Friday, November 12, 2010

Lakeside High School Sets Major Construction and Renovation Project

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Tuesday, November 16 at 4 p.m.

UPDATE: Due to weather concerns, the ground breaking has been postponed until Dec. 2nd.

Lakeside-DeKalb High School has scheduled a groundbreaking ceremony for Tuesday, November 16 at 4 p.m. to commemorate the start of major construction additions and renovations of the school facilities located at 3801 Briarcliff Road.

The event, to be held just due east of the gymnasium, will be hosted by Lakeside principal Joe Reed and invited attendees include various DeKalb County School System dignitaries.

Construction and renovations to the school, which was opened in 1965, include the addition of a 600-seat fine arts auditorium, 25 new classrooms, new science labs, career tech facilities and new special needs classrooms. Locker rooms, restrooms, cafeteria, media center and other spaces will get much needed makeovers, and the facility’s technology, security and ADA accessibility will also be upgraded.

According to Mr. Reed, the challenge of continuing to educate students amidst the two-year project is one that the school and community will pull together to get through. “Lakeside and its surrounding community have a strong tradition of working together,” said Mr. Reed. “We’ll manage through this process that ultimately will benefit our community, faculty and most importantly our students.” He added, “I was a student here back in the 1970’s and not much has changed since then. That just goes to show you how much this project is needed.”

Funding for the $24 million project comes from the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) III used to pay for necessary school system capital improvements including building improvements, new schools, classroom additions, technology, and transportation needs. Project architect is Manley, Spangler & Smith and construction will be handled by the Hogan Construction Group.

Numerous other additions and enhancements to the facilities that will not be covered by the SPLOST funds are to be funded through “The Valhalla Project” by way of the Lakeside High School Foundation, an independent 501(c)(3) corporation. More information on the Foundation can be found and donations can be made at

About Lakeside High School
Tradition. Legacy. Expectation. Reputation. Lakeside High School gives life to each. Opened in 1965, Lakeside has built traditions of excellence and top achievement in academics, athletics, visual and performing arts, citizenship and community service. Such are the traditions of being a Lakeside Viking. With its vibrant, diverse and high-performing students, teachers and administrators, Lakeside is poised to remain a pillar of the community for many years to come.


Cerebration said...

It's good to finally see construction get underway at Lakeside. There are currently 1800 students crammed into this facility built to hold just over 1300.

The website for the foundation lists the additional projects they want to fund with private dollars--

Our community will be working to raise the funds for a rubberized track, an artificial turf multi-purpose field, lighting for three athletic fields, bleachers to seat 500-1000, a concession stand to serve three fields, a covered multi-sport court and other extras that our students need.

I wish them luck. This is a tough economy to be attempting to raise $1.5 million.

Anonymous said...

Yes, fundraising is tough. Still, the improvements that the county is funding sound absolutely fabulous.

If folks have not driven by Clarkston High School recently, construction is well underway. The entire side property has been bulldozed for the improvements that will cost $18-20 million in SPLOST 3 funds.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 210:
The "county" isn't funding the project. You and I are funding the project through out taxes.

The sad fact is that facilities across the county were allowed to degrade to such states of disrepair. It's malpractice on the part of our elected officials. I hope District 1 and District 7 get it right.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:39

You are correct, it is the taxpayers funding the upgrades and additions to Lakeside and Clarkston. Really it is the shoppers since this is funded with sales tax.

Anonymous said...

You know that is a persepctive that we often forget. The construction is not paid for by our property taxes, but by the additional sales tax.

Anonymous said...

"Sat Nov 13, 11:19 am ET
LONDON (AFP) – Young children in Britain are starting nursery school unable to speak and listen properly because of continuous noise and poor conversation at home, according to a new survey.
Education watchdog Ofsted said constantly switched on televisions, noisy brothers and sisters and raised voices are increasingly hampering children's language skills.
The study, on how the best schools teach children to read, says some schools report spending days or weeks educating parents and improving children's social skills."

