Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh please tell me this is a joke!

Now tell me - did you notice - DCSS is implicitly endorsing this -- as parking for the event will be at LAKESIDE HIGH SCHOOL - and it's worse -- Saturday night is also PROM NIGHT at Lakeside.

Was proper permission granted for using public school property? What about DeKalb County code enforcement? Can it possibly be legal for a private homeowner to host a "party" that charges admission, invites via email blast to 66,000 and then feels entitled to use the public high school's parking lot? I had always heard that Mr. Milani had great insider relationships with county leaders, but this is beyond reason.


Cerebration said...

There's more -- this is a HUGE event - totally inappropriate for a neighborhood. This is the Milani mansion - did they get a permit for this? This is not a party - this is a business endeavor. Tickets are $20, $30 or $50 and the email went out to 63,000 people!!!

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**Parking available at Lakeside High School
(just walking distance from the mansion)

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a Crawford Lewis administration? If the neighborhood complains, he'll come back and play the race card.

Ella Smith said...

I would not think the school system would giving permission to park at Lakeside as Lakeside is a NO Tolerance on the school property for drinking and drugs and an event like this will bring both in the cars parked at Lakeside. Where does the money go to?

I have been at the White House for Political Events to raise money but this does not appear to have a cause. Who is sponsoring it?

Ella Smith said...

This has nothing to do with race. It has to do with congestion and parking and partying in the parking lot at Lakeside. Is there a permit?

Anonymous said...

There has to be myriad of violations here. You can't open up a home and turn it in to a nightclub.

Ella Smith said...

I emailed all the school board members. I hope this group not use Lakeside's Parking Lot for a before drinking and smoking area like most parking lots are in a party like this.

Ella Smith said...

I hope this group cannot use Lakeside's parking lot.

Anonymous said...

I know that outside groups have to ask permission of the school principal to use that school's facilities. Was the Lakeside principal contacted? Did she give her permission?

Ella Smith said...

I can not imagine this happening. There are too many legal issues regarding drinking and drugs before a social event like this.

Anonymous said...

There is a DCSS Use Agreement.

No DCSS facility shall be used by a non-school related entity for commercial or fund raising purposes.

Cerebration said...

Ticket prices are listed below - I vote we buy them out! There is an "after Party" up the road at PURE. Gee, wonder if the DeKalb police will be patrolling Briarcilff Road for a change?

I will give you the link to the "party"

General Admission Tickets $22.50
VIP Level 1 Tickets $52.50

$102.50 - VIP Parking - only 40 spaces available

$252.50 - VIP Level 2 Tickets

General parking will be $20 and shuttle will be provided to the mansion.


Gee - only $20 to park at Lakeside?!!

themommy said...

This actually violates many codes in DeKalb. Call DeKalb Code Enforcement tomorrow and ask to speak with the officer in charge of the area.


Ella Smith said...

So they are going to pay $20.00 to park at Lakeside. Who gets that money? Very interesting.

Cerebration said...

I think I messed up the link - here it is again -

No Duh said...

This is like the Twilight Zone. Surely, we are now in another dimension.

BOE members -- You have about 24 hours to produce the signed document that was negotiated by DCSS for Lakeside to be used this way. Who's signature is it? If there is no document, you better be prepared to sit before the SACS committee and explain yourself.

Angela Moton -- you have until tomorrow to explain what you know about this. Were you involved, and if not, who was?

Dr. Lewis -- what in the holy hell are you doing?

The inmates are running the asylum.

Cerebration said...

People - pay close attention to what your kids are up to that night. Word has spread and I've heard that some kids may want to go as an after prom party... Bad idea.

Cerebration said...

Moms Unite! I say - we all go! It's only $20 for ladies!

Anonymous said...

Milani is in foreclosure isn't he? Pretty creative way to raise bucks but incredible headache for the neighborhood. I don't live nearby but if I did, I would be calling the police and county commissioners tonight to get this thing shut down.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is bad, but it's not even 1000x as bad as Crawford Lewis refusing to address the public about Jaheem and Dunaire. Not even close.

themommy said...

