Friday, May 22, 2009

Remember This? School's Out, Man!

Have a wonderful summer everyone! I hope you'll continue to check in with us over the summer and share news and updates along the way. We'll be here -- reporting on the summer decisions of our Board and preparing for the August return.

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Cerebration said...

I know -- I've now dated myself!

Seriously - I'm so grateful to all of you for bringing so much good information and lively discussion to this blog over the past school year. I am so happy to see that the number of contributors has increased exponentially - and our page hits are impressive (over 6000 unique daily viewers in the past 3 months)!

What we discuss here is important to our children, our community and our state. Without a quality education, opportunities are diminished for our kids. Our newfound watchdog group has served to keep our board on its toes - simply because our community is better informed. I think we've done a good job with our first year and I hope this blog will live on for the future.

To do that, we will need more "front page authors" who are "in the loop" and willing to write posts about school system issues as they arise. Please send an email to me (under a real name or a moniker) at if you would like to be an author. Go ahead an email me a posting or two as a Word doc attachment and if they're appropriate, I'll post them for you. Then when you get the hang of it - I'll give you your own password and you can bypass me.

All the best!


Lefty said...

I wrote the same thing on my FB page. I guess I've dated myself too. It's a timeless song, though.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the Alice link.
At least one of the Dekalb Middle School's students got a little carried away celebrating the last day of school.
The school in question is Stone Mountain Middle. Some of the students showed their joy at school being out by dumping hundreds of school papers out the bus windows all along Greer Parkway, near Mountain Industrial.
It's next to where Auto Nation used to be, if anyone wants to come get some glamor shots of a half mile's worth of litter.

Ella Smith said...

I graduated from high school in 1973. I remember.

fedupindcss said...

When I was an elementary student in 1972, we were still a month away from school being out. But we also started after Labor Day, like human beings. No year round school, either, and somehow I managed to become a productive member of society by spending my entire summer outside (elementary) and working in a restaurant (high school). No fancy camps, so lessons, no bridge books. I think one summer I did nothing more than dig holes in the creek bed (now too polluted for kids to play in).

I overheard one little boy at a nearby elementary school saying he hated summer because he had to go to language camp and take two music lessons a week. We need a Fresh Air fund for overprivileged students.

Ella Smith said...

Our children are spoiled today.