Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Channel 5's Amanda Davis interviews Dr. Lewis

As reported by Amanda Davis

Former DeKalb County school superintendent Dr. Crawford Lewis says that he's ready for his day in court to clear his name. Lewis is set to be arraigned next week after being indicted in May on corruption charges.

Dr. Lewis and his wife of 30 years, Sandra, talked about what lies ahead as the former superintendent fights corruption charges.

There is a 127 page indictment against Lewis, his former chief operating officer Pat Pope, her then husband, and architect, Tony Pope, and Pope's former secretary Cointa Moody.

Lewis faces six counts for racketeering, theft by a government employee, bribery and falsifying public documents.

The indictment alleges that Pope steered lucrative school construction contracts her husband's way, that her secretary helped her with paperwork and that Lewis signed off on it all.

Lewis says there will always be doubters, a cloud over his head and that his has been legacy tarnished. Lewis said it was his dream as a young man growing up in Monticello, to teach and then head up the school system and he never thought it would end this way.

Lewis says the support of his family, close friends and his church are keeping him strong.

Lewis' attorneys expect the trial to last four to six weeks. No decision has been made on whether Lewis will testify in his own defense.

Link to Amanda's report as well as several related reports by clicking here for Fox 5 News.

Oddly, after asking for and receiving an ok for a "speedy trial" last week and getting the trial date set for August 30, Lewis' attorney has now asked for a delay.

Trial delayed for ex-DeKalb schools' chief


Anonymous said...

I am sure he is sad that he is still not part of the school system.

However, I am sure his good friend Dr. Walker is keeping him up to speed on what is happening. I am sure they are talking about it at the Capitol Club where they both belong.

I am wondering what involvement Dr. Walker had as the Chairman of the Board of the Housing Authority in the problems that required a federal investigation into the Dekalb Housing Authority. I wonder if it had anything to do with all that money Dr. Walker took from the Sembler family and then his protecting them from the taxes in Dunwoody after the payment was made to his campaign. Was that not about the time the CEO asked Dr. Walker to resign? Now there is an investigation by the federal government. What is that all about?
The news media loves our school board. I am sure the drama is not over for the year.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:19

Dr. Walker has many skeletons in his closet from the state capitol days.

Dr. Lewis and Dr. Walker are two peas in a pod. It is sad for the taxpayers of DeKalb County.

Anonymous said...

CLewis will use any platformm to deny any wrong doing on his part; how immoral is this coward of a man. He showed very little concern for the students in DCSS while he and Pope/Reid were lining their pockets with money that was purposed for student growth and development. I won't even mention the hundreds of people he and Pope/Reid cost jobs June 2009 & 2010 because of their greed & unethical behavior. The news outlets should be speaking with furloughed & RIF'd employees if they want to see the real fallout from this mess. It is already evident with the failing CRCT scores in sountless schools throughout the district and the lack of strong leadership will cause this DCSS ship to capsize soon if something isn't done to get rid of this weak, spineless, corrupt BOE and the cabinent that seved under the inmfamous CLewis. DCSS needs to take a laxative to clean itself of all the crap that still lingers & a good colonoscopy to ensure they get rid of all the pollups like Mosley, Ramsey, Turk, get my meaning.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:47
It looks like the School Board meeting on Friday morning will be interesting.

The current school board are happy with the current set-up. They are happy with things the way they are. Nothing is going to change. The new school superintendent may be from inside. From Womack's little speech it might be Romona Tyson. He definitely was setting her up as for something by his little speech.

Again many members of this board really do not have a clue. It is really sad to watch.

No Duh said...

It's nice he was living his dream. While he was living his dream, our students were being crammed into filthy, moldy classrooms with not textbooks, no technology and no discipline.

While he was living his dream, our teachers were being force-fed multi-million dollar curriculum models that do not work, struggling through (and being blamed for) the worst software installation in the history of the personal computer, being fired for expressing opinions, using their own money to make copies when the copy machine was broken AGAIN, trying to protect themselves and other students from violent, insolent students who are not disciplined by the system, having their salaries cut, ...