Sounds familiar?;_ylt=AvL5s6_kLiiGqaVRY2jBTU1v24cA;_ylu=X3oDMTNuYzg3aWwyBGFzc2V0Ay9zL2FmcC8yMDEwMTExMy9obF9hZnAvYnJpdGFpbmxpZmVzdHlsZWhlYWx0aG5vaXNlBGNjb2RlA2V4cHJkBGNwb3MDMTAEcG9zAzEwBHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDbm9pc3lob21lc2xl

Anonymous said...

The AJC picked this up--a "dig" at DCSS for the trailers the project will replace.

Hat tip to that Lakeside PR dept

Anonymous said...


"Officials expect the Hogan Construction Group to complete the work in two years. A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday at 4 p.m. at the school at 3801 Briarcliff Road."

No--now Hogan is going after a bonus for completing by August--for class of 2011--unbeivable!

You neighbors will see work there about 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Look out below and blow and go.

waitaminit said...

Pls attend the groundbreaking ceremony.
TV cameras will be there.

4:00 Tuesday, Nov 16.

Anonymous said...

"Pls attend the groundbreaking ceremony.
TV cameras will be there.

4:00 Tuesday, Nov 16.

And it goes without saying Jim Redovian will be there trying to pump up his vote since this is a very weak area for him. All this, after he along with the other BOE members hired and supported Lewis who wrecked our school system.

I'm voting for Nancy Jester. We need someone who actually watches out for our tax dollars and our children.

Anonymous said...

Why would it be a bad thing to complete the construction early?

If they work harder and faster it would seem that the disruptions for the neighbors would be over sooner/

Anonymous said...

@Anon 121

Yep, I'm voting for Nancy Jester too. Jim and his supporters are really embarrassing themselves at this point. Nancy's worked hard and we need somebody like her on the board.

Anonymous said...

If Lakeside had its own stadium and got a share of the gate receipts and the concessions, then they wouldn't need this fundraiser.

I realize that the decision to share stadiums was made decades ago but it isn't one that is fair to the schools that consistently fill the stands.

It is time for something to change with this. Sharing revenues stinks for the schools that do what they need to do to.

Anonymous said...

I attended 2 Lakeside football games this season - their fan section was never close to be filled.

Kim Gokce said...

It will be good to see some positive press for a change for DeKalb. The construction projects are ALL well overdue. This is an impressive expansion for the Norsemen.

Makes me wonder what the actual plan is for enrollment (haha! A plan). Will they now simply fill up the new classrooms with more transfers and add trailers? Between a "new" Lakeside and a truly new Chamblee, would our leadership have the vision and foresight to build enough capacity to close the traditional HS in Cross Keys attendance which is sandwiched between the two along the thin ribbon of Buford Hwy? Uh, that'd be a 'no.'

The only new middle school in the area was built with a cozy capacity to support only the existing neighborhood scale. So, even if they had the sense to consider re-purposing Cross Keys HS, they have boxed themselves in at the middle school level already. Sigh ... the more change that comes to our region the more things will stay the same for CK it seems to me.

"ground breaking"

A year ago When I requested a ground-breaking ceremony at CK for the beginning of the renovation as a way to build community support, my emails and calls went unanswered. I learned later from insiders that they laughed off my inquiry. How naive I was back then. Now, I realize that they knew the scope of the project was nothing to shine light upon in the scheme of things.

What was done at CK was done well by Evergreen Construction and we'll have a nice open house for the community in February time frame. What was not done is embarrassing in light of the projects at neighboring districts. Memo from Central Office to CK district taxpayers, residents, and schools: "All our schools are equally important. It's just that some are more equal than others."

I know folks tire of my harping about the inequities I see. I do, too. And, I'm very happy to see progress for so many of our communities in terms of public schools facilities. Let's move on ...

