Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SACS Update

DeKalb's accrediation stays on ‘advisement'
  From the AJC

"DeKalb County Schools has made progress in the last eight months, but not enough to put its accreditation back in good standing, the state's top accrediting agency ruled Tuesday.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) decided to keep the district on ‘advisement' status following a review of the school district's procedures. In March, the district was placed on the downgraded status and ordered to make improvements in eight areas after former superintendent Crawford Lewis, former chief operating officer Patricia Reid and two others were indicted in on charges they ran a criminal enterprise in the school system.

“With continued work and a focus on sustaining the efforts made to date, the school system will continue to repair its reputation and restore trust with its stakeholders.” said Mark Elgart, President and CEO, AdvancED, the parent company of SACS.

The district will have to submit a follow-up report by February documenting steps it has taken to address the two remaining requirements."

The school system's press release can be found here.

The actual SACS report can be found here.


Cerebration said...

An interesting statement from the SACS report:

"Additionally, the Monitoring Team noted the DCSS Board of Education is currently engaged in training to strengthen and improve board communication processes as well as board and staff relations. Stakeholder interviews revealed a consistent concern regarding the actions of board members that have been counterproductive to the wellness of the school system. To ensure public trust and faith, the Board of Education must conduct business in such a manner whereby differences of opinion are recognized and respected. However, upon consensus of all decisions, the Board should progress forward as a cohesive and unified team to affect positive change on behalf of all students in the school system.."

Paula Caldarella said...

Other documents can be found on the DCSS website:



Here is the actual SACS report from which Cere took the above statement:


Anonymous said...

So far, so good. Accreditation pays attention to process and then result. Do you have the processes needed in place and do you follow them. The long range plan was delayed until the new superintendent could be hired. It is on pace to be done. As for the auditor the report says you have the process now let us see that you0 will follow it. Improving a school system is a continous process. Planning is too. Once there is a plan in place it needs to be monitored and updated on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

..and to think SACs was originally n the business of accrediting (or not) individual schools. The further they get from schools, the more vague their work has become.