While he was living his dream, the taxpayers were spending a penny a dollar to fund construction projects that were poorly planned, poorly executed and poorly prioritized, begging to be listened to as major trouble brewed within the system, and being characterized as background noise.

His dream -- our nightmare.

Anonymous said...

12:47 Anon. I get your point!

The BOE and that Stn. Mtn. Ind. bunch hopes we get disinterested and go away. One thing for sure I do not think Ms. Tyson has the guts to act like Clew did. CLew was very good at silencing his critics by intimidation and pressure of lawsuits and threats.

I still can not believe the BOE will consider Tyson. Who are these morons listening to? We MUST keep filling email boxes with questions and demanding answers. Keep it respectful and then report back here what they say.

Folks there are many disgruntled employees as well as former employees who know a lot and I hope they start to blow the whistle. The media is watching right now and the ratings sweeps are right around the corner. Plus, with the trial coming up the news hounds are going to be looking for material to add to fun!

We MUST throw the bums out, they have taken advantage of us and they think they can get right back to it, just as long as the critics go away. What a crazy bunch we have spending our money right now. The gall!

Tyson, Moseley, Turk, Mitchell, Thompson, Beasley, Ramsey, the Guilroys and any Edwards family member, read our lips! RESIGN! Do your county a favor, you've failed our kids, our property values are at risk and it will not begin to get better until you guys respectfully leave! I'm sure there are other systems who would love to hire you... are there?

Cerebration said...

Anyone upset enough about Friends and Family you want to speak on-camera to Media? Call 404-486-5926 or go to the Friday Aug 6th Board meeting… meet there at 9:30am.

Or email us at the blog and we'll connect you to the reporter directly.


The DeKalb Board of Education will hold a called meeting at 10:00am, Friday, August 6, 2010, in the Board Room at the DeKalb County School System's Administrative & Instructional Complex, 1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard, Stone Mountain.



1. SACS Inquiry
Presented by: Ms. Ramona Tyson, Interim Superintendent

2. Superintendent’s Search
Presented by: Mr. Thomas Bowen, Chair


1. First Day of School ~ Monday, August 9, 2010

2. DeKalb Board of Education Business Meeting, 6:00pm, Monday, August 9, 2010, AIC Board Room, 1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard, Stone Mountain

Cerebration said...

The board's love for Lewis and their reluctance to fire him even in the face of criminal charges has me concerned about their judgement. For instance, check out this report from another Channel 5 story - does it sound like perhaps the board is living on that river in Egypt - DeNIAL?

Lewis was allowed to retire after being caught up in an investigation into the district's multi-million dollar construction program. Investigators searched Lewis' home and two district owned buildings -- removing computers and other documents including personal hard drives from Lewis' computers. Though Lewis has since been indicted, at the time board members were reluctant to strip Lewis of his duties.

Lewis was allowed to leave with $85,000, which is equal to four months of his salary.

Anonymous said...

Fox 5 got that wrong. The discussions were behind close doors. My understanding is the only board member who expressed support for him after the indictment was Roberts.

This Board isn't satisfied, though I think Womack LOVES the ideas of having a puppet as a superintendent.

Their hands are tied by bad policies that they are working to revise.

While the Called Board meeting looks interesting on Friday, at Monday's Board Meeting, under the Superintendent's Report is this:

Comprehensive Policy Revisions Initiative

This is the first step in being able to make systemic changes in the organization.

Anonymous said...

Lord bless his wife for standing by him despite his two trips with female staff members, one of the the country and one at the Reynoldstown Plantation. Both of DCSS p-card.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 3:06

"Their hands are tied by bad policies that they are working to revise.....Comprehensive Policy Revisions Initiative

This is the first step in being able to make systemic changes in the organization."

