Saturday, April 24, 2010

"I Apologize Unreservedly ..."

As tribute to a few of our bloggers who have recently exhibited extraordinary courtesy and modesty, I offer a silly clip via John Cleese below.

I  am indulging in a bit of frivolity here so please forgive me! I would like to compliment this blog, its contributors, and its commenters on the level of decorum maintained overall. While there have been a few "moderation" interventions necessary over the past year, on the whole this blog and its followers have maintained an extraordinary level of courtesy - this, especially, in light of the very emotional nature of our topics.

So, kudos to you all and please continue to share frank, even biting, commentary on this blog. You are all to be commended for staying inside the lines of civility because this is a rare feat in the blogosphere!


Cerebration said...

You are a treasure, Kim!

Kim Gokce said...

Thanks but Cleese and Klein are treasures!

Ella Smith said...

That is real cute.

Anonymous said...

What happens next??