Friday, March 19, 2010


Spring 2010

English Language Arts • Mathematics • Science • Social Studies

This test contains four questions similar to the ones asked by voters everywhere. Each question is followed by four possible answers. Read each question carefully before answering. Choose the one best answer to each question and circle your answer.

1) Please correct the following grammatically incorrect statement:

These times are tough easy solution is cut.
a. During tough times, the best solution is to sacrifice your future by cutting your investments.

b. When the going gets tough, the tough just cut out the ones who need the most.

c. During tough times, real leaders make tough decisions to ensure that the future of our state and
nation are supported 100 percent, and given the best opportunity for success.

d. Rather than ask citizens to invest in their community when times are tough, leaders should look
out for themselves and their own re-election efforts rather than do what’s right.

2) Your family needs to earn $40,000 a year to pay for all your bills. Your boss has decided to only pay you $35,000. Which solution is most appropriate?

a. Stop feeding your children, thus saving $5,000.
b. Stop paying your mortgage because you know your bank cares about you too much to foreclose
on your home and retirement investment.
c. Find additional income by taking a second job temporarily because you have a commitment and
responsibility to monetarily care for your family.
d. Close your eyes and pray for money to fall from the sky.

3) Newton’s Third Law states that: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” If our leaders ask the auto industry to build the most sophisticated, technologically advanced car, better than any other nation, yet consistently cut funding to the research and development departments,
what do you think will happen?

a. The car they develop will magically come out better, faster and stronger, like the $6 million man.
b. They will just come up with some new technology that will transform a beat up Chevy Nova into a Dodge Viper.
c. They will produce an inferior product that is unable to compete with the ones being produced in other nations.
d. The workers will just use their own money to buy all of the things they need and put in all of the extra time for free because they just want to make the best car possible.

4) You are building a foundation for your home. Which of the following choices demonstrates the most appropriate action?

a. Tell the contractor that although you think she is the best you just don’t think you should pay them what they are worth.
b. Tell them that you want the best possible foundation, but you want them to make it from sand and water.
c. Give them the freedom, funding and resources to do the job you hired them to do.
d. Stand in their way and block them from doing their job and blame it on your neighbor.

Failure to safeguard the children of this State could adversely affect a community’s ability to thrive.

Such practices will be reported to the general public as failure to lead and do what is right.

(Submitted to the AJC blogs by a group of disillusioned teachers)


Anonymous said...

While reading the issue of Education Week that arrived today. I was struck by this statement from Dave Sherman: I have had friends ask me what I think of our neighborhood school, and my answer is quite simple. I tell them, "The school is only as good as the teacher your child has that year."

This got me to thinking, how good will the teachers of DCSS be next year with a 6.5% pay cut? With even more of a pay cut than that? With more students in their classrooms? With more papers to grade? With more periods to teach? With less materials to do their work? With the same old leaky roofs? With a superintendent that appears to be dishonest and not care about the education of the children or the teachers who are helping the children get educated? With a board of ed that listens to what administrators tell them and don't ask tough follow up questions?

How good will your neighborhood school be?

Anonymous said...


This Board of Ed will always favor administration over the calssroom and teachers. Vote 'em out.

Cerebration said...

Board members -- if you ever get back to the task of providing a quality education, please take the time to read this latest discussion on the benefits of career tech academies written by Sally Sears for the AJC.

The comments that follow the article made by teachers are very enlightening.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, gov't should not oversee education. There is NO REAL progress being made in the area of education. In fact, we are REGRESSING. With the technology available today, society should be moving FORWARD whereby a 4-day workweek should be the norm, not because gov't wants a 4-day workweek due to BUDGET DEFICITS. This is BACKWARDS thinking! This proves impotent leadership. REAL progress cannot come to fruition w/o SPIRITUAL attainment. Just look at the condition of the people. The schools are a reflection of the community. Have you ever really looked closely at the word, "community?" Look closely and mull over it: COMMUNE + UNITY... The extra day off given a 4-day workweek can be used for SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT and more leisure time w/ FAMILY--thus improving our neigborhoods, schools, and overall community. Come on people...think! Gov't doesn't want YOU to learn to think...look at it for what it is...all of our so-called PROGRESS in the name of math, science, and technology--and what have we really accomplished? NOTHING! Been paying attention to the news lately? Teachers molesting students...Students disrepecting teachers and administrators. Know why? Because you have teachers that can't teach, and don't know how to behave themselves. That's why! Get your SPIRITUAL HOUSE IN ORDER first, and everything will rectify itself.