Well, the BOE sets the policies. Evidently, they knew little about policies that would ensure fiscal prudence or they would have done a few simple things - for example:
1. Defined conflicts of interest for DCSS employees
2. Voted to allocate the money for the salary of an Internal Auditor that reported directly to them

They come across as lacking any business sense whatsoever. Their actions are similar to shutting the barn door after the horse is gone.

I know they don't understand the ramifications of their poor decisions. How do I know? Because they approved a budget that left an overpaid and overstaffed admin and support group while cutting school based employees and teacher positions, leaving so many students in an impossible learning situation.

I don't believe they will make the "systemic changes" children need. They (along with the Central Office Administration) believe if they can just hang on through this recession when the money starts to flow again, everything will be okay and the status quo will be preserved.

Anonymous said...

What kind of message does it send when one of your highest ranking administrators flies out of the country to an island resort with the system's married supt. on a DCSS purchasing card, and she still has her highly paid job???

Anonymous said...

Amanda Davis should have also interviewed Audria Berry.

Anonymous said...

No more speedy trial.

Cerebration said...

Yep, that link is also at the end of this post. Interesting. Lewis first asked for a speedy trial and got the date set last week for August 30. Now this:

Last week, a Superior Court judge granted Lewis’s request for a speedy trial and set the trial for Aug. 30.

On Tuesday, Lewis filed a motion to withdraw his speedy trial, said Orzy Theus, spokesman for the district attorney. In response, the judge has postponed the trial and Lewis’ arraignment, which was scheduled for Monday.

Anonymous said...

Well, first he wants it and now he does not. That is interesting. I guess his attorney was not expecting it to be that speedy. It must have caught him off guard. Maybe the school board members up for election want it to be put off until after the November election to protect them in the election cycle. Five of them are up for re-election. Maybe they need the extra protection. Maybe he is ready but the time is not good for the school board members.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes, it is not pleasant to be "falsely" accused. It's certainly a lot different when you are the accused instead of the accuser, isn't it, Crawford and friends? Day of justice for many is right around the corner. Think back on all the hard working and caring people who have suffered greatly under this BOE and Superintendent, and all the people under them who knew but turned a blind eye. Shame on all of you. Wonder if you are sleeping well at night.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Is it true that the 'other woman' has retained an attorney and intends to sue Crawford and the school system for sexual harassment? Is it true that she is going to claim that her "trips" all about with Crawford were because she feared that if she did not please him that she would not maintain the position he gave her? Is all this true?

Anonymous said...

Why won't Fox 5 ask all the tough questions? Pardon the CBS 46 slogan, but good grief! When will journalists start being journalists? Don't they know of the trip to the Bahamas or Reynolds Plantation with a subordinate on a P Card?

With the charges coming down on other government employees regarding credit cards why won't Fox 5 ask the question? Even if his wife is standing by him. And if Clew will not dot he interview if those questions are asked then don't do it and tell the viewers why the interview was canceled. Seems to me Fox 5 is trying to make Clew out as a victim instead of a criminal. I knew nothing, Ms. Pope made me do it! Ugh!

CLew is a fraud, cheat and liar! The good Lord will have the final say, eventually.

I'm disappointed in Amanda Davis, I hope the cameras are there Friday, it's time we ask the media why aren't they asking the questions of the BOE, CLew, Tyson, Moooosley and the rest?

DCSS is an absolute joke!

Cerebration said...

Rule -- don't use the actual name of people suspected of being involved in this case - as in - don't name "the other woman". Just use generic terms - like "the other woman" - we don't have certain evidence.

Also, I think Amanda did ask about the trips to hotels - watch it again. I thought she was pretty bold with her questions for such a short interview. I think Lewis was hoping to use it to get sympathy from the public - he's very used to using his soft-spoken way to his benefit. I don't think he expected Amanda to be quite so tough.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lewis is going to do nothing to help these board members. When he first stepped down, he didn't want to and the majority of the Board forced him to take a leave for "the good of the children." there is no love loss there on either side. Except for Ms. Roberts who must protect her children.

