Monday, June 13, 2011

Zepora: The Rant

The video has been posted.  The hard evidence is in.  Zepora Roberts (who no longer serves on the school board) was given inside information on the current negotiations with the latest school superintendent finalist.

In the video, she expounds on what she knows at the microphone, with no fear of retribution.

"The superintendent search has gone on long enough with no results for the children of DeKalb County School System. Saying that we are taking our time and not rushing to get the right person is not producing or generating any qualified candidates to come to DeKalb.  The rumor all over the county is that you're looking for a white candidate because you get more from a white superintendent is not and does not help matters at all. You should be looking for the most qualified candidate for this school system and not a particular color person. We are in deep trouble with this search. Please put your personal picks, petty politics, racial preferences outside and aside. Place the betterment and the education of the children of the DeKalb County School System above all else. 

We have the best superintendent candidate right in our midst in Ms. Ramona Tyson. Open your eyes and look at what she has done and accomplished: The Cheating Scandal, The SACS Concern, The Budget, The Redistricting and Closing of Schools.  These are issues that long-time, experienced superintendents won't even touch with a long-handled spoon. Yet, Ms. Tyson has met each issue head-on with success.  Regardless of what you do, there will always be some people that you will not please. But you do what's best for the children and the overall system and you move forward.  Again, I ask you, hire her – immediately, permanently.  Whether you know it or not, your reputation as a board does not carry a good reputation and it makes a candidate hesitant to even look at DeKalb County.

The candidate that you're looking at, is not and has not been successful where he has been for the past two to three years. And his board has not renewed his contract. Why do you think that bringing him to DeKalb would change his strike record? It won't.  He wants to escape to a more lucrative, green pasture and you're providing the pasture for him to get fat. Please don't make this mistake.

Now, regarding the budget and the future planning.  Midway Elementary and facility is a dump. Not personnel, but it is cramped. The cafeteria is no bigger than a single classroom. It has no reception area. And I ask that you look at moving Midway where Peachcrest Elementary currently exists since you have it on the list to close. Since it had a lot of renovations done, it will give more space for Midway from which to operate.

Lastly, why would you spend $30,000 for a grease trap on Atherton Elementary School if you're closing it? 

Thank you."

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