Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thinkfinity (A New Tool For Almost Everyone Involved in the Field Of Education)

Everyone who visits this website cares about educating our students in the DeKalb County School System, and is always interested and ready to find ways to make learning more exciting, and effective. The Verizon Foundation has found a way to help, by involving many partners to work together to provide almost everyone who is involved in education as a parent, student, educator, after-school program, or parent who is home-schooling through the creation of a new website which is called, Thinkfinity. Thinkfinity is a reliable and free leading-edge website to provide assistance to educators, students, parents, after-school programs, and parents who are home-schooling their children a wealth of free top-quality, exciting and engaging educational resources that support the skills that are needed for success in the 21st century.

Thinkfinity has so many partners involved that it definitely ensures this website has something for everyone. Thinkfinity, can help educators and parents who are home-schooling their children find engaging, standards-based lessons on every topic, information specific to grade levels and learning styles and new teaching strategies to use inside and outside the classroom. Students can find fascinating facts about everything from art to zoology, interacting games and tools, and the material a student may want right at their fingertips. Parents can find resources to strengthen problem solving, creativity and critical thinking skills, homework help and interactive games and activities that make learning fun. After-School Volunteers and managers will find resources for all types of learner, effective program strategies and assessment tools and opportunities for professional development.

Currently Thinkfinity, is based on National Standards in Education, but the Georgia State Department of Education is now involved with the Verizon Foundation to link the activities to the state standards also. Please visit the website ( and tell us what you think. Will this be a helpful tool to parents, teachers, students, after-school managers and home-schooling parents?

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