I thought it was peculiar that he was in a hurry for the trial to start, right now he is simply accused, if he loses he is a convicted felon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cere! I apologize for using names. I did watch it back and Amanda did ask, but of course Clew avoided the answer.

I'm just so mad right, that our BOE is so spineless and it seems to me after watching the meeting that nothing has changed at the DCSS insane asylum.

Next time I'll watch videos more closely, my kids were having a small meltdown when I was watching it originally.

Anonymous said...

The indictment against Lewis alleges that he misused the county P-card by taking a female employee to the Bahamas and Reynolds Plantation.

I really don't think it's appropriate to use anyone's name or personal information on this blog since there are no names in the indictment. If anyone knows facts pertinent to this case, they should be talking to the DA or the PSC, not this blog.

Reference the Code of Ethics for the state of Georgia (infractions mean possible loss of teaching license/certificate):

(e) Standard 5: Public Funds and Property - An educator entrusted with public funds and property shall honor that trust with a high level of honesty, accuracy, and responsibility. Unethical conduct includes but is not limited to:
1. misusing public or school-related funds;
4. co-mingling public or school-related funds with personal funds or checking accounts...

Furthermore, if any certified employee knows of a violation of the Code of Ethics and doesn't report it, that person is in violation of the Code of Ethics as well and subject to losing his/her certificate.
"(i) Standard 9: Required Reports - An educator shall file reports of a breach of one or more of the standards in the Code of Ethics for Educators, child abuse (O.C.G.A. §19-7-5), or any other required report. Unethical conduct includes but is not limited to:
2. failure to make a required report of a violation of one or more standards of the Code of Ethics for educators of which they have personal knowledge as soon as possible but no later than ninety (90) days from the date the educator became aware of an alleged breach unless the law or local procedures require reporting sooner...."

It seems to me that if Dr. Lewis should be found guilty and any certified employee had knowledge of violations of the Ethics Code, he/she has also violated the Ethics Code.

Teacher in DCSS said...

Hearing all of this is disconcerting, to say the least, as far as the strong push to condemn Dr. Lewis before he's even gone to trial. Did he actively engage in corruption; or did he turn a blind eye when he shouldn't have: or did he just miss the boat out of personal stress (ill wife) and infighting among colleagues? We don't know, and that's why we have courts of law.

At this point, no one really knows the evidence against him (or even Pat Pope). The school system didn't just get in trouble all of a sudden--things were going downhill since long before Dr. Lewis got to be Superintendent. The most important thing now is to support the teachers and even the administrators as they try to salvage something from last year's conflagration. OK so we have two interim people, Super and Dir of Leaning (or whatever Dr. Beaseley's title is)--all we can do is give them a try and hope they, too, have taken FY 2010 to heart. But continuing to beat the same old drums won't help the kids.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 7:16 pm

I agree with what you've said, but unfortunately, both "interims" are products of this system (DCSS launched Dr. Beasely's career in 2002 as the highest paid and youngest superintendent in DCSS) so I don't think they know any other way to handle this situation. They have 5 1/2 teaching experience between the two of them and it shows.

Cerebration said...

We also have an interim COO and director of millions and millions of dollars of promised construction using SPLOST tax dollars. Construction that keeps getting delayed (Lakeside) or tabled completely (Chamblee).

Our board is so busy simply putting out all the fires around the periphery that they simply can't pay one bit of attention to the nuts and bolts of running a respectable school system.

Anonymous said...

"DCSS launched Dr. Beasely's career in 2002 as the highest paid and youngest superintendent in DCSS)"

Oops! Correction. So sorry - highest paid and youngest "principal" in DCSS.

Anonymous said...

We are to the point that teachers and students just need some people to provide the basic services of heating and cooling, keeping the building clean, running the cafeterias, and transporting students to and from schools, and paying the schoolhouse personnel. The classroom is better off without all of the mess that the Central Office has brought us.

