Monday, May 23, 2011

Claudia Keenan is spot- on again!

I've mentioned my personal admiration for the education columns written by Claudia Keenan of the Briarcliff Patch.

Claudia Keenan - education historian

Today, Claudia has posted a truly inspired description of DeKalb county schools. Here's a snippet:

Running the schools with superb opacity, our elected officials and administrators share essential information only under duress. Documents appear and disappear at will, and the system’s financial accounting is routinely withheld or obscured.

At least in the fairytale Hansel and Gretel, the crumbs dropped by the children led somewhere. In the dark labyrinth of the DeKalb County School System, there are no trails at all. It’s impossible to follow the money or the ideas.

You just have to read it. Here's the link:

The Pathology of DeKalb County Schools


Susan Curtis said...

Excellent article. But very sad.

Cerebration said...

This is another perfectly said quote,

In DeKalb County, the business of education has come down to the contemptuous use of power to create personal prerogatives that have absolutely nothing to do with improving the education of 100,000-plus students.

Anonymous said...

We need a total Palace cleaning. Tyson talked of transparency 1 year ago. Hey Ramona, nothing has changed. All DCSS has done is confuse issues, pit neighborhoods and families against each other, lost data that taxpayers paid for, hid minutes from BOE meetings and lined their own, friends and family members pockets with OUR tax dollars. We still have nothing to show for it except for two leaders indicted for RICO charges and Tyson was second in command and claims she knew nothing. Ms. Tyson if CLew and Pope were able to hide so much from you, why are you even still employed by DCSS? You should have been fired like the rest of the inner circle that remains today!

We sit here on this blog complaining yet the very same people who were failures 7 years ago are still failures since the kids are the farthest from their minds. It's all about them not OUR kids. Go private or home school because DCSS is a complete and utter failure and nothing is going to change until EVERYONE at the Palace is fired! We must start with a totally clean slate. Look what happened to Johnny Brown, clew did all he could to get him out, was successful, and then proceeded to build a criminal operation of deceit and stole millions of tax dollars for their own friends, families and fellow Soroity/Fraternity members.


teacher said...

A well written piece. The truth was spoken, and will probably fall on deaf ears once again.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of pathologies. Can anybody upload the twitter feed from yesterday's Southwest graduation? Is it true the booing went up and that parents joined in when the old principal's name was mentioned?