Whoa everybody. You presume that this business actually asked anyone at Lakeside.

Lakeside isn't mentioned on the website anywhere that I can see.

Still a huge code violation in DeKalb County, though.

Anonymous said...

Where is the "general parking" with shuttle service located? Was that intended to be Lakeside? Was the poster printed before permission was asked to use Lakeside? Maybe DCSS denied the use of the parking lot.

I would certainly hope that if DCSS was asked to use Lakeside, a resounding NO would have been given.

Cerebration said...

You're right, the website doesn't say where general parking will be - it's just in the email invitation that went out (to 66,000 people).

There's a huge liability for them in using a public school parking lot. If anyone is caught with drugs or alcohol or weapons, the punishment is exponential when caught on school property. I think they'd be better off parking down at PURE and shuttling from there - after all, that's where the party is heading after the party, right?

All in all though - I don't think it's right or legal to host a "Party" at a private home that charges admission like this. You are all correct, Milani is bankrupt and has decided that his home is now available for rent as a business. I wonder if he got proper permitting for that - I'm certain no one else in this neighborhood would be allowed to more or less turn our homes into a night club.

Cerebration said...

This just in -- the principal at Lakeside had no idea this party was planned or that they intended to use the parking lot!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr. Milani did not realize he had to get permission to utilize the Lakeside parking lot.
Will there be someone at Lakeside, though to prevent parking? If not, people will use the lots anyway. If something happens on DCSS property, would DCSS be liable?

Cerebration said...

This may be a good opportunity for the DK police to bring out those RV's. They could just park one of those bad boys right in the circle drive at Lakeside and it would probably do the trick to keep the "patrons" in line and on the best behavior.

Then, all they'll have to do is drive about one mile down the road to PURE and park there for the after party - I've seen the RV there before.

Anonymous said...

son of awcomeonnow here

If the party continues as advertized neighbors need to keep a record of what disruptive behaviour occurs.
Once that's accomplished, neighbors should consider filing a public nuisance lawsuit in civil court against Milani.
In Georgia each filer can get a maximun reward of six thousand dollars for each infraction deemed a public nuisance in the civil courts.
You'd be filing against the property owner (Milani) in this case

Anonymous said...

Great call Dunwoody Mom. DCSS and DeKalb Police need to have someone on site at Lakeside during this event. Even though it is not normal DCSS procedure.

Anonymous said...

Just like pretentious white folks to complain about n-words possibly using precious Lakeside's p-lot. So much for enlightenment. Keep Lakeside white! Keep Lakeside white!

What a crock!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon 12:08 PM, for the most ignorant post in this blog's history.

No Duh said...

Anon 12:08 -- welcome to this blog. We've been waiting for you.

I can only infer that you are not caucasian, and that perhaps you live in the southern part of DeKalb -- feel free to correct my inferences.

You expressed precisely the sentiment many on this blog have been trying to understand for years. There are so many people in our county who feel the same way you do. And so many of us who can't understand your feelings.

Help us understand why there is so much anger in parts of DeKalb about Lakeside High School and the people who live around it. We need to understand why Lakeside's diversity angers so many people.

There are many facts that dispute the perception that LHS is "white." In fact, it is one of the most racially diverse schools in DCSS -- not even a majority white. It's even more diverse than SW DeKalb, Miller Grove and MLK.

But, I really understand that your perception is your reality, and I don't really even want to try to persuade you with facts. I really want to know why you are so angry.

Is there something the LHS community can do in your high school that can't be done by your community? We will gladly help you. God put people here to help each other -- not for us to be divisive.

Is there something LHS has (a technology?, a gymnasium?, a football program?) that you want your high school to have? We will gladly help you advocate DCSS for it.

Our community wants all schools to be successful. We want all of DCSS schools to experience the kind of successful diversity that plays out everyday at LHS.

But, we can't work with you until we understand why you are so angry. Please help us understand.

Lefty said...

Right on, No Duh!