Anonymous said...

So far, and I don't know about the rest of you DCSS teachers out there, but I was far from impressed with Dr. Beasley's demands today for our "welcome back." It was micro-management at its best and completely misguided and employee abuse at the core. I'm already thinking about where I'm going to go next year that gets me out of this sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

I do get the impression that there will be accountability regarding teachers performance next year. However, this is present in all counties in the state and in all states in our country. Teachers are now accountable for results. Data and benchmark testing results will be provided and teachers are expected to improve achievement of students and show this through test scores. It is that simple. If teachers cannot perform there is a problem.

Anonymous said...

There's accountability and then there is ridiculousness. I have no problem with people seeing my students' test scores or even my benchmark data. What I have a problem with is the incredible number of increasing demands from people who don't seem to care about the employees -- one new directive is that no teachers should have drinks in the classroom. Really? And teachers seem to be the only people in any working world where they are forced to provide roadmaps for what they plan to do that actually take more time to complete than to actually do them. The lesson plans accountability suggested will serve no purpose other than to force teachers to give up more of their free time to devote to making the district office people look like they serve a purpose. Teacher should be allowed to teach. Period. If it's really all about the children as we say it is, then stop focusing on the tedium that just keeps landing DCSS on the news and reduces teacher morale even further.

Anonymous said...

Let's get off the BUZZWORD BANDWAGON with all the folks talking about teacher "accountability" and "BENCHMARKS." Dekalb HAS BEEN USING benchmarks , and they are given under the auspices of overpaid 'coaches' who are out of touch with students...and teachers have 'accountability' crammed down their throats so much they spend more time reporting and filling out forms than they do TEACHing. BENCHMARKS ARE NOT NEW. HAS ANYONE LOOKED AT COBB COUNTY OR GWINNETT SCHOOLS TO SEE WHY THEY SURPASS DEKALB? DID THEY SPEND HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON 'AMERICA'S CHOICE?'

Anonymous said...

"Dekalb HAS BEEN USING benchmarks"

Not really - due to the incompetence of the $11,000,000 SchoolNet/eSis system (thank you MIS and the Central Office Instructional team), the benchmark information was not easily accessible for teachers so they could use this information.

Furthermore, students have been "bubbling" in the benchmarks (not enough computer for students to take the test online - I guess the $19,000,000 in salaries and benefits we pay the 291 MIS employees leaves little left over for students to actually have any meaningful access to technology). Teachers have had to "scan in" all of their students "bubbled in" test sheets - every 6 weeks! What a waste of student and teacher time. Why is that not being addressed? Tens of millions in technology dollars not only wasted but also taking up classtime and teacher time. Talk about "time off task".

What are the MIS and Central Office people thinking? Have any of them spent significant time in the classroom? If they had, they would never take students off task every 6 weeks for data that rarely makes it to the teachers desk in a timely manner so it can be used for students.

Other systems have enough computers so that students can take these tests online (15 minutes off task) and then the results are given to teachers by the end of the day. So sad for our students. 20th century practices in a 21st century world at Cadillac prices.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:35 or interviewed Beasley on his relationship with Johnny Brown

... or better yet the board on why they would appoint Brown's nephew as interim deputy super of curriculum after they paid unc to go away...

... or the board on why nephew is being allowed to change the org chart!

Anonymous said...

Is this true? Was the org chart changed? Does someone have documentation?

Anonymous said...

Gwinnett has much larger schools which allows for a much more streamlined delivery of staff development and other resources.

In addition, they only have to have 130 high quality principals whereas DCSS with 50 percent fewer students has have about 145. Cobb has significantly fewer schools as well even though it is larger than DCSS.

Anonymous said...