"gate receipts"

When we start looking at athletics as more than a revenue source, I will be proud of DeKalb County. Most athletic programs cannot "pay their way" and if that were the criteria, we'd have only football and then only at a handful of schools able to sustain even that sport.

Kim Gokce said...

Warning, if you don't like to discuss athletics, you may want to skip this post. I have to share what happened two weeks ago at Carrollton, GA at State Championships for Cross Country ...

Here is what prep athletics should be about to me ... I was privileged enough this past year to spend time with Leonel Ayala, the 2009/2010 AA State Champ x-country runner from CK. This guy is the most quiet and unassuming individual you would ever meet. A hard-working 'B' student, his 1st place finish at state last year was the first one since 1967 for CK.

Practice runs from his home in Doraville to Cross Keys HS covering 8 miles became his preferred school commuting plan many days last spring. His dedication and work ethic over the summer inspired over 40 runners to come out for x-country this year.

This summer and fall, he struggled with nagging injuries and ran through them with little medical support but with some volunteer physical therapy. I continued to see his leadership this year as he mentored the younger runners on the CK team during meets and practices. He exhibited the best kind of leadership by example.

Though the team competed at a high level throughout the season, Leonel was not dominating meets and it looked like a long-shot that he would return to state. But with hard work by his teammates, they beat out Blessed Trinity at regionals to win a berth at State.

I had promised Leonel that I would be there if the team made it to Carrollton for State and so I went. Honestly, I was hopeful that he would place in the top ten runners. He repeated as AA State Champion and the CK team got to the medal stand in third!

Here is a collage of really bad video I took from my cell phone camera as I watched slack-jawed at the grit of these kids. It is eight minutes long and near the end I have a chance to chat with Leonel briefly but candidly about his accomplishment.

It is difficult to hear his words but if you listen carefully, you'll hear him talk about how desperately he wanted to prove last year's championship was not a fluke and that he won for himself, his family, his community, and to demonstrate that "Latinos" can succeed:

CK X-Country at State

This is what prep athletics can be.

Anonymous said...

Great Story about Cross-Counrty champ Leonel, Kim.

Just to be clear--the contractor is holding the groundbreaking ceremony at Lakeside (DCSS no role)--fits in with you comment pretty well.

Kim Gokce said...

Thanks for clarifying the ground-breaking point at Lakeside ... I assumed that with Reed being out front publicly that it was DCSS blessed and attended.

Cerebration said...

Very cool story, Kim. Thanks for sharing it and for always reminding us about what's really important!

Anonymous said...

The only DCSS school groundbreaking I ever attended was also sponsored by the contractor.

If I recall correctly, the Arabia Mt. groundbreaking was also sponsored by the contractor.

Reed is not shy about doing what he wants and saying what he wants. Womack has his back after all.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am appalled that the foundation will raise funds for a rubberized track and other state-of-the-art athletic facilities instead of books. I take your point, Kim, that athletics are not just about money. They do have great value for individual kids and for building community both within the school and the surrounding area. But c'mon--isn't this going a bit far?

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome story and that is what high school athletics is about.

Kim Gokce said...

Anon: "They do have great value for individual kids and for building community both within the school and the surrounding area. But c'mon--isn't this going a bit far?"

I tend to agree that there are items of higher priority for our public schools than state-of-the-arts athletic facilities. That said, I think it is driven from the collegiate level.

Many, many athletic scholarships drive a highly competitive marketplace for the student athlete at the college level. It is one more way it is hard for students to compete for limited spots at the most sought after universities. Communities that want "premier" public schools do have to compete with athletic facilities and programs or be prepared to loose this sought-after population.

In the case of some Cross Keys students, athletics as part of college qualifications provide the ONLY route to college because we are pushing them out of our public institutions. This one of the driving reasons I've spent a year walking around with my hands out looking for support simply to repair the cracked asphalt at Ck's track and to get some sod on the soccer field. Programs like track, cross country, and soccer can open up doors at hundreds of small private colleges.

