).

Any contribution you make will be used to support Wesley Community Centers, Inc to help inner city kids participate in a summer camp full of fun and inspiration or, provide needed home repairs or social services for seniors in poverty. That's 100% of your giving - not one penny will be spent on my medical expenses or physical therapy.

Won't you "ChipIn!" $1, $5, or even $20 using the link below? You could write a check made out to "Wesley Community Centers, Inc.," and send it to 1955 Fairway Circle NE, Atlanta, GA 30319. But there's a risk I won't survive long enough to deposit the check. So, please consider instant sponsorship by credit card available at this link - it will get to those in need even if I don't survive my walk.

For those that sponsor, I will be sending out a link so you can track my progress via GPS technology on the web. If you see the dot stop moving before the finish line, please call 911.

Thank you! -Kim


Kim Gokce said...

Cerebration: Thank you! I am a bit embarrassed but grateful! Thank you for the sponsorship - I'll be sure to share the GPS link so you can see if you get your money's worth. :)

Cerebration said...

You go, Kim! You know how I have advocated for a summer camp experience for all kids!

Hey - if I can do the 60-mile 3-Day - you can drag yourself around itty bitty Stone Mountain!

Kim Gokce said...

Yes, but did you take a toddler, stroller, and a dog? :)

For those with nothing better to do Saturday between 7:45am and 11:00am ... you should be able to drill down into the map at the link below to find my GPS "heart-beat" throughout our walk:

Just keep double-clicking on the map on Georgia until you can see Stone Mountain and a little line slowly drawing a circle around it. :) It should be obvious once you zoom in enough.

Thanks for the contribution, Cere, and the blurb!

Cerebration said...

you're welcome! have fun!