Cerebration said...

oh, I had a feeling this discussion would take a racial turn. Actually, I guess I haven't been clear. You see, the White House mansion is right smack in the neighborhood. You can't "rent" out your home for a giant party - none of us can - and you certainly aren't entitled to the Lakeside parking lot (that's why they have paperwork to use the facilities and you have to have bonding and insurance - so DCSS doesn't get sued anymore than we already are.)

So - if you translate the desire to keep our neighborhood a neighborhood full of homes - not rental nightclubs - into some kind of "keep Lakeside white" issue then, I really don't know what to say.

Except this - at 41% white and 35% African-American and 12.3% Hispanic, and 8.3% Asian, Lakeside actually isn't majority white anymore. In fact - DCSS as a whole is 10.49% white. Your beating a dead - albeit white - horse with this divisiveness. But, if it feeds your desire for anger at us, there's not much I can do about that.

Anonymous said...

There is not a high school in Dekalb County that is majority white. The race "discussion" should have ended many years ago.

Cerebration said...

Interesting to find out if this is true. I've heard that V. Jones helped Milani get special zoning for one of his properties on the White House property for "events" & I think one of them is a "church". If this is true, we have an issue to take up with our commissioners.

Anonymous said...

from anon.1208

Yessiree. Pretentious white folk mouthing their deluded I'm-not-racist speak. Would you pretentious white folk being all up in arms if the flyer had white girls in bobby socks and slacks holding Bibles?

Yep. Pretentious white folk aren't being racist when they moan and holler about the Marine Corps School going in a white hood. No n-words in my hood! Put em down in south Dekalb with the other n-words!

And pretentious white folk call me angry! I'm not angry, I'm disgusted with your pretentious thinking that just because a few n-words get to attend your precious white Lakeside that you all are colorblind. Yessiree. Keep on thinking that. Make yourself feel good about that. Don't let no n-words have a good time anywhere near precious white Lakeside.

Yep. Call Crawford Lewis and tell him that n-words aren't welcome to park anywhere near precious white Lakeside. Buy up all the tickets, pretentious white folk, come on down and throwdown with some n-words. Maybe an evening with some swag will change your sway.

What a crock.

Anonymous said...

You did not answer no duh's questions. And your continued racist rant reflects directly on you, not us.

Cerebration said...

Tell us more about us, anon.1208.

So far, what I see as not wanting 400-600 high school students crammed in a tiny little school with 18 classrooms built in 1968 for elementary students - when there is space available at high schools - you somehow see as racism.

What I see as opposing a homeowner in a neighborhood turning his personal property into commercial ventures - apparently one property is now a night club and one is a church - you see as racism.

And telling you that our school is not "white" - that it is instead racially balanced - you somehow see as once again - racism.

I just don't get it. Will you be happy finally when there are no whites at all left in the system? How about in the county?

Anonymous said...

Anon.1208 is most likely affiliated with

Because of this blog, they were busted.

And to think Cere, you almost ended this blog!!! Glad you didn't.

Oh and by the way, I know many posters on the blog who are balck, and many, many teachers who read it and are black.

Cerebration said...

The race issue has been the one thing that has completely drained my spirit since moving to the south from a farm town in the midwest. It is the lifeblood of existence here in so many ways - and we do have miles to go before we can get to a point of understanding. I hope I see it in my lifetime.

No Duh said...


I know you are convinced you are right. But, try to read this thread with an open mind and you'll see that no one is complaining about the color of the people. They are complaining about the illegality of using taxpayer funded property for private purposes. School property remains school property 24 hours a day -- 365 days a year.

To quote Daniel Monyihan:

"People are entitled to their own opinions. They are not entitled to their own facts."

Please consult a demographer before you assume too much about the LHS community.

We'd love to have you as a regular contributor to this blog, which has contributors from far and wide (it's not an LHS site). You just might find out most of us aren't half bad.

We have extended our hand to you, you are free to unclench your fist.

Cerebration said...

Oh, believe me, I'm not responsible for them getting shut down if that happens. There are many more people who were on this case before I even heard about it. Some - you may be surprised about. Someone along the way, got one of the 66,000 emails sent out as the promo for this event, and forwarded it to the blog. But that was long after forwarding it to people with much more power than a little blog.