For me, I'd love to see every DCSS high school equipped like Decatur High School - a world class athletics complex. As I've said ad nauseum on this blog, I think the only way this can happen is with the large format high school. As it stands, only the privileged few will end up with what is at Tucker, planned for Lakeside, and surely in the works for Chamblee.

Anonymous said...

Lets see how many change orders Hogan will get from DCSS.
The sub that can come up with the most change orders is awarded the subcontract for the job. Several HVAC sub told this to me about this job.

Just look at Clarkston they are into the hundred's of thousands of dollars in change orders and the project is barley started.

Expect some hefty change orders at Lakeside. Keep a watch on it ...

Sagamore 7 said...

Now that everyone is overjoyed about this renovation / construction project, would someone like to tell me where to park for the "Ground Breaking Ceremony" or to visit the school over the next 2 years?

There is NO PARKING on school grounds for the students during the renovation! There is not enough parking for the faculty on school grounds during the renovation!

They have to park down the street at Oak Grove Methodist Church and the Heritage school and walk to school in the rain!

There are no SHUTTLES for the kids to catch and bring them the mile to the school from the church parking lot.

Not to mention parents or volunteers who might want to come to the school for a "Ground Breaking Ceremony"!

I thought this blog was to try and keep DCSS thinking and acting in a correct and thorough manner.

How can you manage a $24 million renovation without some thought of where the existing students and faculty are going to park and get to school?

Something to think about at the "Ground Breaking" Ceremony tomorrow!

I'll ask Mr. Reed his thoughts tomorrow and let you know what he says, even though he doesn't have anything to do with the parking situation.

This is a PALACE project and should be dealt with and decided in the "thin air up there" on Mountain Industrial!

Barbara Coleman or Romona Tyson, can you answer that question?

I'll keep you posted.

Sagamore 7

Cerebration said...

Parking is apparently a very big issue, Sagamore.

Here's the latest from Lakeside - only one week into construction - on a rainy Monday morning -

Urgent Parking & Traffic Information From LHS!

Parents, please come earlier to drop off students at school in the morning. That will help tremendously with traffic control. It would also help if parents arrange to drop students off within walking distance.

Students should be parking only at Heritage School or area churches (if the family has secured permission.) Please be aware that starting this Monday, any students parking in non-designated areas are subject to towing by DeKalb Police due to community complaints.

Sagamore 7 said...

The students are very aware of the parking TICKET issue. They have been told there is a "No Tolerance" level for parking. If you park in the wrong spot you will get ticketed or towed.

Now, is it the DSCC police writing tickets or Dekalb County Police that will be writing tickets?

I guess since the county police don't respond to DCSS properties they will ticket our students parking on streets near the schools?

I support the county police 100%, but or school system police is a JOKE! How much taxpayer money is being wasted with that department?

Speaking of wasting taxpayer money, I did read where the DCSS public spokesman, Jeff Dickerson, had a one line quote in the AJC today regarding the CRCT scandal.

“We’ll be transparent with the results and answer your questions as soon as we’re given clearance to do so by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement,” said Jeff Dickerson, a DCSS school system spokesman.

And this is what we get for $160,000 per year from a New Birth Missionary Church member!

Two other candidates turned this job down? One sentence in the local newspaper every 8 weeks for $13,333 a month in salary and you turn this job down?????

I've got to go; I've got work to do to support my family. I wish I worked for DCSS......NOT!

Sagamore 7

Anonymous said...

Almost all the students can ride buses, except those who live to close and many of them can walk.

It isn't popular and it isn't cool, but it is doable.

There are high schools all over the country that don't have adequate parking and kids ride the buses. Better for the environment as well.

Anonymous said...

I know the parking situation at Lakeside for students is tough, and I do agree that there should be some kind of shuttle arrangement. Even if the kids had to pay a small fee, most probably would.

But to be fair, every teacher is able to park. The front areas of the school have been turned into parking areas, and ramps are there so that we can drive over the curb. The principals gave up their reserved spaces and turned them into visitors' spots, putting themselves in the same position as the rest of us.

