Thursday, April 15, 2010

Many Thanks to the Task Force

The Citizen's Planning Task Force (for School Consolidation) did a fantastic job of creating data-filled documents and then posting them at this link for the public to review. There is a mountain of information to download there. Although they seem to have dissolved and could not in the end, make a recommendation as a group, these people worked very hard for all of us and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude. They reinforce my conviction that we really do have some wonderful people in DeKalb!

Citizen’s Planning Task Force Members

Task Force Member, Appointed By

Lynn Deutsch, Dunwoody Redovian, District 1
Shawn Jett, Atlanta Redovian, District 1
Faye Andresen, Atlanta McChesney, District 2
Don Broussard, Atlanta McChesney, District 2
George Maddox, Decatur Copelin-Wood, District 3
Darrell Jennings, Decatur Copelin-Wood, District 3
Bob Chambers, Atlanta Womack, District 4
Brian Dewey, Stone Mountain Womack, District 4
Charles Hill, Decatur Cunningham, District 5
Thad Mayfield, Lithonia Cunningham, District 5
Ann Maywether, Stone Mountain Bowen, District 6
Marcia Coward, Lithonia Bowen, District 6
Sam Tillman, Decatur Roberts, District 7
Sandy Purkett, Decatur Roberts, District 7
Frank Jackson, Lithonia Walker, District 8
Bruce McMillian, Decatur Walker, District 8
Tracie Scott, Stone Mountain Speaks, District 9
Stephanie Smith, Stone Mountain Speaks, District 9
Ernest Brown, Lithonia Dr Lewis, Superintendent
Mellie O'Keefe, Dunwoody Dr Lewis, Superintendent


Anonymous said...

I agree, thanks to all the folks who worked on this report.

It's time for the DCSS demographer to redraw lines, consolidate, and move on with new leadership in all upper Central Office positions.

This process has exposed some scary stuff and until new leadership is at the helm, I'm afraid it will be business as usual.

The BOE was elected to work for US, the taxpayers of DeKalb County, if they don't like it then please resign your post so we can elect people who care for our kids, the teachers, principals, taxpayers as well as our property values.

The Metro area Chamber of Commerce made a huge investment with our outgoing leadership and they were taken advantage of. It's time we move on with new leadership in all upper positions at the Central Office. This effects attracting new business and residents to the area.

Thanks again Task Force you were given an impossible task, I just hope none of you were treated poorly in this process. If so, please let the electorate know so we can make the final decision at the ballot box.

Great data, Great Job! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

As a member of the task force, I can honestly say that the best thing to come out of it was the massive amounts of data that are now in the public domain.

I am extremely impressed with Dan Drake and thought that he did the best he could with what turned out to be a difficult group of personalities.

I do believe that this would have been a better process if the original intention of redistricting and closing schools had occurred at the same time. I think had the whole process would have gone much more smoothly. I also think some of the politics would have been lessened.

I can say with great confidence that most of the task force members really shared a concern for children, not something I am so convinced that we see with the board as a whole. We may not have all agreed on much, but I also would add that every member would endorse Dr. Charles Hill's suggestion of a Task Force to study how the system spends money!

Cerebration said...

Thanks for sharing, Anon 8:50 PM.

I have only heard good things about the new planning dept head, Dan Drake. I am confident that if left to do his job - he would do it just fine. I completely trust his judgement. Like I said - there are LOTS of good folk in DeKalb!

Cerebration said...

I will add - Nani Pawela takes the minutes - and I appreciate them. They are very detailed, yet easy to read bullets. I have been the "taker of the minutes" for several PTA boards - it is not an easy task...

Thanks Nani - for keeping the rest of us so well informed!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 8:50 pm

Many thanks for the hours of work you put into this task. The citizens of DeKalb County also endorse Dr. Charles Hill's suggestion of a Task Force to study how the system spends money.

Cerebration said...

News today on the school closings:

DeKalb County school staff are recommending Kelley Lake, Glen Haven, Knollwood and Sky Haven elementary schools close at the end of the year.

Kim Gokce said...

I'll add my gratitude to this list.

"The world is filled with willing people; some willing to work, the rest willing to let them." -Robert Frost

Cerebration said...

BTW - there is a new web page at DCSS clarifying the driving distances proposed by the consolidations. Sarah Wood was claiming that MapQuest directions showed 5-6 mile commutes - however this webpage explains that this is only true if you take the interstate route - not surface streets. (MapQuest always offers a choice.)