IMO - they cooked their own goose - by blasting the email to 66,000 and by assuming that they were entitled to use DCSS public school property without permission and/or proper bonding.

fedupindcss said...

DCSS is going to make sure that there are Dekalb police in the parking lot at Lakeside on Saturday. No one asked permission for the use of the lot, although someone affiliated with the event has told neighbors they did and got it. Ms. Moton, though, is horrified and is taking action.

As for the proposed use of the White House, Anon 1208, (btw, probably is part of party management), this is a two-pronged issue that has nothing to do with race. First, it is a zoning issue, and it is incumbent on any neighborhood (black, white, hispanic, diverse) to make sure that these rules are enforced to promote real estate values and peaceful living. Too many neighborhoods in Dekalb do not actively pursue code violations, to their detriment.

The second is the proximity of this party to a school, on a night when a large number of area students will be out and about along Briarcliff Rd. No parent, again, black, white, hispanic, asian, should want their child to end up at an event like this, which promotes women in a negative fashion and probably will have substances that they should not have access to. Also, there will be enough hazards on the roads that night without having to worry about impaired drivers along Briarcliff.

The county commissioners are aware of this and have got code enforcement and vice checking it out.

Ella Smith said...

Anon.1208, this has nothing to do with race. You may be angry but please do not try to intimidate me in anyway by using the race card. You are way off base about this community. I would be just as upset if the girls on the posters were White, Hispanic or Asian. My anger is that school parking lots are drug free areas. NO POT, NO ALCOHOL, NO SMOKING CIGERETTES AND CIGARS and NO MAKING MONEY BY USING OUR SCHOOL AS A PARKING LOT. I personally emailed every school board member last night. I go to concerts. I go to big parties like this from time to time and I actually like to party from time to time so I know first hand what happens in parking lots. Many times the parking lot is the last free drink you may get all night so many who party have a few too many before they go into the concert or party. The main reason I am upset is because this is against the law and a school parking lot should not be the place you pay $20 to get on a shuttle. By the way who is getting the $20 dollars. I am sure it is not the school system.

This has nothing to do with race. Assumptions get so many people in trouble. We all see booty shots like is on these poster on a regular basis. The poster did not upset me but using the school parking lot did upset me. I have been to political fundraisers at THE WHITE HOUSE four or five years ago. It was an excellent place to have a political social event to raise money. Using the WHITE HOUSE for small events like this is not new. But we all parked at the house and the Lakeside Parking Lots were not used.

The political fundraising events I attended at THE LITTLE WHITE HOUSE were mostly attended by African Americans as the fund raiser just happened to be for an African American friend of mine. The owners of THE LITTLE WHITE HOUSE are African American themselves. Mr. Milani built many of the homes in the Lakeside neighborhood and is a fine outstanding citizen. He also has hosted many white and hispanic political socials to help political figure raise money for their elections.


IN conclusion,this website is not an appropriate place to try to bully anyone like you are currently trying to do. We all are on this website because we care about the children in the Dekalb County Schools. Trying to bully people will get you nowhere. IN fact,you can party in my neighborhood anytime you want as long as you do not disturb the peace, break the law in anyway and as long as you do not use my community school parking lot inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

Pulled the tax records for both 3677 and 3687 and both show single family residential zoning.

Cerebration said...

You know, anon 1208, I hope you will read some of the other articles on this blog and the discussions we have here. We advocate passionately for equal education for ALL in DCSS, we mourned deeply the loss of several students this year, including the recent suicide of 11-year-old Jaheem Herrera. We criticize the effects of NCLB on our classrooms, yet look for ways to hold on to the good parts of the law - like the fact that it has opened this country's eyes to the inequities in education among different groups.

I would recommend that you read my post called "A Premier Misrepresentation" to see how I've criticized Dr. Lewis' denial that we are not delivering a solid education to each and every child.

I would recommend that you read George Bradford's post called "A New Era of Responsibility" to read his passionate plea for equity in education.

