Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lewis to present "State of the System" address

Dr. Lewis will be presenting the "State of the System" address to the business community on Friday, February 19, 2010.

Details include -

7:30 AM Refreshments
8:00 AM to 9:00 AM Superintendent's Address

Oglethorpe Power Corporation
2100 East Exchange Place
Tucker, GA 30085

The event is FREE but RSVP is MANDATORY
Please register by Monday, February 13, 2010

For additional questions, contact
Sara Neeley at or 678.875.2032
Pam Talmadge at or 678.875.2033

Click the invitation for a larger, printable version.


Dekalbparent said...

Geez, Cere, are you thinkin' about packing the audience, or sumpthin'...?

Cerebration said...

Wanna go?

Anonymous said...

I bet he will be arrogant and indignant, and say that everyone but him has it all wrong, that the complainers are trying to bring the entire system down. Nope, we're just trying to get you pushed out.

themommy said...

Can we ask questions? Make comments? If not, yawn...

Anonymous said...

The emperor has no clothes. Oh, wait, no one will admit that in an audience that is surely orchestrated to applaud a well-spun presentation. The business community should be very pointed in its questions to this superintendent since the quality of the schools inevitably affects the viability of DeKalb County's appeal to new business development. I will be dumbfounded if anything more than blah blah blah happens.

M G said...

In the past at these "State of the System" addresses, they have passed out question cards to the audience and then someone has read questions for Lewis to answer. It's always been obvious that he had answers prepared for the questions.

After the address, the rest of the questions are posted along with prepared answers on the website.

Why is this being held on a Friday when most parents and community members are at work?

Anonymous said...

I went to this meeting last year and blah, blah , blah
Total waste of a morning.
Questions not allowed, Unless a large group shows up and offer some participation of groans , etc
don't bother - unless you have a couple of hours to waste.

Anonymous said...

It's held on a week day, so that they don't have to worry about a large crowd coming.

Cerebration said...

There's a limited number of seats. If we reserve them all, he may have to veer off script!

Anonymous said...

The state of the system is pretty bad when an employee won't double check dates on a flyer that goes out to lots of people and the media. Monday is the 15th...Saturday is the 13th.

My fear is he will accentuate the positive and gloss over the negative. That's what always irritated me when I worked in the system, no one above principal will give you a straight answer beyond we are wonderful and you all in the trenches need to be quiet and teach without the resources you require.

Dekalbparent said...

We have seen two different emails to send budgets suggestions to.I tried both and one bounced, but I got a reply from Ramona Tyson's office acknowledging receipt of the other. the address is:

Pass it on.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:19 -- Guess those two PR people we pay $100,000 plus are worth their weight. Maybe if we up it to $150,000 we can get someone who can read a calendar. Cynical? You bet.

Cerebration said...

Funny - I didn't even catch that. Monday would be Feb 15th - not the 13th for your RSVP people.

Anonymous said...

AJC reports Gates Foundation gives $10 million to Atlanta Public Schools. This is on top of the $13.5 million previously given.

I wish CLew would use people more effectively. Focusing the two hostesses named on this State of the System invitation to a real fund raising task would be a good start.

Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather them go after $23.5 million of Gates' money instead of trying to get free coffee and donuts for a bunch of glad handers.

Kim Gokce said...

If other bloggers go en masse, be sure to sit dispersed throughout the venue so you can't be taken out in one go. :)

I'll be there. I RSVP'd immediately and there were 102 seats still left open. I think the venue is intentionally small to prevent organized protests from making into the hall.

Not sure Oglethorpe Power's facility lends itself to "public protest" either ... perhaps that's a coincidence.