Saturday, October 8, 2011


This post is designed to hold all kinds of random tidbits. Please add any kind of interesting bit of random information that is parent or education related to the comments section of this blog. If you would rather, send your info to us in an email at and we'll post it for you. Let's try to keep each other informed.


Cerebration said...

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Cerebration said...

Interesting notice I received from a parent group out of state:

It has come to our attention via a reliable community member that local kids have found a new way to sneak alcohol into schools and school events. They are soaking gummy bears and other gummy type candies in vodka. The gummy candy can absorb large amounts of the alcohol. They then let them dry and put them in baggies or back into the original packaging. They look simply like candy and are easy to use or take into events/school etc. So please please be aware of what your kids are doing. We can be the front line to their activity but are sometimes the last to know. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Anonymous said...

What is the security protocol for high school football games? I attended a Jr. Varsity football game Friday at Adams' Stadium. Columbia and Booker T. Washington teams fought, after the game, on the field. One sheriff's deputy on site.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed random changes in ESIS? I know of changes in the gifted and/or magnet status of 2 students, without any request by parents. This is found in the "Current Activity" tab under "Programs". Please check your child's records and post any unexpected changes. Maybe these two cases are just anomalies.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone participated in or heard how the parent meetings with Dr. Atkinson have gone (the ones where each Board member got to select a few parents to meet with her)?

betty said...

Does anyone know how to get the "audit" for our county's use of the SPLOST 3 funds? I have looked on line but cant find the right reference or info I guess.

I am just burned up about the MEGA renovation going on at the WBBC on Lawrenceville Hwy. The fact these people have used the splost 3 to renovate for a cooling floor, etc before actually doing some playground renovations at Laurel Ridge is un-excusable. The Handicapped (20%)children can't even get out to the playground or on the equipment. And this is a school that is one of the county's center for these children.

Anonymous said...

Anyone find it odd that I still know and keep in touch with at least 10 people whom I attended kindergarten with in the early 1970s, yet my child only knows 2 whom she attended kindergarten with last year. My high school in another state is celebrating its 100th year with pride. The town is hosting a huge reunion spanning multiple generations, yet any school here that nears 50 years is a sure sign its closure will be around the corner without the party, of course, or the pride.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how much we get when the Briarlake High School (the one on N. Druid Hills Rd across from Target) when it is used for filming? Just curious after seeing another movie or show being filmed there.

Dekalbparent said...

Anon - I have asked that same question tens of times, and nobody seems to know (SOMEBODY DOES!).

Anonymous said...

This is why we need the entire expenditures, checkbook, everything on line to see. We need to know how much we are making vs. the cost of keeping the school up and functional. It may not pay us to keep the school up and available for use by film crews depending on costs. I'd also like to know where the money from using the school goes.

Cerebration said...

I did ask Nancy Jester this question. I'm sorry I don't recall exactly, but she looked into it and it was somewhere around $36,000. It was a Teen Wolf or some kind of movie like that... I don't recall where the money went but Nancy did tell me. (Brain cramps - sorry.)

Cerebration said...

Looks like the new internal auditor really is getting something done...

School bookkeeper admits to near $23,000 theft

No Duh said...

Heard Bob Moseley is the new Area 3 Superintendent.

At least it's a definable job.

Cerebration said...

News on the cheating scandals -

DeKalb principals tied to cheating case no longer in schools

Five DeKalb school principals implicated in a 2009 cheating investigation are no longer working in the district, school officials said Friday.

Spokesman Walter Woods said four of the principals retired or were fired, and one is on administrative leave. They were part of a group of 24 educators removed from the classroom in January and reassigned for about 90 days to administrative jobs. The district has never named these educators, but as of April, most were working in their original jobs, with the exception of three principals who were downgraded to assistant principal positions.

Thursday, the Professional Standards Commission, which licenses Georgia educators, voted to revoke the certificate of one DeKalb educator accused of testing improprieties and imposed two-year suspensions on two others. Woods said the district is still trying to determine the next step it will take with these educators. The educators can appeal the sanction, and their certificate is still valid during that time.

The district said it is also instructing employees to cooperate with the DeKalb district attorney's investigation into test irregularities at multiple schools.

Anonymous said...

Per the AJC, it appears that The Bishop has more problems.

The article indicates that the IRS executed search warrants at the church because the article says that laptops were seized in connection with an investigation into the church and a con artist. This relates to the civil suit against some guy who was a self-styled financial planner and conned church members into investing their retirement savings with him. They lost all their $.

JustStand said...

What are the chances of success for enrolling overage, credit deficient, undisciplined ninth graders (16 and older)into a "regular" school environment?

Why fund and staff alternative centers that have the student capacity of about 130 students when it is clear more students can benefit from the structured setting?