Sunday, January 17, 2010

I couldn't resist

The recent story coming out of DCSS is beyond ridiculous. I thought - this doesn't make sense - who would put their whole career at risk for one student? Worse - for a student who apparently didn't care enough to actually attend school? And why harass that student's teacher? There simply must be more to the story. I found a very funny website where you can make your own little animated movies so I couldn't resist trying it out. I may have to start making movies for all of our posts - it's the only way to add some humor to what seems like an endless stream of bad news that makes no sense. I hope this one serves to point out how silly it would actually be for someone to put their neck out by changing grades for a student. It's an absurd assumption.

The site is called XtraNormal - give it a whirl - it's too fun!

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Ella Smith said...

Very cute. However, what massive pension checks. As, educators we all wish.