Thursday, March 5, 2009

Micro-Markets Matter: Northlake Real Estate Stable

Northlake area property prices either never “bubbled” or the bubble hasn't burst yet. Data for the Lakeside High School zone from 2006 through the end of 2008 indicate that housing prices in Northlake have not suffered Metro Atlanta's property value losses. The average resale prices in the entire Lakeside High School zone increased by .24% from 2006. Northlake's resale price changes differ from inside to outside the Perimeter, as home values tend to do. Northlake ITP values, almost all in the Lakeside zone, have actually increased during the "down-turn" while Lakeside's OTP resales lost a mere 3.2% for traditional “first suburb” housing stock (single-family homes built before 1980)... More? link to

The author Tom Doolittle, is a 15-year Northlake area resident, was a Charter Trustee for Northlake Community Alliance, Inc. (NCA), founded, facilitated the Northlake Business Forum (NBF), wrote "Northlake Romance" for the Community Review newspaper and contributes to and local websites.

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