Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Time to Demand REAL Answers

It seems to me that Dr. Lewis has a habit of throwing darts and then running for cover behind his standard mantra, "I am in ongoing discussions with our legal counsel." Or this - "That is attorney-client privilege." Or how about, "I'm not able to discuss it because it's under investigation."

It's time for the DA and everyone else to draw a line in the sand and give the good people of DeKalb county a break. We need this drama to end. I know most of you will join me in publicly crying, "UNCLE!" This is a public appeal to the DA to please DO SOMETHING or leave us alone. Our children are falling through the cracks. The situation has become too much of a burden for the people to bear. Please, either press some charges or knock off this hideous nonsense so that we can get back to educating our children!


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to say your choice of graphics on this blog are as rich as the content itself. If only Crawford Lewis could do such an outstanding job... on anything.

Cerebration said...

Thanks! This one was sent as a suggestion by a reader. He sent it after reading the actual "answer" in an AJC article. It really is a Lewis quote.

The text of the article is from the heart - I am truly sick and tired of this crazy situation. I started this blog to keep an eye on the construction money and to ensure that each student was getting a safe, clean school environment. I had no idea it would come to this. I'm really sad about it.

Anonymous said...

It's not time to demand real answers. It's time for a new superintendent and upper level management. Ya can't teach an old dogs new tricks. Lewis, Talley, Moseley, Turk and Ramsey will never change. Clean house. And that includes the current BOE except for Bowen and Pam.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments

Anonymous said...

Cere...Seriously??? You are calling out the DA?? With all of this going on, you choose to post something about the DA in this situation? Do you think they are just twiddling their thumbs over there?

Get a clue.

It was already announced (during a Heery ct. date, I believe) in December that the DA is looking at a March or April timeline.

Don't give the DA a hard time...let's focus on the individuals who really created this debacle and then spent tremendous amounts of time and money trying to cover it all up.

What a stupid post. You want the DA doing what she's doing. Learn some law and some patience before you attack the one entity that is actually trying to do right in this situation.

Your post is way off base and, I imagine, will irritate many.

Anonymous said...

Lay off Anon 5:55. Cere started this blog, which has done more than anything else ever before to raise awareness about DCSS issues and concerns. As for our District Attorney, go to the DeKalb Officers Speak blog to see what our men and women in blue think about her office's performance.

Cere, keep on keeping on!

Cerebration said...

I've learned a lot from this blog. I've learned that there are wonderful, caring people in this county who really and truly want what's best for our schools and are willing to chat about it here and try to work as a group to figure out what's going on.

I've also learned that in the "blogosphere" there are lurkers who simply love to dig around in blogs and call out people with contempt. I think it gives them some kind of power. I just shrug it off.

But yes - to your point Anon - I am calling out the DA. Their investigation is what has taken all attention away from the task of educating our students. The irony is, of course, our superintendent called for this investigation himself. And - yes, I'm aware that the Heery/Mitchell trial is scheduled to begin in March - and I'm saying - it darn well better. But that is a civil suit and has no bearing really on any criminal charges the DA could file.

We are talking about the future of all of our children here - we can't hold the schools in limbo while the DA slowly sorts out this mess. I'm especially concerned about their ability to complete an investigation since they've now been given the task of investigating Clayton County's mess (Sheriff's office is it?)

If they have a case - then file some charges - if not - then quit holding us all hostage.

Dekalbparent said...

I hear you, Cere, in your frustration. The wheels of justice turn excruciatingly slowly (and they always have), and we don't have the time to lose.

I used to watch the papers to see if any of the stuff reported in this blog would show up. For a long time - nada. Then it started popping up occasionally, and I was happy.

Now it's EVERY DAY, and it's upsetting. The business of DCSS is slowly grinding to a halt. Waiting for the next shoe to drop. Watching your back. Paranoia is rampant, and nothing's getting done, I'll bet. How can planned construction proceed if there is so much murk in the construction program?

I want the bad stuff to be made public so we can go about setting things right, and I absolutely want to see the BOE act like responsible grown people, but I don't know what it will take to start moving in a productive direction... Let's not waste our energy on attacking each other.

Cerebration said...

I hope you don't think I'm attacking the DA - I'm really just throwing down the gauntlet. This is not a usual case - the damage from the inaction on the part of the people being investigated is detrimental to our young people - 100,000 of them!

So - here's an idea. Since Dr. Lewis has been rendered ineffective and unable to lead due to these investigations, why isn't he is a little cubicle right next to Pat Pope? Let's just pay a combined $500,000 to stick these two in a closet together - and move on with some competent "interim" leadership. (As long as it's not a board member!)

Anonymous said...

Hell yes, go after the DA.

Isn't she the same one that said the former school board chair who solicited principals with goods for sale from her (former?) husband's company did nothing wrong? I've got a hundred bucks to bet that any DCSS principal who was approached by the DCSS Board Chair to buy stuff felt intimidated for her (his) job. And ultimately they made the purchase for jopb security.

There is a State law against this behavior. Somehow, despite the public T.V. confessions of school principal(s) about what had occurred, and canceled checks backing the confession, the DeKalb DA saw no reason to pursue the case.

Explain THAT.

Justice In DeKalb said...


With all due respect, please please do not take all of the credit. Please step aside and allow me to take this hit...for I know of what I speak!

I AM CALLING OUT THE DA....MRS. GWEN KEYES FLEMING! I have personally gone to the DA's office over 5 TIMES within the past year to express my grave concerns regarding DCSS, Pat Pope, Ron Ramsey. I offered you all SOLID PROOF! I said to your staff (when you personally REFUSED to meet with me) that I worked for DCSS ans was a "Whistleblower"! I was told repeatedly, "Thanks, But NO Thanks!". I documented each visit and took photos to prove it.

