Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Events & Deadlines

All parents are invited to attend an open meeting of the Parent Advisory Council on Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 5:30 p.m. It will be held at the William Bradley Bryant Center on Lawrenceville Hwy.

This will be a very exciting meeting - Ms. Ramona Tyson will present a sneak preview of the new eSIS Parent Portal System. She will give the parents a corporate overview of what's to come next year! The new parent portal will have your student's complete school portfolio that not only includes transcripts, but also will incorporate extra-curricular activities as well. You all will be the first group of parents to preview.

Also on the agenda will be Senator Ronald B. Ramsey, Sr. from District 43. Senator Ramsey will give parents a legislative update on what transpired under the Gold Dome. Joining the Senator will be Ms. Nicole Knighten, DCSS Interim Director, Governmental Relations/Special Projects. (The 2009 legislative session is tentatively scheduled to end the last week of March, and will reconvene the first week of June.)

The deadlines for Arabia Mountain Magnet are as follows:
(updated deadlines due to inclement weather)
Open Enrollment - March 2 –20, 2009
ITBS Testing Session - March 21, 2009 and March 28, 2009
Student Essay Writing Sessions - March 23 –26, 2009
Student Interviews - March 30 –April 3, 2009
Magnet and Career Technology Lotteries - April 21, 2009.

Applications for Arabia are available online. The lottery will be held April 3rd.

For Charter Programs, Coralwood/Hawthorne Partnership, International Baccalaureate Magnet,McNair Discovery Learning Academy and Montessori Programs --
Open Enrollment is March 16, 2009 - April 3, 2009.

To access the new online registration portal, and to find out more about theme schools and lotteries, click here.


If you are aware of more events or deadlines or generally helpful information, please post it in the comments section.


Cerebration said...

This just in from Stan Watson --

Please tune in to Comcast Channel 25 at
7:30 pm tonight for The Stan Watson Show.

Tonight's guests will be DeKalb County School Board chair, Tom Bowen and member Jay Cunningham.

The show is broadcast LIVE so invite all of your friends and neighbors to call in to ask questions of our school board.

The phone number to call in to the show is (770) 559-2999. I look forward to hearing from you tonight.

Stan Watson

Cerebration said...

Kim -- did you write down that number?

(770) 559-2999

No Duh said...

Oh man, that conflicts with Jeopardy! :)

Kim Gokce said...

@Cerebration: Thank you for looking out for me! I got pinged about this early today. I would have given a lot to be able to watch the broadcast. Our neighborhood civic met at precisely 7:30, unfortunately. As president, I felt somewhat obligated to attend :).

I would love to hear from someone who recorded this or knows where it may be available from their site.

Anonymous said...

Why is the deadline for the Arabia Mountain magnet earlier than for all the other magnet programs? And why are the requirements so much different? Most of the magnet programs (with the exception of DSA) require test scores and B average. Arabia Mountain also requires 3 teacher recommendations, an essay, and an interview. Why the different standard?

pscexb said...

Please note the dates for Arabia Mountain have changed. Go to the DCSS website at:


to see the changes.

Molly, I 'think' several of your questions were answered in an earlier blog on Arabia Mountain. The additional criteria is 'only' for the magnet component of the school and it mirrors what the Houston school system does for its medical magnet. I understand we may see this same type of process for other medical magnets (Druid Hills and Miller Grove) when they open. The EEE magnet is new and in the same building so I 'guess' to be consistent, the same process is being used.

Let me know if this does not answer your question.

Anonymous said...

"Also on the agenda will be Senator Ronald B. Ramsey, Sr. from District 43. Senator Ramsey will give parents a legislative update on what transpired under the Gold Dome."

Is Ron Ramsey speaking as a state senator, or as a DCSS administrator who makes a huge salary with a take home car despite taking over 8 weeks off every year as a state senator.

Still never found off if he takes an unpaid leave of absence, as he should, or if he is still on the payroll while legislating at the Gold Dome. If he a Gene Walker like double sipper?

Anonymous said...

Someone should file a complaint with DCSS Internal Afairs against Ramsey! Anyone know who is in charge of internal investigations within the DeKalb County School System, I want this person to earn the money they are paid and do a full investigation of this issue!

Anonymous said...

Since Ramsey is head of DCSS Internal Affairs, then Ramsey would investigate himself???

Cerebration said...

Ramsey has a school system issued car? For real? Is he using it to drive to the Capitol every day? I'd like to know - and if so - I'd like to make him reimburse DCSS for use of the car for "other business".