I do not know about the org chart, but Beasely is definetly making big changes. He seems to have been given unprecedented power to make changes throughout the school system. With the authority he's been given, it looks as if they may be grooming him to become the next superintendent. (God help us if my assumptions are correct.)Beasely sends out a ridiculous number of e-mails a day. Some of his more interesting new policies/directives include:

-no one is allowed to speak to anyone outside of the DCSS (no media, no blogs)

-no one is allowed to talk about him because he will find out (his words, not mine). The first offense will result in a conference with him, but the second offense will result in a reassignment.

-questioning him after he has given you an answer of "no" shall be considered "professional brattiness". Now - is "brattiness" a professional word to be used in an e-mail to highly qualified professionals???

If Beasely has been brought in to make changes, I'm afraid the end result will be that we lose our best teachers and staff. Who is willing to put up with this type of administrative bullying?

Anonymous said...

Nothing is going to be solve until we get a super from the outside and a new board.

I will say this after learning that the trail has been put off i have no faith that the four will ever go to trail. This will be push back until every one for gets the whole thing. They entire crew will walk and the tax payers will have to foot the bill.

I have put my home up for sale and i pray that it will sale. I can't take it anymore all this back and forth is hurting the children and that bunch have line there pockets with money that should have went into the schools. There is no way that a teacher will be able to handle that many kids and all the paper work. I will still go into my childrens school and help, but it is going to take a act of congress to clean up this mess. I am just so angry that this has happen and that no good board that we have just keep moving in the same direction of not doing a d-- thing. It is a sad time for dekalb schools and i could give a d-- less about Lewis. They should all have to stay in jail until they have the trail but i know that will never happen.

Anonymous said...

"Beasely sends out a ridiculous number of e-mails a day. Some of his more interesting new policies/directives include:

-no one is allowed to speak to anyone outside of the DCSS (no media, no blogs)

-no one is allowed to talk about him because he will find out (his words, not mine). The first offense will result in a conference with him, but the second offense will result in a reassignment.

-questioning him after he has given you an answer of "no" shall be considered "professional brattiness". Now - is "brattiness" a professional word to be used in an e-mail to highly qualified professionals???"

This sounds like the type of behavior in the Central office that got us into this shape. I've made up my mind. Don't confuse me with the facts. Sounds like a good person to be superintendent if you liked the way Dr. Lewis ran the system. Ms. Tyson's administration seems to think that there was nothing wrong with the way Dr. Lewis ran the school system. There were just too many leaks and all those pesky questions from parents and taxpayers.

"no one is allowed to talk about him because he will find out (his words, not mine)."
What is he - 13 years old? I hope he reads this blog.

Anonymous said...

I've heard from many bloggers that Dr.Beasley is Dr. Brown's nephew. What is your source. I do know that Brown hired Dr. Beasley when he came to DCSS. He was the highest paid and youngest principal in DCSS. After Dr. Brown left DCSS and went to Texas, he flew Dr. Beasley out there to be part of an curriculum audit team. How are you going to audit for your mentor? And how are you going to head up curriculum when your total of experience in teaching was 3 1/2 years in the 1990s. Our kids deserve better. I bet our scores go further down and he'll not have any accountability. That's been going on so long it's ingrained into the system.

Anonymous said...

Curriculum audit sounds like a nice trip to Texas:

Cerebration said...

We have learned that according to experts, bullying refers to intentional actions repeated over time that harm, intimidate or humiliate another person [the victim] and occur within the context of an imbalance of power, either real or perceived, between the bully and the victim. Bullying can be physical, verbal or relational, meaning that it can involve excluding or isolating the victim.

Read more about bullying here:
Bullying – An Information Clearinghouse

Cerebration said...

I have come to agree: We need a corrective interim superintendent - an expert from outside the district - yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is what SACS in asking for. Maybe they want to appoint someone to work with the school board and system before things get out of hand. Maybe this is a good thing.

I think there is too many roosters in the chicken house trying to run things. There should be two roosters.
The school board acts as one rooster and the school superintendent acts as another one. However, the school board may have a bigger spur as they evaluate the school superintendent.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Beasley may expect accountability. This is what we all want.

Anonymous said...