Additionally, please know this, Mrs. DeKalb DA et al, I have also reported you (ALL) to the Federal Government, the US Attorney General, the FBI in Washington, the IRS, and other government entities that I believe will hold you all accountable!
Know this....I am/and have been very careful to avoid the devious web of "Cronies" that you all have surrounded yourselves with. I know, for example, the intricate relations that yu all share with Connie Stokes ...and the other Stokes relative who also works for another/higher government entity! Yes, Yes, Yes, you all pass these positions down as if it were a Monarchy! Isn't it ironic that Papa Stokes is a retired DCSS Administrator/...Yep, who just so happens to have retired from the Sam Moss Center and who just so happened to have been around during the Stanley Pritchett/Pat Pope reign??? I can not believe the absolute GALL of you people!

We are aware of the "City of Lithonia" connection. Even the connection with the GA Attorney General's Office! The majority of your addresses trace back to Lithonia....GA Attornry General, elected GA Dept of Labor Commissioner....all of you "ELITE" Public (cough-cough) Officials....which connects you all right back to.....Yours Truly, the DIS-HONORABLE State Double-Dipping Senator, Ronald Bernard Ramsey, Sr!

We are aware of your connection to the New Mayor of Atlanta....Cronism at its Best! Wasn't he your Campaign Manager??!!

We are aware of your connection with RL BROWN!

We are aware of the Leadership DeKalb Connection! Didn't your husband and a couple of other "Flemings" also graduate from Leadership Dekalb? Do you not know your fellow Leadership DeKalb graduates, RL Brown and Crawford Lewis? Is this not Cronism at its finest? By the way, exactly WHO pays for Leadership DeKalb? The DeKalb Taxpayers?

You all so remind me of a bad version of the "Black Mafia"! Shame On You!

YOU. MUST. BE. RECALLED. TOO!! If Not thrown in jail with the lot of them for COLLUSION!

Please feel free to email me at

Anyone interested in possibly filing a Class Action Lawsuit against Pat Pope/Crawford Lewis/DCSS, please email me.

Pre-order the book - BLACKBOARD - CORRUPT!

Justice In DeKalb said...


I am Justice In DeKalb.

Let's Go!

I have personally, painstakingly pulled every single case filed against DeKalb County School Systems. Specifically from 2005 to 2009. There are several common threads. -

All (majority) went dead in the water.
All (majority) handled by Ronald Ramsey AND Josie Alexander.
All (ALL) while on Gwen Keyes Flemings Watch! Including the "Witch Hunt" against former City of Lithonia Mayor - Joyce McKibben!

(Note - I have copies of each and every one of these court cases! I also have personally interviewed the majority of these plaintiffs)

Stephanie Chatman vs DCSS - Case #06CV12870, 11/2006

Candace Clark vs City of Lithonia & Robin L Goolsby- Case #08A97113, 10/23/08

(Please note that this case is of special interest to me because Ms. Robin L. Goolsby is Ronald Ramsey's "Right-Hand-Man" so to speak. Ms. Goolsby works for DCSS in Internal Affairs Office for Ramsey AND what I found most most interesting is the fact that Ms. Goolsby knew Ramsey BEFORE fact, Goolsby served as Ramsey's notary public on his Campaign Contribution documents when he ran for Probate Judge for DeKalb County Courthouse). Oh, What Tangled Webs We Weave! Goolsby is a BAD BAD PERSON and does a lot of Ramsey's dirty work/she is guilty of collusion and blatantly lying while under oath and during the course of an investigation! Robin L. Goolsby's DCSS Title is "Legal Coordinator"! Remember, the Internal Affairs office handles DCSS grievances for employees, which includes EEOC Complaints and OCR Complaints. Also, This office handled the "cover-up" with the Bully-Cide Case - 11 year old Jaheem Herrera/Dunaire Elementary School. What A Shame! What A Shame!

Also of interest is the fact that "they" wrongfully "set-up" the former Mayor of Lithonia, Joyce McKibben ("they" being Ronald Ramsey & Ramsey's BFF, Concert Promoter Jason Lary). And Yes, DA Gwen Keyes Fleming was very much aware of this very publicized case and the relationships/connections of the persons involved..yet she did nothing to see that justice was served!.....These people publically humiliated Joyce McKibben because she was uncovering their schemes and refused to "play ball" with them. The newly elected Mayor of Lithonia, Mr. Darold Peter Honore, Jr is a GRADUATE of, you guessed it, Leadership DeKalb! WOW!

Estella H. Jackson vs Crawford Lewis #05A36260, 7/12/05

Saharon Barnes vs Dorothy Bryant (HS Counselor) & Crawford Lewis - Case #08M52564, 7/14/08

Garland Frazier vs Crawford Lewis & Joanne Williams-West of Cedar Grove - Case #08CV8436, 7/30/08

Mentor, Mentor vs DCSS - Case #08CV12841 & 08CV11308, 9/27/06

Teresa Blair vs Crawford Lewis & James Jackson - Case #09CV7539, 6/18/09

Johnny Harris & Subreena Ferrebee vs Crawford Lewis/Sylvester Nelloms, MLK Jr High School - #06CV6297, 5/19/06

Southland Homeowners Assoc vs Sandra Lewis & Crawford Lewis - Case #05A29068

Aquarious Cain Case (MLK Teacher - grade change scandal this past Summer)

These court cases all happened on Gwen Keyes Flemings watch. Yet the majority of these cases all went "Dead In The Water"...however, a couple of these cases are still open.

Please be sure that many of these people are in constant contact with me, depending on ME to see that "JUSTICE" is done because the system has failed them/us!