Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Move On When Ready - What a Great Deal!

This article is from the Dunwoody Crier. (I couldn't find it online but this is a recap of the printed version.)

Georgia perimeter college opens doors to high schoolers, offers 3-year business degree

GPC is now offering a statewide program called Move On When Ready (MOWR). MOWR allows high school sophomores to move on, finishing their final two years of high school as full-time students on a college campus. The students earn both high school and college credit for their work. In two years they will have completed their high school diploma requirements and they will also have earned an associate degree.

GPC has 35 students currently enrolled in the program. Similar to Dual Enrollment, MOWR runs prospective majors from business to science to teaching. They are funded differently however. MOWR pays for up to 12 credits of tuition and most fees, but no book money while Dual Enrollment (paid by ACCEL) pays for all tuition, partial fees and offers a book grant. MOWR uses state funds that would normally go to high schools while Dual Enrollment uses HOPE funding. Students who use MOWR do not use up their HOPE funds early. MOWR is for public school students only, ACCEL is for either public or private. MOWR requires students take 12 credits per semester. ACCEL is full or part time. Both require a 3.0 GPA.

In addition -

Georgia Perimeter College is partnering with Georgia Southwestern State University to offer the state’s first three-year accelerated bachelor’s degree in Georgia. This program, offered online, begins in the spring of 2011 at GPC.

The first-half of this degree can be completed either online or face-to-face at GPC. The second half of the program is offered online at Georgia Southwestern University. This degree enables any student to complete both the associate of science and the bachelor of business administration degrees in three years fully online.

“This is a program which was built with our students in mind during these tough economic times,” said GPC President Dr. Anthony S. Tricoli. “The program is flexible and affordable, and in-line with Georgia Perimeter’s mission to offer access to a relevant education in a globalized marketplace.”

This three-year degree in business administration offers students two options: management or accounting.

“But this program is not for the faint of heart,” said Dr. Tricoli. “It is extremely challenging, requiring students to enroll in more courses concurrently, and continue their coursework through the summer sessions.”

He concluded by stating that “only serious students need apply.”

Students must initially apply to Georgia Perimeter College, and then to Georgia Southwestern State University during the fall semester of second year. Georgia Perimeter College will have full-time business faculty available to assist students with questions concerning the program and the admission process.

“This is a very exciting option for students who want to move at a quicker pace, or who want to get into the workforce a year earlier,” Tricoli said.


Anonymous said...

This program was announced last year, but the counselors did not seem to make students aware of it. There should be a huge number of students taking advantage of this opportunity!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that DCSS has a huge number of students who can qualify.

Add that to the fact that UGA representatives have said that they prefer AP classes to coomunity college courses and many of those who can qualify won't opt in.

Anonymous said...

"This program was announced last year, but the counselors did not seem to make students aware of it."

The quality of your school's counselor is so important. Some counselors are on top of every available resources, and some are completely clueless. It is sad how the performance of counselors varies so much from school to school.

Anonymous said...

MOWR is a University System of Georgia program and is offered at several state colleges and universities. Information on Georgia Tech's MOWR program can be found here: http://www.admission.gatech.edu/mowr/

Georgia Tech's Early Admission Program may be a better match for most students who qualify for this sort of program: http://www.admission.gatech.edu/earlyadmission/

Anonymous said...

It would impinge on the very few students who enter Gateway to College or Dekalb Eary College Academy. They are already struggling to stay open. Think of all the administrators who would need another job?
There are 2 administrators, 1 head counselor, 1 graduation coach, three clerical, 1 security officer, 1 librarian to serve this small population. Plus only six teachers, 4 of whom are considered "Chairperson" which generally means "stipend"
Also they all call themselves "Professor"

Anonymous said...

My son did joint enrollment at GA Perimeter. All of his credit transferred to Emory. This looks like a good program. I'm sure that there are students who would take advantage of something like this.

Cerebration said...

I don't think this is the same as Gateway or DECA. This program is for high achievers - students who are ahead in 10th grade. The others are for at-risk students - trying to prevent dropouts. Gateway is a really good program and a super deal. I think it's also totally a GPC program. I don't know much about DECA. This could be something redundant that could be handed over to GPC and make these Gateway students. I don't think Gateway costs DCSS anything. (Not sure though...)

Unknown said...

April 1, was the date that students were suppose to have information about the MOWR in their hands. It may be a good program for those High SAT /ACT Students but the middle students will be getting push out since they may have a high GPA but their scores are not high enough for those College Admission's Requirements. Unless those College Admissions lighten up, such students/parents won't even waste their time applying.