Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving from the Indians

I take the role of this blog very seriously. I believe it has become an indispensible forum for information sharing about our public system. I am thankful that its founder, Cerebration, took the initiative to launch it and to continue to be the lead contributor and moderator - no small task!

Because Cross Keys HS happens to be in the middle (ok, the beginning still, really!) of its SPLOST III project, it happens to get a lot of attention in our threads. This attention has also brought supporters from outside of our attendance area and I write today to say a heart-felt thank you bloggers and readers on behalf of the CKHS students.

Some of you answered my recent call for donations to help me sponsor CKHS Cross Country runners for the Atlanta 1/2 Marathon this Thanksgiving Day. Thanks to your generosity, the idea conceived by DeKalb County Police Officer Josh Fritz of ICP came to fruition in less than 10 days.

Literally, our runners have never had this kind of opportunity before. I can tell they were over-the-moon excited and that they all finished the race ... a few rather high up in the results. The top 2 boys finished in the top 3% - both reached Turner Field ahead of over 8,000 other runners. Wow! These guys are good!

In short, to those that supported these young people with your dollars, you have contributed to a milestone experience for them - thank you! To those of you who continue to support efforts on behalf of the school, your good will and good words are hard currency for our kids! It has made an enormous difference to the students and the faculty to finally hear their school recognized rather than ostracized.

But I go on too long ... let this pre-race photo tell the story and show our thanks!

-Kim Gokce, CKHS School Council, Cross Keys Foundation, HillsDale Neighborhood Association, Brookhaven Community Connection

P.S. Be sure to tune in to PDS-24 this Monday - the BoE will be recognizing our State Champ, Leonel Ayala. Mr. Ayala finished the 13.1 mi Half Marathon in 1 hr 32 min 59 sec.


Anonymous said...

A big thanks to you and all of the contributors. That's Leo second from left with the cap and glasses. Great student and great athlete!!!

Anonymous said...

Cross country runners are a different breed of athlete and when viewed closer, you will find they tend to excel in their academic dedication. Familiar faces, I have seen these runners choose to train in weather that I know caused other schools to cancel their practice. You really have to be dedicated to spend your weekdays at school, training after school, spend evenings doing homework and preparing for tests, and then waking up at dark-thirty on a Saturday morning to spend the better part of a day running your tail off at a cross country meet for several weeks. Enlarge that picture so that you can get a good look at a fine group of dedicated Cross Keys students! Good work, guys, we are all glad you enjoyed the run! Thanks, Officer Fritz, for suggesting that we support these students for the Atlanta ½ Marathon.