There is plenty of parking by the trailers (though I wouldn't advise it today). It's been a week, and I have not heard one teacher say that he/she had any trouble parking.

I worked at another school that went through constuction, and the administration just expected teachers to somehow come up with solutions for themselves. I was pleased to see that in this case the administration took action so that it wasn't left for us to figure out.

Don't hate me, y'all, but not that many kids HAVE to drive to school. I know-it is something that we all enjoyed as seniors, and it stinks for them. But unless they leave campus (or come late) for some kinds of off-campus program, driving is a matter of choice, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Sagamore 7...It is obvious you have no clue as to the situation at Lakeside and are using your ignorance to bash DSCC - AGAIN.

There is a parking plan at Lakeside. I'm sorry that they did not clear it with you first and get your blessing.

Anonymous said...

Lakeside is a prime example of how a school with least than ideal facilities can do well. It's not the building but the dedication of the students, families, teachers, and staff. Having said that, it is wonderful that Lakeside is getting this renovation. Best wishes in your drive to raise the money needed for the additional projects. There are always excuses like this isn't the time-bravo for having the vision to start in spite of the naysayers! The tiem to start is always now when it come to education. We want our students to be well rounded and to become healthy productive citizens.

Sagamore 7 said...

Anon 10:23

The kids live very close to the school and the buses are completely packed by the time they get in the neighborhood from kids transferring out of their own district and coming to Lakeside due to AYP.

Maybe we could add a new bus route just for the neighborhood kids? Or maybe the Palace guard construction committee could put a little thought into this before they start to break ground!

Nice thought, nice theory, now accept reality.

There is NO PARKING at the school for students or the majority of the FACULTY!

Maybe we could get the teachers to ride the bus also? Maybe they could meet at Flat Shoals Road at 5:45 and get on the bus with their homework assignments for all of their classes for the day. I digress, sorry about the rant, but someone has to say it.

Sagamore 7

Anonymous said...

NCLB transfers are not provided transportation.

Again, you're clueless.

Cerebration said...

I will say, don't park down near Heritage school on the street. I went to a birthday party at the park there once. There are only about 6 official parking spots, so many of us parked along the street. The neighbors called the DeKalb police who came by and had to write us tickets (which to their credit, they were not happy about).

You are right, Anon. Many students who drive do not need to. There are buses for those who live over 1.5 miles away. In fact, there could be a shuttle system established to have students park at Northlake and take a bus from there to school (Emory does this). But no one would commit so the shuttle was not scheduled by transportation. Maybe they should revisit this idea.

One thing is correct - it's not Joe Reed's job. This is the construction crew's job. It's always an issue with construction.

Just keep your eye on educating those kids, Joe. THAT is your job! We don't ask construction people to improve test scores do we?

Sagamore 7 said...

Anon 10:36

Can you please provide the parking plan / solution so I can pass it along to Lakeside?

Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

I haven't begun to start bashing DCSS. I will continue to hold the administration and BOE accountable for every penny they spend of my tax dollars.

BTW, did you get your new $500 band uniform yet that the board approved last week?

I look forward to receiving the parking plan when you send it.

Thanks again for your continued support.

Sagamore 7

Cerebration said...

And no - AYP Transfer students are no longer receiving transportation, however, they sometimes are able to utilize the "hub" shuttles.

Actually, the school system has chosen to use the reimbursement method. Students (well, their parents) are reimbursed .55/mile for 2 round trips per day from home to the choice school. (I'm not certain if it goes to 1 round trip when students can drive themselves.)

In theory, AYP transfer students should be being driven and dropped off by their parents. Many, however, ride Marta as an option. The bus stops right across the street from Lakeside.

Unless these students are driving themselves, they are not adding to the parking issue.

Anonymous said...

There was a community meeting held on 10/26 to discuss the Lakeside construction. I'm sorry you were unable to attend Sagamore.

