Monday, April 27, 2009

SW DeKalb HS Students Earn Invite to National Forensic League Tournament

Why not some good news for our blog readers? Three young people from Southwest DeKalb excelled in the Southern Peach District’s National Forensic League debate tournament and have earned an invite to the National Tournament.

The Southwest DeKalb students who qualified for the competition are Ernest Brown, 12th grade, Ivory Goudy, 12th grade, and Tian Covington, 11th grade. Are you ready for the topic they successfully defended? - The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and its improvement of academic achievement. Perhaps we should recruit some of these young people to DCSS leadership!

Kudos the students, their families, and their support groups on this very impressive accomplishment!

The full write-up and link to the official DCSS press release here:


Cerebration said...

Congrats SW DeKalb!

In addition - Lakeside students are currently in DC competing nationally in the “We the People, the Citizen and the Constitution” championship - after having won the state.

and just for fun - watch this stop action video produced by Dunwoody HS Mass Comm class as a promo for the prom -- glad we can still have some fun in school!

Cerebration said...

I've seen Ernest Brown's son Ernest speak at a DCSS board meeting - a very articulate, poised young man - he'll go far!

pscexb said...

Congrats to SWD and Lakeside for qualifying to compete in national competitions! Enjoyed watchings the video also produced by Dunwoody students. I'm sure there is more 'good news' out there about accomplishments of our students.

This is also a fun time of year with this being prom season. It is something else to see our young men and ladies dressed for this event. It was nice seeing several of the high school students in our neighborhood going to their respective proms and the excitement on their parents faces.

Open+Transaprent said...

Ernest Brown's son is following in the fine footsteps of his father. Anyway we can keep Ernest involved with the school system, and not kicked off committees as retaliation by his opponent, is a win for all DCSS parents.

Anonymous said...

Unless Ernest is restored to the CAC to serve out his term which doesn't end until July, the Board is in direct violation of its own policies and you know what that means - Clayton County here we come!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for starting this thread. I think it's important that we applaud the successes of our children.

Ella Smith said...

Congradulations SW Dekalb and Lakeside.

I have heard Earnest Brown's son speak also and he is one sharp young man.

jm said...

I've taught all three students and they represent SWD and DeKalb well. There is something positive to be said for taking the best and brightest and lumping them into one program.