I'm not as worried about the accountability of teachers as I am the Central Office and the support side of DCSS. That seems to be where the accountability is lacking in DCSS.

Anonymous said...

I agree about accountability at the County Office. However, I believe this is the first year that benchmark testing will be used to measure progress throughout the year and available by computer in DeKalb which is a different story entirely. Teachers can be evaluated on this data in a school and throughout the county.

There is equipment that can scan in that data directly and save a great deal of time for teachers. It seems like DeKalb County Schools continues technologically to be behind. This is sad. Teachers being paid for improved achievement is right around the corner whether teachers like it or not.

Anonymous said...

I hope that those making the benchmark tests are held as accountable as teachers. Often questions are poorly written, have the wrong question marked as correct, and have little to do with what the county wanted to be taught.

I have no problem with teacher accountability, but there has to be better ways to make teachers accountable than the stupid 10 question benchmark test.

Anonymous said...

Wish someone would leak Beasley's emails to the public. Those types of threats are not tolerable. I do not know him, but what I see about him on paper, if he was the best person who applied for the job, than we're in real trouble for superintendent.

Cerebration said...

Interesting that there are 5 directors and an executive director under this title, yet Beasley jumped over them all -- from principal (which was only for a few years) to Deputy Superintendent. I wonder how those 6 people feel about this major jump over their backs. I wonder if any of them were considered. I wonder if ANYONE else was considered.

Anonymous said...

This was posted on Get Schooled this morning by "Dekalb Educated."

Yours truly, the anonymous poster here, copied and pasted it. It's great.

All credit goes to Dekalb Educated.

If you read this blog, Dekalb Educated, stand tall and take credit for this a great post:

"I can answer those questions now and save everyone a lot of time and I will do it for free.

1. Information on how the board follows procurement procedures and awards bids to avoid conflicts of interest. Answer: They do not have anything in place. They depend upon friends and relatives and that isn’t a conflict of interest because they are all interested in keeping the money in the family.

2. Policies and procedures for effective management, including hiring, whistle-blowers, nepotism and conflicts of interest. Answer: They don’t have any policies or procedures for effective management because if they did, there would not be any questions coming from SACS. Since half the school board has a college education, they couldn’t spell much less explain nepotism to you if they tried. They see nothing wrong with their jobs program for friends and family anyway. Power to the People – Baby!

3. Information on staff and school board training. Answer: Not much. They spend their money hiring just the right kind and colors of lawyers to bail them out from their poor hiring decisions. They really can’t be expected to know anything about teacher training because none of them have ever taught in a classroom.

4. Information on the board’s role in fiscal oversight and monitoring the district, along with how the board uses closed meetings and how members avoid micromanaging. Answer: Would we even have to answer these questions if they had an answer to this one? There is no oversight. Just refer to Crawford’s use of the credit cards and you will know that those in charge have carte blanche to taxpayers’ money while the teachers have to have bake sales to buy paper towels for the students’ bathrooms.

5. Description of the checks and balances to make sure the board is following hiring and firing policies. Answer: You hire my daughter for an incredible six figure salary and I’ll see that your cousin gets a job at the county office without any real duties ever being assigned. Some writes the checks and someone else balances the books and everyone is happy – except the taxpayer.

6. How the district enforces policies and prevents breakdowns in checks and balances. Answer: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of tax payers’ dollars and lawyers’ excessive fees. There are no polices so there is nothing to prevent breakdowns.

7. Information on the superintendent search. Answer: Gosh we just fired the last two we hired with our well defined search criteria. They have never taught. They have no clue about effective classroom management, budgets, personnel policy or accountability. They do not know how to manage but if only they had a relative or friend that could be a superintendent, they could answer this question."

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!!! So sad and true.

Anonymous said...

That's the most hilarious thing I have read! I bet Moseley is working overtime, between his dinners with Thompson and Tyson, to find out how he can copy and paste it and send it to SACS!

Let's all copy it, print it and send it to SACS!