Anonymous said...

"Actually, the school system has chosen to use the reimbursement method. Students (well, their parents) are reimbursed .55/mile for 2 round trips per day from home to the choice school. (I'm not certain if it goes to 1 round trip when students can drive themselves.) "

That's pretty good. If you live 15 miles away, that's $16.50 a day or in 180 $2,970. That's probably about the average distance for the transfers. It seems a shame that $3,000 a year per student is used on transportation and not for more teachers for direct instruction for those students. Is there any accountability to track these transfers to see if this is the most efficacious way to increase their achievement scores. If there is, it would be great for the DCSS Central Office (I guess that would come under the Office of Improvement) to share that with the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

The transfers and reimbursements are NCLB mandates.

Anonymous said...

SAG 7,

I work at Lakeside. I have not had one whit of trouble parking. Traffic is a bit worse, as more parents are choosing to drive their kids and drop them off.

Do you work here?? Just wondering why you have so much at stake with regards to this issue.

The "parking plan" is outlined pretty thoroughly in the 10:24 posting. Please advise as to what you don't understand.

Cere, you are right--it wasn't Joe Reed's job to fix this. But he convened a team of teachers who worked together to come up with a plan THAT IS WORKING.

The groundreaking is at 4. Most parents have picked their kids up by then, and about half of the teachers are gone. Just don't try to get here at 3:30 during the traffic jam.

I am gonna go out on a limb here and guess that if there is a lot of traffic at 4 with people still trying to get here, they might wait a few minutes before starting. Hop the curb, park under the trees, and enjoy the festivities!

Anonymous said...

Why is only the Lakeside renovation discussed on this blog?

Cerebration said...

Anon 12:44 PM - Lakeside's foundation sent us this press release. We have also discussed many other projects here - especially Cross Keys. Lakeside's construction just began last week.

This is a public blog and if you would like to send a press release or an article, we will most likely publish it for you. As I often say, we are not a news media outlet - we are not reporters - we are just a group of people who write about what we see and think. You are more than welcome to join the discussion.

Send input to

Anonymous said...

"Is there any accountability to track these transfers to see if this is the most efficacious way to increase their achievement scores. If there is, it would be great for the DCSS Central Office (I guess that would come under the Office of Improvement) to share that with the taxpayers."

It doesn't matter if it is working or not. Feds say it must happen.

Ed. groups are pushing for relief from NCLB...

Anonymous said...

One other thing. In most of DeKalb, from North to South, East to West, a majority of parents seem to believe that who your child sits next to matters the very most at school.

So, even if the data shows that the students using AYP transfers aren't improving academically, those parents will probably still seek the transfers.

Anonymous said...

Due to weather concerns, the ground breaking has been postponed until Dec. 2nd.

Ella Smith said...

Kim, I remember very clearly you trying to get a groundbreaking ceremony for Cross Keys and members of the School Board laughed about it. I was there and heard them. They did think it was a joke. However, it was not a joke to have a groundbreaking ceremony at Lakeside. I will say this does bother me. My husband graduated from Lakeside and my son goes to Lakeside now but this is not right and you know me I might just have to speak out about this at a school board meeting. Why is it ok to have a ground breaking ceremony for Lakeside and not for Cross Keys. Both schools should have had a ground breaking ceremony if Lakeside is having one now.

I think so many times things like this happen and innocently people do not realize how it looks. But it really does not look very good. The students at Cross Keys and the community deserved a ground breaking ceremony just as must as the community and students at Lakeside. Why did the school board members think it was not ok then and it is ok now. However, different people are in charge at the schoolhouse so this may be the difference.

I am sensitive and always will defend Cross Keys High School.

Cerebration said...

Anybody want to spring for a copy of this report? Print it out and give it to the board? It's only $4.95.

Collection of Education Week Spotlights on NCLB

Looks interesting!