I would suggest that you read the posts about Cross Keys HS and witness several white folks speaking up for a population of mostly immigrants who don't feel empowered to speak up for themselves.

In fact, I would encourage you to read our feeble attempt at a discussion on race, at the urging of Atty General, Eric Holder. Sadly, not many African-Americans would not come to that table for a discussion.

We work hard here. We are at least having the most real discussions possible, given what we know to be true. We may not always be right - but at least we're advocating for a better education for all.

Anonymous said...

from anon.1208

N-words with cash and act right are okay right? Lakeside Briarcliff is okay with n-words that don't act like n-words right? Lakeside Briarcliff wants to maintain property value by keeping southside and eastside n-words from partying at the WHITE House right?

My fist's clenched now but I'll unclench it. PWF get me everytime. Yep. The North PWF wanted abolition until the n-words showed up in Boston wanting to go to school.

N-words thinking n-words have a right to party at the WHITE House and park at Lakeside! Who'd think! Smoking and drinking and carousing in the Lakeside p-lot! Nasty n-words without cash and class. Keep em out! Keep em out! Call the police! Call Crawford! Call the NAACP and tell them that old Vernon's still trying to get the n-words into Briarcliff Lakeside. Who next? Cynthia McKinney rally at the WHITE House! N-words without cash and class!

No Duh, I'll be calm tomrrow. Tonight I'm an n-word. But I appreciate your words and say sorry to banging up against PWF blog. Cereb, I appreciate your words and will read more. Tonight I'm an upset n-word and am getting this off my chest. I'll sleep it off and be right with the world when I get up. You all keep on keeping on. One n-word ain't gone stop yall.

Cerebration said...

You're not an n-word. You're a human being. As we all are. I have hissy fits sometimes too - they feel good. Nothing wrong there. Come on back and chat with us some more - we'll try to hear what you're saying.

Ella Smith said...

Please do come back and chat with use about educating our children in DeKalb County. NORTH-SOUTH-EAST-WEST-Black-White-Hispanic-Asian-
We care about all our children and everyone who blogs on this site wants the best for the children in Dekalb County. I would love to hear more about why you feel the way you do about the Lakeside area. What can we all do to make the situation better for all our children in Dekalb County?

Ella Smith said...

By the way you appear to be a talented rapper. I would love to hear you rap in person sometime.

Anonymous said...

Shortly after Milani built his house, he was asked if, as part of an Oak Grove Elementary fundraiser, tickets could be sold to tour his home. Milani declined, which is certainly reasonable since the house is a private residence. Shortly afterwards, he started selling tour tickets to the White House himself. It is certainly remarkable that he was planning to use parking at the high school for this party.

Ella Smith said...

He definitely has done his fair share of fundrasing for political figures in the county and state at his residence. I am shocked about the incident regarding Oak Grove.

Cerebration said...

This just in from Lakeside HS --

Dear Parents,
Many of you have heard about an event being sponsored at the Atlanta White House on Briarcliff Road tomorrow. It is not affiliated with Lakeside High School. Parking and shuttle services will not be held at Lakeside as indicated in the advertising for the event.

Lakeside campus supervisors, DeKalb County School Resource Officers and DeKalb County Police Department officers will be on duty to ensure that our students will be able to park on campus and travel to the prom as scheduled. I have requested a minimum of a five member team: two for lower lot, at least one person for the lane in the front of the school, and two officers for the staff parking area.

Students will need their school ID for the prom anyway, and may be asked to show their ID for parking. (Fortunately, we will have our campus supervisors here, so they will know our students).

Parents also need to know that the party at the White House IS NOT an event or audience for our students (so there is no confusion that this event IS NOT an "after party" for the prom).

Thank you for your understanding and assistance with this situation.

A. Moton

Sent by Lakeside High School PTSA Communication Committee for Mrs. Moton

Cerebration said...

This just in from Jeff Rader's Office

We have been alerted that this event as advertised is not allowable.

The police and CEO are aware, and will respond.

However, anyone without essential business in the area of the “White House” should avoid the area, as there may be congestion and traffic diversions. Please also stay away from the Lakeside High School Parking lot, as the ad also invites parking there. This is strictly prohibited and unauthorized by the DeKalb County School System. Vehicles will be towed.

