Sunday, January 16, 2011

National School Choice Week - Rally at the Capitol

January 25th, 10am – noon

The Georgia State Capitol steps on Washington Street

Charter schools supporters in Georgia are joining with the Center for an Educated Georgia to participate in a “National School Choice Week” rally at the Georgia Capitol in support of parental options being made available in Georgia and across the nation. Thousands are expected to participate in various National School Choice Week events across the U.S. during the week of January 23rd – 29th.

Here in Georgia, a rally in support of “school choice”, will be held on the front steps of the Capitol on January 25th, 2011 at 10 A.M.

Whether it is in support of your charter public school or to support more charter schools in communities across Georgia, the time to act is now. Let your voice be heard. Let’s tell our state’s leaders, “Charter public schools are NOT a Republican or a Democrat issue. It’s an American issue – and we have to provide a good education to every American child.”

With the 2011 legislative session in the beginning stages of their three month process, and many key charter school bills dealing with facility funding, autonomy, and flexibility under the law, being proposed to assist your school, the charter public schools of Georgia must show our commitment to this cause.
To make the rally a success, we need your help. We need you and your school to set aside January 25th to bring your school children, parents, staff, and supporters to the Georgia Capitol. We need to show our state’s leaders that they can do more to support Georgia’s charter public schools. We are hoping you will send 25-100+ children, teachers, parents and advocates to the rally on the 25th.

Opportunities to speak with your legislative leaders can be arranged. Please let us know if you would like school leaders, parents and children to have the opportunity after the rally to speak with your house or senate representative(s).

Please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Lewis at GCSA if you have questions regarding the event.


Anonymous said...

The timing of this blog is quite interesting given some of the recent postings. One could conclude that some citizens in DeKalb are against choice offerings, especially in light of the redistricting discussions. For those who don't know, DeKalb claims it offers more choice offerings that any other school district in the state.

Anonymous said...

And how has choice improved overall student achievement in DeKalb?

DeKalb could actually be exhibit number 1 in the argument that competition doesn't improve public education.

Anonymous said...

"And how has choice improved overall student achievement in DeKalb?"

The answer to that question depends on your perspective. There are probably thousands of present and former students that would say having a choice other than their home school opened more doors for them. Can someone prove that students that remained in their home school were harmed because other students took advantage of choice? More than likely their educational experience remained the same and it some cases they were helped.

Children are not widgets. They each have different needs. While not perfect, choice does provide opportunities for differentiated instruction for those who able to take advantage of it.

Cerebration said...

Choice is fine - as long as creating choice schools does not cost more per pupil than regular schools, thereby taking money away from the home schools.

Anonymous said...

@anon 735am,
The choice programs in DeKalb hardly represent competition. So, no, DeKalb is not exhibit #1 that competition doesn't improve education. In fact, ask private school parents about their happiness with the educational product they are buying. Connecting the purchaser with the producer in a transaction provides a market. Despite choice, we don't see market forces (ie competition) within the public educational setting. If we could mimic a market, then we could make observations and draw conclusions.

Anonymous said...

I do not look at the "choice" programs offered in DCSS as part of the Choice School Week Rally. To me school choice is being able to home school your children, have charter schools, be able to choose private schools as alternatives to public schools. These choices do not cost a tax payer any extra money.

The "choice" programs offered at DCSS are costing me money and I choose not to support them until ALL children receive a quality education.

Anonymous said...

Seems like DCSS should put their programs out there as " chance " more than " choice ".
Parents can decide whether or not to take a chance at getting their child into a program that they are qualified for..... It is a joke and in no way representative of true choice.