Education Week's 2009 Spotlight on No Child Left Behind (NCLB) brings together a collection of articles hand-picked by our editors for their insights on:

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for schools by state

Using growth models to determine AYP under NCLB

Calculating high school graduation rates

Expanding student participation in public school choice and free tutoring, also known as supplemental education services

The “differential accountability” pilot project to allow states to experiment with alternative ways of improving schools that are failing to make AYP

Debate over the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

Why schools fail to make AYP under NCLB

A great value! You get the five articles and two Commentaries below in a downloadable PDF.

Kim Gokce said...

"Why is only the Lakeside renovation discussed on this blog? "

We've discussed renovations at Cross Keys, Druid Hills, Columbia, Chamblee, Lakeside, Clarkston ... just to name a few.

@Ella re: "CK ground-breaking"

Yes, we were not taken seriously. But don't forget, the construction is set to be completed by the end of January and we will have an open house celebration for the community with or without central office blessing!

And thank you for always being supportive! Things happen and things are said on a daily basis that folks just don't realize highlight the inequities. No one should (certainly I don't) begrudge anyone a great opportunity.

The paradox of the reality of "equality" versus the morality of "equity" has always been one that has obsessed me. If the public system achieves little else, it should try to provide "equity" to all children in these United States. I never expect our system to produce "equality" but I am deeply saddened by how poorly we do on the "equity" metric.

Anonymous said...

Sagamore 7,

I live in the Sagamore area too. My child takes the bus to Lakeside and is at one of the earliest stops. There are no NCLB transfers on the bus. It is not full when it goes through the neighborhood, or when it arrives at Lakeside. I've seen buses from 2 routes adjacent to the Sagamore neighborhood that also are not full with non-neighborhood kids.

On a few occasions I have driven my child to school and did so today during the rain, post construction changes. It took only 2 to 3 minutes more than it did 2 weeks ago. The trick has always been to not pull into the school itself, but to let the student out roadside about a block from the school--no further than their "commute" from one end of the building to the other.

Many students drive, rather than ride the bus, because of afterschool activities. Most clubs and sports start at 3:30. If the student takes the bus to school and the parent works, it is difficult to get home at 4:30 or 5 when club/practice is over. There are more students than many adults know that arrive late or leave early due to dual enrollments, special programs, etc. who need to drive.

I don't understand why police are issuing tickets to Lakeside students who park in neighborhoods. Homeowners do not own the streets. If the cars are not blocking driveways or mailboxes, and if the kids are not littering, trespassing on lawns, etc, what is the problem? Most neighborhoods do not have DO NOT PARK signs. If those same neighbors have a party and guests park in front of their homes, will the police ticket then?

The Groundbreaking has been rescheduled to December 2, due to bad weather projected for the original Nov 16 date. I have been at the school for one big afternoon/evening event since the construction closed the large lot and have had no problem parking in the remaining lot.

I am certainly no apologist for DCSS. Sagamore 7, I usually appreciate your perspective, but I think you're doing some unnecessary ranting on this.

Anonymous said...

Lakeside's groundbreaking is the contractors. DCSS and board actually had to be notified it was occurring--in the form of an invitation.

No presentation was needed at a board nobody got laughed at.

If you think about it, no-one has more motivation to host groundbreaking ceremonies than a contractor who is smart about marketing and public relations....unless of course they are building an outhouse.

Sagamore 7 said...

Sorry I got in such a tizzy over Lakeside parking.

The beautiful thing about this blog is that there is such open form communication and transparency.

Thanks to all for your insight and experiences.

I received an email from an administrator at the palace who sent the renovation traffic / parking plan for Lakeside to me last night.

I will focus my efforts on the BOE and let the construction at Lakeside begin!

Thanks again,

Sagamore 7

Anonymous said...

With all the Lakeside parking and traffic chaos, why is it still the dumping ground and transfer point for the fricken magnet transportation bus system!!!

Anonymous said...


There now have been several days of police officer/staff guided instruction(s) as how to drop off and pick up your kids!