Cerebration said...

I think we need clarification - I don't think this is Mr. Milani's party... I'm under the impression that he is having financial struggles and has resorted to leasing out the mansion for events. However, it's a private residence, not an event venue, so it's not legal for him to do this.

Correct me if I'm mistaken.

In addition, I think he may be collecting rent for one of the buildings on the property that functions as a church. That also may be against code - not sure.

If it IS allowed, I think I may start leasing out my place pretty soon - I could use some $$$. Problem is, my place is kinda boring.

Anonymous said...

This party is certainly going to cost the county and DCSS money to patrol and keep an eye on - money neither has. I hope a bill is sent to the organizer of this event for the extra manpower it is going to cost the county and our school system.

Anonymous said...

from anon12.08

You'll have to cut and paste. I don't know the html tag for an url.

Pretend the moon is the WHITE House.

Cerebration said...

That's a good one, anon 12.08 - Point taken. But I guarantee - we aren't trying to steal your tires - you just can't make a private residence into a night club or host events - it's the law. Milani is the person to be angry at - he tried to circumvent the law and may have even told the organizers that he had zoning for events (he doesn't as far as we know). He's trying to make big bucks quickly.

This party is a paid event that is selling tickets and charging to park cars at a public high school putting the school system at risk of a lawsuit if something happens. It's also being said that the event has permission to use the parking lot - it does not.

It's not about race -- Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, No can do that.

Keep the party at PURE. -- PURE's good - PURE's fun - PURE has a business license AND a parking lot.

Anonymous said...

anon12.08 can whine and whine about race, but the fact is we have had a black CEO for the last 9 years, that the BOC has been majority black for over ten years. Our county gov't is led by African-Americans, and they have come up with a zoning code that does not allow such events in a neighborhood, whether it's Dunwoody or Lithonia, Scottdale or by Lakeside.

Cerebration said...

Well - the party looks like it's going on anyway - so what's the loss? Except that there's no longer a liability for the school system - and lord knows we have enough legal problems...

Have a nice party - be safe! Watch out for the prom kids, please...

Anonymous said...

We do not need gun-toting hip-hopsters running loose on Briarcliff Road.

Anonymous said...

Fred Milani's place was listed for sale on GA MLS, FMLS, and a few months ago, but no longer. And I know he did sell some of his nearby mil$+ Oak Grove Preserve houses recently, so it would appear that his financial situation has improved.

Anonymous said...

Really, most of us have no problem with "Hip-Hopsters running loose" as long as they behave themselves and don't block traffic. What we DO have problems with is when they start shooting at each other.

Wasn't there a shootout in the parking lot at Club Pure at 3 am a few weeks ago?

Anonymous said...

Just took a drive down Briarcliff (4:45 a.m.) and all seemed quiet, with no crime scene tape noted anywhere in the White House/Oak Grove/Lakeside area.

So how was the party? Once the dust settles, Mr. Milani needs to explain to all of us exactly what part he played in the planning of this event. Fred, we're waiting.

Cerebration said...

What were you doing out driving around at 4:45 am? No way could I do that anymore... toooo old....

At any rate - yes - Milani and our Board of Commissioners need to explain how a personal home zoned residential was allowed to be used as a money-making event host. Jeff Rader - please look into this.

If it's deemed ok - then I will invite you all to my house - we'll party down and I'll only charge you $35 each! I could use the cash...

Ella Smith said...

The Little White House has been used for years as a place for fundraisers (mostly for the democratic party). This is not new. It normally cost $100.00 a piece to attend or at least it did several years ago. CEOs, and exCEOs have used it themself. I feel sure this is exceptable as political fundraisers are in homes all the time. This is just a little bigger place to hold such a political funraiser. I am sure that the Democratic Party had a funraiser there for OBAMA.

Anonymous said...

5:07 AM, I too would like to hear from Milani on this. Did the planners think they could unilaterally take over the Lakeside High School parking lot for a private event, and then charge for parking and keep the proceeds? Kind of reminds me of some gypsy "parking" lots near Turner Field, where they'll take your money and smile; when you return to your car, you'll find that it has been towed!

