Friday, October 28, 2011

George Carlin tells it like it is

If you are offended by the 'f-word' don't watch this.  But if you loved George Carlin and can hear the truth, then click on...

Happy Friday!


Cerebration said...

Don't believe him? Check this out --

Universities Burn - a View From Europe

In part:

There has been much writing on the corporatization of universities and other higher education (HE) institutions in North America. The writing spells out the danger of their conversion into training institutions rather than serving as institutions that take on board the ongoing need to contribute to the generation of a healthy public sphere. Much of what is written, even in these spaces,(1) connects with what is going on in other parts of the world, notably in Europe, not least through the language and guidelines provided by the European Union.

And this state of affairs has been and continues to be contested in many parts of the continent with protests, sit-ins and university occupations. It would not be amiss to regard these actions as an integral part of the many actions, occurring in several European countries, regarding "debtocracies," the limits of traditional representative democracy; political corruption; a politics devoid of morality ("morality in politics is only optional" said one prominent former Italian minister); precarious living; and, in the words of one protester in Vienna, a situation whereby "We will have higher educational degrees than our parents, but we will never attain their standard of living."(2)

Anonymous said...

George Carlin couldn't have said it any better; he's right on!

Anonymous said...

Truer words have never been spoken!

No Duh said...

I would have loved to have had him over for dinner. Nothing better than a deep and hilarious conversation to invigorate one's soul.

RIP Mr. Carlin.

Anonymous said...

thanks Cere--big picture.
But you know what--each of these jerks have just enuf handouts to keep us quiet. Decline them!!!
Think about the sacred cows that you can't stand to lose. We all have 'em.
Decline, decline, decline--and start over.

Anonymous said...

Couple thoughts: if I'd gone out for a night of laughs and seen this show, I'd be hacked off. It's not at all funny. It's the sad, sad truth.
Secondly, he overlooks how federal dollars have made it possible to rake in the cash in ways a previous generation never imagined - which has led to corruption and a widespread, determined focus on creating adult jobs instead of educating kids.