Monday, September 13, 2010

A way to ‘Enspire’ better results on the SAT/ACT?

A play on words, Enspire is a non profit, student run organization that is seeking to eradicate poor performance on standardized test by offering FREE online test preparation services. Enspire is based in Atlanta with majority of the students in this organization attending Emory University. The group hopes to craft services that will outperform the costly programs of Kaplan and the like and help bright students without the financial resources demonstrate their true ability on the all-important SAT. The long term goal is to provide access for everyone. I understand outreach has been made to several DeKalb high schools to partner with this group for the beta program.

Enspire is working to secure funding to underwrite development costs through grants. One grant of $50,000 is offered by Pepsi Cola (hard to believe they would go to Pepsi given Emory is a Coca Cola school). The Pepsi Refresh Project provides money to fund great ideas. All it takes is for you to vote, indicating you think this is a good idea.

Take a look at the following websites about Enspire’s mission and the Pepsi Refresh Project. If you feel ‘enspired’ from what you read, consider voting for this project and passing the word along:

Information about Enspire:

Vote for Enspire:

You can vote everyday for this project!

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