Cerebration said...

Apparently they did. Below is an email from Burrell Ellis' assistant that was circulating in the neighborhood watch communications.

I spoke with the owner of the home. He says that this event was supposed to be a private party for a small group of invited people and it should not have been advertised or promoted (or was authorized) as such and should not be a paid event.

As well, the CEO’s Office has put the Police Department on notice. There should be no sales at the gate and any violations of law will handled accordingly, including parking. Please do not hesitate to contact the Police Department if it appears that matters are getting out of hand. Also, I check my email regularly during non-business hours so please do not hesitate to email me directly at nahall@co.dekalb.

Lastly, I just got off the phone with Acting Chief O’Brien and his staff has already spoken with the school police department regarding any unauthorized use of the school property. We are working diligently to ensure this event is handled appropriately as a private party with minimum to no disruption to the community.


Nina A. Hall | Special Assistant to
CEO Burrell Ellis, DeKalb County Government
330 W. Ponce de leon, Decatur , GA 30030
office: (404) 371-6304 | fax: (404) 371-6291 |
Email: Nahall@co.dekalb.

Cerebration said...

I think they succeeded. As far as I know, it went off as a private party and didn't spill over into Briarcliff Road down to Lakeside HS. All reports I've heard say it was very much under control and well run.

No worries. I don't think Fred will be turning the White House into a public venue anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, if this "party" had not leaked out as it did and the proper authorities contacted, would the results have been the same? Somebody set this party up as a paid event(and not cheap at that) and Mr. Milani knew nothing about it? Please.

Anyway, kudos to the fast and appropriate reaction of Dekalb County and DCSS.

Anonymous said...

There is another large house, on more land, in N. Fulton that the owner has been unable to sell for many years. He would like to turn it into an event facility -- but the community has resisted.

Milani and the owner of the other house made bad business decisions when they built homes so out of proportion with, well, everything.

The community should not have to suffer for their mistakes.

Cerebration said...

These appear to be very high end examples of fallout from the economy. Can you imagine having a "home" so over the top that you can actually rent it out for "events" in order to pay the bills? Wish I could do that! Anybody want to hold an event in a 1968 DeKalb county ranch home? Our very lovable, slobbery dog will greet your guests! -- JK!

Ella Smith said...

Some friends of mine live close and they fell that the family across the street in the new house with the fence appear to be in the entertainment industry. They must have rented the house. Again, this has been happening for years. Levitan has even had funrasing parties there. I would suspect Jones and Ellis have also. Again, this house has been used successfully for fundraisers for years. The events I attended were very nice. I paid twice to attend. I received and invitation and had to send back in my money to get my ticket.

Cerebration said...

that's interesting - since that's against code. These are supposed to be homes - not businesses. If he can't afford to live there, he should have built himself a regular home.

Cerebration said...

How 'bout this?!!

Club Pure Closed by DeKalb County
Sep 10, 2009

Today, DeKalb County Government implemented a recent Superior Court decision to close Club Pure in the Williamsburg Village Shopping Center on Clairmont Road. I applaud CEO Burrell Ellis's response to my request this week to review the matter and take action. In revoking Pure’s Certificate of Occupancy as directed by the Court, the County places the business under authority of a new County Ordinance I sponsored last year to restrict Late Night Establishments and Nightclubs in our neighborhoods.

Jeff Rader
DeKalb Commission, District 2

Thanks Jeff!

Mary Kay Woodworth said...

Excellent. Now if Jeff and the other commissioners could do something about the LaMadrina nightclub in Embry Hills, that our wonderful planning commission approved 9/1/09.

From Kelley McManaman, Embry Hills resident: "...anyone want to go over and take some photos of the disco ball and DJ stand? The commission said it was NOT a nightclub because there is no dance floor. On at least two other cases they made sure to state that they did not want nightclubs going in, like on Memorial Drive where there was no residential area in sight. But WE get it here in Embry Hills??!"