In their absence, it doesn't mean the routine changes. At dismissal, coming off Briarcliff Rd., turn into the parking lot and make an immediate right turn and go around the teacher's parking lot and get in line like the rest of us.

You are not special, you are not entitiled, your time is no more valuable than mine and I certainly don't owe you for any long past issues.

Get in line, follow the plan!

And while I'm on the topic so to speak, tell your special and entitled children to use the crosswalks. It's not that difficult!

Stop being fricken richards!

Anonymous said...

Back in the Mama Pope days , she would force the contractor to have and pay for the ground breaking. ZP, Woods and Lewis would all show up, after one groundbreaking, they even took the flowers and doggy bags home. It was so funny, watching them act so rude and like they had never seen food and flowers before.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't citizens expect the contractors to pay for groundbreaking ceremonies, if we have them at all? It's more a feel good dog and pony show more than anything else. Also, people would probably complain if they thought taxpayer dollars were paying for it.

No Duh said...

I remember a big bon fire on the hospital property marking the destruction of that building for the "birth" of Tucker Middle School. I think there was another groundbreaking type ceremony, as well (or was it an open house once school was complete? Or was it both?). I think the bon fire was a Stan Pritchett arranged thing. So long ago, just can't remember the details. Just was so glad to have TMS started to reduce the grotesque over-crowding that my kids were going to face at HMS. Ha, ha. Laughs on me. My kids are now at HMS and population has grown to what it was before the TMS kids moved out.

Anon 8:25. Just today at drop off at HMS, I pulled along side a woman (Cobb County license plate, btw) who didn't follow procedure. I told her to not do it again, it was not safe -- just pulling up to the curb on the street and letting her kid out so she didn't have to get into the drop off line. She followed me up the road, and wanted to know why it wasn't "safe" since her precious baby hadn't had to walk across the street. I said it blocked traffic (which ultimately is a safety issue), She snorted "so it's NOT about safety" and zoomed off in her monstrosity vehicle with her cell phone at her ear.

You can lead a horse('s ass) to water, but you can't make it drink....

No Duh said...

Oh, and yay for Lakeside.

So it's going to be a little tight for awhile. SO WHAT?

I'm sorry seniors aren't getting the "privilege" to drive to school. I know they look forward to it. But, parents please, if your child is complaining for more than a day about not being allowed to park at their high school their senior year, maybe your child has bigger problems than a little inconvenience and a broken "promise."

And if you're still complaining about it -- well, there you go...

Anonymous said...

I'm harping, but there is no student parking at Druid Hills and there isn't going to be. The new addition covered the faculty parking lot, and the student parking became the faculty parking.

There are no visitor parking spaces.

The surrounding neighborhoods are all posted "No Parking", and believe me, the DeKalb Police ticket at will.

Stuff ain't fair.

Anonymous said...

It is a special parent that is rude to a teacher/administrator when it comes to safety, parking etc.

DeKalb seems to have plenty of parents who think the rules don't apply to them.

No Duh said...

Anon 4:44. Can't say I am a teacher/administrator. Just a simple parent who is tired of filling the newsletters and websites and student handbooks and weekly emails with articles on the proper procedures for dropping off and picking up students at our school, only to see the information completely ignored by self-absorbed parents whose faces are never seen inside the school building.

Foolish of me to even attempt to communicate face-to-face with a person like this. Just every once in a while, I am filled with indignation and I risk being shot in the face to make a point. Just a foolish old woman....

Anonymous said...

No Duh

The same thing happens at our school when parents try to point out to other parents that they are violating drop off procedures.

These are the parents, I suspect, who don't subscribe to the electronic newsletters, don't open the emails if they are getting them and frankly, view school as mostly a babysitting service.

They don't know that there are rules and frankly, many of them don't care.

Anonymous said...

Good Lakeside news in girls sports.

Lakeside softball players receive All-Region and County All-Star honors